ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, February 14, 2012


  1. I. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. a. Call to Order by Patrick Manh Le at 5:12pm
    2. b. Approval of Minutes
      1. i. Motioned by 
      2. ii. Seconded By 
    3. c. Approval of Agenda
      1. i. Motioned by 
      2. ii. Seconded By 
    4. d. Roll Call led by Patrick Le
      1. i. Council Members
        1. 1. Albert Liao
        2. 2. Ben Pan
        3. 3. Brian Dinh
        4. 4. Bond Nguyen- left early 6:21
        5. 5. Carissa Cruz
        6. 6. Crystal Ukpong
        7. 7. Dillon Gamboa
        8. 8. Evelyn Chan
        9. 9. Furzan Azam-absent
        10. 10. Janelle Pham-absent
        11. 11. Jennifer Song -absent
        12. 12. Jeremy Hohn— left 5:49pm
        13. 13. Jessica Do-abent
        14. 14. Neil Bautista
        15. 15. Nicole Histomi
        16. 16. Melissa Gamble
        17. 17. Raymond Delacruz
        18. 18. Reza Zomorrodian
        19. 19. Shiv Gandhi
        20. 20. Skyla Zhang
        21. 21. Michelle Vasquez
      2. ii. Exec Members
        1. 1. Vikram Nayudu
        2. 2. Patrick Manh Le left early 6:21
        3. 3. Charlyn Arellano
        4. 4. Jun Wang
        5. 5. Genevieve Galman
      3. iii. Ex-Oficio Members
        1. 1. Daisy Hurrera
        2. 2. Melissa Mayr
    5. e. Guest List
      1. i. Name, Position
      2. II. Public Comment
      3. III. Old Business
    6. a. Legislation
      1. i. B47-10  Stipend Division of UTEACH Commissioner Position
        1. 1. 16-0-1
      2. ii. R47-42 ASUCI Referendum
        1. 1. Floor: Reza/ Ben
        2. 2. Tabled: Vikram/Reza
      3. iii. B47-11 ASUCI Technology Upgrade
        1. 1. Floor: Ben/Vikram
        2. 2. Discussion: Reza/Skyla 20 min debate 2 min speaking time
        3. 3. Reza: It is a significant sum to invest in it and virtualization really necessary? Do you use the system so much that you need access from home? Is it really worth it with the amount of money we’re investing? I use my own laptop and I don’t really use the AS computers.
        4. 4. Ben-- staff uses computers but do students need it? Execs—Jun is very multimedia heavy but other than that the buy only a couple of computers, but to completely switch is really complicated and might have many maintenance problems
        5. 5. Carissa--   as a former Publicity commissioner, I used the computer very often
        6. 6. Neil—I felt that as an intern I never really had access to the AS computers, by virtualizing allows all interns to have access to it and never been able to build databases
        7. 7. Vikram--Is it something to request from E-Tech fee? Could be brought up for discussion. Will be brought up for Etech meeting on Friday
        8. 8. Reza--Buy only enough to meet the demands of those that need it but not for all.  IT would be much deeper
        9. 9. Evelyn—move them to a different office and just share with another office. With limited resources, we can work with what we already have
        10. 10. Just try with one or two and test the waters and see how it works
        11. 11. Skyla—Virtual system is already being used by New U
        12. 12. Reza—Would virtualization help your offices? It would be nice to have more available screens. If switched to virtualization you still need to buy the available programs.
        13. 13. Execs should ask commissioners and see what they think
        14. 14. Bring back questions for Aaron and send to committees
        15. 15. All questions drafted by Wednesday by 12 to Ben and send to
        16. 16. Table: Vikram/ Reza
      4. iv. B47-45 Address on the Needs Attention Memo Sent to the school of Humanities
        1. 1. Budget Group came up with memo and there are no student reps in academic planning group--Nominations for undergrad to sit on the committee—send Humanities Reps and Charlyn as Academic Affairs
        2. 2. Brian--   evaluations are pretty unfair and reiterate the departments evaluations. Point of legislation is not to get money for the humanities but to show support for humanities, ESCAPE and take back UCI
        3. 3. Michelle- meeting dean Salinger
        4. 4. Melissa—what’s going on exactly with Humanities? Needs attention memo wasn’t just for the specified departments for all departments and the memo wasn’t formal or a confirmed policy, but a working doc
        5. 5. Vikram—policy that there is a student on every kind of committee. For minutes, they don’t specify why there are no minutes available online. 
        6. 6. We need an open stream of dialogue with admin
        7. 7. Having Ethnic Studies major? 100 students willing to take that major and we already have the professors 
        8. 8. Needs to discuss whether Ethnic Studies replaces Asian Am, AF Am, Chican@ Studies
        9. 9. Skyla—We already have a GE requirement but maybe have concentration
        10. 10. Revise “let it be resolved” because that key information, and change language because it creates a polarization
        11. 11. Table in order to Thursday 
        12. 12. End
      5. v. B47-12 2012 Student Lobby Conference Fun Re-allocation
        1. 1. 17-0-0
        2. IV. New Business
    7. a. Legislations
      1. i. R47-50 Appointment of Public Info Committee Chair
        1. 1. Floor: Evelyn/Char
        2. 2. Acclamation Evelyn/Carissa
        3. 3. PASSED
      2. ii. Ryan Gripp from Anteater Express (whenever ready)
        1. 1. Need to secure money and more funds
        2. 2. If referendum passed, how many routes would sustain? All routes would be sustained and will grow. Students would be able to decide what to fund with that money
        3. 3. Charge OCTA? 
        4. 4. How much is current fee that students already pay?  $8 per quarter. But only for capital requirement. Does not include operational and maintenance 
        5. 5. How many years would it sustain and would we need to pass another referendum any time soon? A decade
        6. 6. Cost of maintenance and fuel goes up over time
        7. 7. Projection of growth? This year we would be able to sustain, and the following year will we see the growth. Initial year would be maintaining what we already have
        8. 8. Newport route would be completely gone, chance that Park west would not be around, limited buses to AV and we could possibly lose Main Campus route, which is our busiest route and tied to student reg fees. 
        9. 9. Beg money from partnerships 
        10. 10. The routing reductions are a strong likely hood that these will be eliminated if not funded
        11. 11. ACC does acknowledge that their occupancies are dependent on the shuttle services
        12. 12. Separate the referendums because the two are so different. A referendum is a fair and transparent way so that students see the vitality of it all
        13. 13. Referendum would provide staff at night and need a full time presence from 6am to midnight. Need to maintain cover partnerships. 
        14. 14. Consider running in the Fall?  Open to all ideas but you’ll see reduced service from Anteater Express. Think about what is more beneficial. Come Fall quarter, we will have less service. 
        15. 15. Legislative Council’s Role—we are the voice of the students and need to decide how to endorse. The gravity of the situation is a very final decision. 
        16. 16. Reccomendation from Vikram: Table for Thursday and speak to other students what their opinions are and have a decision ready for students. 
        17. 17. Results from Survey: 347 student— 134 Both or Combo of the two referendums, 99 just want Anteater Express, and 38 just want AS and 76 wouldn’t pay either because they don’t use it. 
      3. iii. Committee Break Out Chair
      4. V. Reports
    8. a. Standing Committee Reports
      1. i. Strategic Planning Report
    9. b. Special Committee Reports
    10. VI. Special Committee Reports
    11. VII. Announcement
    12. VIII. Adjournment of Meeting