ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, January 19, 2012

Approve Agenda: Neil

Second: Carissa


Attendance - Absent:

Janelle Pham – interview for dental

Michelle Vasquez – stuck in traffic from UC Regents Meeting, arrived 6:10pm

Jun Wang

Daisy Herrera

Noelle Evangelista

Melissa Gamble – stuck in traffic from UC Regents meeting, arrived 6:10pm

Patrick – left at 5:50pm

Charlyn – left at 5:50pm

Genevieve – left at 5:50pm


R47-32 : Appointment of Public Info Chair

Legislation passes


Friendly Amendment, move item C first under New Business


New Business

C. Email Discussion

Aaron Echols gives directions to new Legislative Council members on how to access their ASUCI e-mails to better serve and reach out to each representative’s constituents


D. ASUCI Virtualization Discussion

Aaron is suggesting ASUCI moves our computers to Virtualization to save us money, so that we won’t have to spend money to upgrade all the computers. We will have one big server to serve everyone; it will have enough processing power to serve everyone if they all needed to use the computer for ASUCI purposes.


Ben – hard drives?

Albert – How much would it cost?

Evelyn – when will this be implemented? Whenever the part arrives, it can be implemented within 5 minutes


Strategic Planning 5-6pm

Sandy  - talks to Legislative Council about change, and how to keep us moving forward. Our vision is what we hope to be, what we strive to be. SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


Mark  - We have had this group and we’ve met every Tuesday since Fall Quarter, and came up with 11 Strategic Issues for Student Government


Sandy wants Legislative to go out to constituents and talk to them about Strategic Issues for Student Government and come up with 2 action items for next meeting


Nicole is joining the “Strategic Issues for Student Government,” which means she will be attending their meetings on Tuesday at 2pm, and will be a liaison between Legislative Council and Strategic Issues for Student Government.


Mark – This is a chance to make this group better, for Legislative Council to be more effective/better. There will be a lot of staff support for this to make AS as a whole better.


Patrick proposing friendly amendment


Vikram – ballot language. Weekly referendum meetings. To increase ASUCI quarterly fee to fund more


Patrick – UC Regents meeting was today. The chair of the Regents is interested in talking with students. Regents Lancing and Tolerance to discuss certain issues.  


Go to San Francisco to meet with all UC’s EVP


In 2 weeks, Patrick will meet with financial aid directors to make financial aid more accessible in terms of technology. No paper, make it all online. Wants to make a form to appeal Financial Aid. The form is not really accessible, so we want to make it more accessible.


Preparing for the upcoming Student Lobby Conference. Applications are coming out soon. Legislative Council members


Transportation, food, housing is all covered, and a chance to meet Gov. Brown


Charlyn – Tuesday’s event was successful


Working on next speaker


Academic Engagement is collaborating with the arc to actually cook with Professors


AMP is running a series of workshops


Visions class, Wednesday, mostly Freshmen


Genevieve – Figuring budget for CSA, staffing got cut, but not funding. Staff got moved to Cross Cultural Center. Will be moved under ASUCI


Legal clinic, wants to hire a part time lawyer to help give advice to students. Since it is volunteer work, sometimes lawyers bail last minute


ARC board, there are 5 vacancies. Board is there to help improve the ARC.


Jun – Drive movie is playing tomorrow


Lip Dub is postponed



Next Thursday, rules suspended to hold meeting



Meetings are Friday, February 17th for ETech, 1:30pm

Reza will write legislation for it, to replace Jon Shubin for ETech Committee