ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 10, 2012

          I.     Bureaucratic Procedure

a.     Call to Order by Patrick Manh Le at : 5:04pm

b.     Approval of Minutes

                                               i.     Motioned by: Jeremy

                                             ii.     Seconded By: Jennifer

c.     Approval of Agenda

                                               i.     Motioned by: Furzan

                                             ii.     Seconded By: Carissa

d.     Roll Call led by Patrick Manh Le

                                               i.     Council Members

1.     Albert Liao

2.     Ben Pan

3.     Brian Dinh

4.     Bond Nguyen

5.     Carissa Cruz

6.     Crystal Ukpong

7.     Dillon Gamboa

8.     Evelyn Chan

9.     Furzan Azam

10.  Janelle Pham

11.  Jennifer Song

12.  Jeremy Honh

13.  Jessica Do

14.  Neil Bautista

15.  Nicole Histomi

16.  Melissa Gamble

17.  Raymond Delacruz

18.  Reza Zomorrodian

19.  Shiv Gandhi

                                             ii.     Ex-Officio Members


2.     Melisssa Mayr

                                            iii.     Executives

1.     Vikram Nayudu—left early

2.     Patrick Manh Le

3.     Charlyn Arellano

4.     Jun Wang- absent

5.     Genevieve Galman

e.     Guest List

                                               i.     Name, Position

        II.     Public Comment

      III.     Old Business

      IV.     New Business

a.     Legislations

b.     Other

                                               i.     Ice Breaker (small groups)

                                             ii.     Name and school

                                            iii.     Agenda

1.     Contact Dillon

                                            iv.     Rules of Council

1.     Quarterly Requirements

2.     Robert Rules

3.     Standing rules

4.     Attendance

                                              v.     Mock Legislation

1.     Pirates vs. Ninjas!

                                            vi.     Computer Training

1.     Internal site

2.     Submitting

3.     Council Budget

                                           vii.     Polo Discussion

                                         viii.     Committee Distributions

1.     Rules—under their jurisdiction to review

2.     Finance—end of the year budget

3.     Public Info-- publicity

4.     Advocacy—whatever needs to be done, create a committee

                                            ix.     Retreat with Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

                                              x.     Interviews to begin at 6:00

        V.     Standing Committee Reports

      VI.     Special Committee Reports

a.     E-Tech Committee Updates

    VII.     Announcement

a.     Councilman Reza’s Birthday! Yay! Happy Birthday!

  VIII.     Adjournment of Meeting 6:50pm