ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, February 07, 2012

  1. I. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. a. Call to Order by Patrick Manh Le at 5:05pm
    2. b. Approval of Minutes
      1. i. Motioned by Jeremy
      2. ii. Seconded By Reza
    3. c. Approval of Agenda
      1. i. Motioned by Reza
      2. ii. Seconded By Carissa
    4. d. Roll Call led by Patrick Le
      1. i. Council Members
        1. 1. Albert Liao
        2. 2. Ben Pan-absent
        3. 3. Brian Dinh
        4. 4. Bond Nguyen
        5. 5. Carissa Cruz
        6. 6. Crystal Ukpong
        7. 7. Dillon Gamboa
        8. 8. Evelyn Chan
        9. 9. Furzan Azam-late
        10. 10. Janelle Pham
        11. 11. Jennifer Song 
        12. 12. Jeremy Hohn
        13. 13. Jessica Do
        14. 14. Neil Bautista
        15. 15. Nicole Histomi
        16. 16. Melissa Gamble
        17. 17. Raymond Delacruz
        18. 18. Reza Zomorrodian
        19. 19. Shiv Gandhi
        20. 20. Skyla Zhang
        21. 21. Michelle Vasquez
      2. ii. Exec Members
        1. 1. Vikram Nayudu-absent 
        2. 2. Patrick Manh Le
        3. 3. Charlyn Arellano-absent
        4. 4. Jun Wang-absent
        5. 5. Genevieve Galman- absent
      3. iii. Ex-Oficio Members
        1. 1. Daisy Hurrera
        2. 2. Melissa Mayr
    5. e. Guest List
      1. i. Kevin Lam, CHAAPS
      2. ii. Phuc Pham, New U, photographer
      3. iii. Hoang, Phuc’s Assistant
      4. iv. Dan Doovos, Student Affairs
      5. v. Patrick Chan, EVP, CCC
      6. vi. Summer Ko, APSA and EVP
      7. vii. Weiland Chiang, College Democrats
      8. viii. Sherry Wang, College Democrats
      9. ix. Katrina Lopira, President College Democrats
      10. x. Megan Bonilla, College Democrats
      11. xi. Paul Caparaso, College Democrats
      12. xii. Celina Gore, College Democrats
      13. xiii. Justin Cochrone, College Democrats
      14. xiv. Metta World Peace
      15. xv. Horacio Cortes
      16. xvi. Nicolas Ayabe
      17. xvii. Sandra Abdelmalak
      18. II. Public Comment
      19. i. Old Business
      20. ii. R47-39 Amendment to Legislative Council By-Law
        1. 1. Floor: Reza/ Jennifer
        2. 2. Question: Reza/Neil
        3. 3. Amendment that clause “effective next week” Dillon/ Reza
        4. 4. 18-0-0
      21. iii. B47-08 Legislative Council Polo
        1. 1. Floor: Jennifer/ Ben 
        2. 2. Question:Jessica/ Ben
        3. 3. 18-0-0
        4. 4. PASSED
      22. iv. B47-09 A Bill to strengthen the Club Outreach Commission
        1. 1. Floor: Reza/Jen
        2. 2. Reza: Specificity of where money is from—I understand I don’t know other members socio economic stances but I believe that this is a good idea and something to do better than what 
        3. 3. End: Dillon/Skyla
        4. 4. Question: Dillon/Reza
        5. 5. 1-10-7 NOT PASSED
        6. III. New Business
    6. a. Legislations
      1. i. R47—45 Addressing the “Needs Attentio Memo” Sent to the School of Humanities”
        1. 1. Floor: Reza/ Carissa
        2. 2. Brian/ Jeremy
        3. 3. Context:  Needs Attention Memo states: (Chicano/Latino studies, Asian American Studies, African American Studies,  Women’s studies) As a result the programs of critical studies don’t benefit the corporate structure.” Other programs like History also fall under the needs attention, 
        4. 4. What is the clarity of why they would eliminate these studies? 
        5. 5. Why is the memo quick to single out these departments? 
          1. a. Ulterior motive of questioning the role of these departments in the school of humanities as parasites eating up the school’s resources and possible racist motives
          2. b. Race and Ethnic Studies are essential:  SAAS eliminated because of this budget crisis, recent wave of Hmong Refugees, needed to 
          3. c. Reza: Is the language of the rhetoric and demands will be changed? Binh: wording will change to include other
          4. d. More future cuts? APG doesn’t propose any eliminations but it is up to the faculty and create a condition to make it necessary to cut classes.
          5. e. Melissa:Humanities are undergoing a 1.8 million dollar cut.  Money is still available to strengthen departments
          6. f. Reza: Any actions that will force them into a position where cutting isn’t an option?  Support and action rather than a support for notion? Solid actions are being discusses and the purpose of this legislation will be to support these actions.
          7. g. Discussion 15MIN 2 MIN
            1. i. Michelle:  Combine all studies in on Ethnic Studies major?
            2. ii. Neil: We are asking for the transparency of the document and occurred as a leak rather notifying the students. We want to create constructive dialogue. We need to preserve this and it is threatening the humanities by labeling it as “Needs Attention”
            3. iii. Melissa: African American studies—faculty is one of the best in the nation, Chicano Latino studies and all these studies are wanted by the students and there is a history of fighting for these classes and part of our student identity. 
            4. iv. Binh: What does it mean if we allow this to be taken away by admin?
            5. v. Mark Deppe: educate yourselves on this topic and  discuss with EVC what exactly is going on. Think about what goal you want to use and possible revision of wording.  
            6. vi. Michelle: Why was there a lack of transparency (Vikram)?  Charlyn sat in for me because I have class and Charlyn was there for the 2nd half of  meeting. Get minutes!
            7. vii. Reza: For everyone with meetings with their dean, bring this topic up to them.  More collaborative effort with other groups with ESCAPE and other members of the paper. Think of ways to that actually meet the demands we’re working for
            8. viii. Melissa: We’re looking at the numbers of who is admitted into these majors and even if you’re not of the major, we still use these programs. We should get signatures and support of students who use these classes and programs
            9. ix. Jeremy: Don’t pull back entirely in rewriting or rewording because it deserves the respect in fighting back this attack.
            10. x. Close: Neil/Reza
            11. xi. Table til next Tuesday: Rexa/Jeremy
      2. ii. R47-40 Staff Appointments to the Academic Affair Office
        1. 1. Floor: Vikram/Char
        2. 2. Question: Neil/Carissa
        3. 3. 19-0-0: PASSED
      3. iii. R47-41 Stipend Division of UTEACH
        1. 1. Floor: Jeremy/ Reza
        2. 2. Table til next week: Ben/ Char
      4. iv. R47-42 Office of the President Appointments
        1. 1. Floor: Dillon/Reza
        2. 2. Question: Dillon/Neil
        3. 3. 19-0-0 PASSED
      5. v. R47-43 ASUCI Referendum
        1. 1. Floor: Neil/Raymond
        2. 2. Discuss:
        3. 3. Vikram: needs to be more clear and would like input. By approving does not mean a council member’s support but an approval to be voted on by the students.
        4. 4. Mark Deppe: Shuttle is considering putting a referendum and shuttle service may be reduced. Be aware the decision to run one or the other will affect voting.
        5. 5. Patrick—it is a tactic to consider to have only one referendum on the ballot
        6. 6. Neil—is there a way this will be marketed to the students? Because the ETech fee, student enthusiasm will be negative. 
        7. 7. Send to all committees to discuss: Vikram/Neil
      6. vi. R47-44 In Support of AB 970
        1. 1. Floor: Jeremy/ Reza
        2. 2. Discuss 5 MIN 1 MIN
        3. 3. Supported by UCSA and symbolic change of tuition to fees
        4. 4. Asks for transparency and protects Financial Aid for every UC campus
        5. 5. Passed assembly is going to state senate
        6. 6. Makes it harder for Regents to impose a mid year fee increase
        7. 7. End: Jeremy/Reza
        8. 8. Question: Jeremy/Furzan
        9. 9. 19-0-0 PASSED
      7. vii. B47-10 ASUCI Tech Upgrade
        1. 1. Table for Thursday  for Aaron Echols to fully explain: 
      8. viii. R47-47 Withholding stipends of Commisioners not approved by Council
        1. 1. Amendment: Office of Admin Affairs
        2. 2. This was sent last quarter but never sent to the legislation and now has to be done as a formality
        3. 3. Question: 15-1-4 PASSED 
      9. ix. B47-11 2012 Student Lobby Conference Fund Reallocation
        1. 1. Floor: Jeremy/Carissa
        2. 2. Table: Furzan/Nicole
        3. IV. Standing Committee Reports
    7. a. NO reports
    8. V. Special Committee Reports
    9. VI. Announcement
    10. a. Soulstice on Friday! 
    11. b. Wear Polos on Thursday
    12. c. Dinner on Thursday
    13. d. Apply for SLC! 
      1. i. ALL UCs at the Radisson
    14. e. TED Axcess is coming and volunteer gets you in for free 
    15. f. Arts will break a world record (will make a committee)  
    16. VII. Adjournment of Meeting  6:54pm