ASUCI Senate Minutes
Sunday, February 12, 2012

  1. I. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. a. Call to Order by Patrick Manh Le at 5:05pm
    2. b. Approval of Minutes
      1. i. Motioned by Neil
      2. ii. Seconded By Carissa
    3. c. Approval of Agenda
      1. i. Motioned by Raymond
      2. ii. Seconded By Reza
    4. d. Roll Call led by Patrick Le
      1. i. Council Members
        1. 1. Albert Liao
        2. 2. Ben Pan
        3. 3. Brian Dinh
        4. 4. Bond Nguyen
        5. 5. Carissa Cruz
        6. 6. Crystal Ukpong
        7. 7. Dillon Gamboa
        8. 8. Evelyn Chan-absent
        9. 9. Furzan Azam
        10. 10. Janelle Pham-resign
        11. 11. Jennifer Song -absent
        12. 12. Jeremy Hohn—left early 5:49pm
        13. 13. Jessica Do
        14. 14. Neil Bautista
        15. 15. Nicole Histomi
        16. 16. Melissa Gamble
        17. 17. Raymond Delacruz
        18. 18. Reza Zomorrodian
        19. 19. Shiv Gandhi-absent
        20. 20. Skyla Zhang
        21. 21. Michelle Vasquez
      2. ii. Exec Members
        1. 1. Vikram Nayudu
        2. 2. Patrick Manh Le
        3. 3. Charlyn Arellano
        4. 4. Jun Wang
        5. 5. Genevieve Galman-absent
      3. iii. Ex-Oficio Members
        1. 1. Daisy Hurrera
        2. 2. Melissa Mayr
    5. e. Guest List
      1. i. Name, Position
      2. II. Public Comment
    6. a. Aaron Echols—voting on the referendum does no mean you’re stating position
    7. III. Old Business
    8. a. R47-42 ASUCI Referendum
      1. i. Floor: Vikram/Reza
      2. ii. Discuss 10 min Vikram/Reza
      3. iii. Through UCSA, UC utilizes the org and sometimes they propose a referendum on the UC campuses to have fees given towards UCSA
      4. iv. UCSA is willing to provide Staff and willing to commit financial resources. 
        1. 1. Ben: 2 weeks before election to convince students
        2. 2. Reza: Staffers are paid out of UCSA’s pocket
        3. 3. Skyla—combine the two ASUCI and UCSA referendum
        4. 4. Reza: They would be lobbying for the one referendum
        5. 5. Nicole—do you know if shuttles are going to run referendum?
        6. 6. Reza—need copies of the referendum of student life or shuttles
        7. 7. Vikram—suggestion: break out into committees
        8. 8. Neil—I don’t believe we should include UCSA because that means we’d have to include their interests into the referendum
        9. 9. Patrick—they’re offering their expenses and resources
        10. 10. Melissa—all the campuses doing it? The campus they want to focus on this year is Irvine. Years before, the referendum was towards 
        11. 11. Dillon—Why not just give money to EVP rather than having UCSA step in. We’re just gonna get lazy and not put the effort this referendum needs.
        12. 12. Vikram—see it as extra man power and extra experience
        13. 13. Nicole—Another dollar we’re asking to charge students, but if we want it to pass, then this is the most worthwhile to do it because of the extra funds and the extra help.
        14. 14. Reza-- We get free experience and having pro staff and working with all of ASUCI is a very valuable experience that we may not have this experience again and combining advocacy with student life
        15. 15. Melissa—good idea because the biggest problem is to have 85% of population to vote and we need the marketing power
        16. 16. Send to committes: Vikram/Nicole
        17. 17. End—Vikram/Jessica
    9. b. B47-11ASUCI Technology Upgrade
      1. i. Floor: Neil/Vikram
      2. ii. Discussion 15 mins 1 min
        1. 1. Reza—why can’t we just take some money and invest on new computers and give some to the new tech to those that need it.
          1. a. Aaron Echols: why spend on just a few pieces rather than buying new material. It’s cost efficient. With rebate, the new tech is technically free. Trying to submit all accounting to online
        2. 2. Skyla—only certain offices need it like Student Services so is it possible to just give the virtualization to just the offices that need it?
          1. a. 36 virtual boxes to replace all the computers not including AGS just ASUCI and staff members
        3. 3. Ben—after installation, would we buy the new programs? We already have it.  If we have a problem IT staff is low…
          1. a. Already using the virtual programs, and already have licenses
          2. b. This allows it for everyone to use. 
        4. 4. Carissa—Would the number of files take too much space? No
        5. 5. Reza—How some commissions overstressed and congested to using computers in the office. Moves everything into the new system.
        6. 6. Ben—misconception that we’re all starting with new tech, but since it’s already been in place and is it really necessary? Needs replacing every 3 years but for ASUCI, it’s been 4 to 5 years. 
        7. 7. Vikram—cost always go up so it’s easier to do so now cuz Aaron can do this now
        8. 8. Question: Rexa/Jeremy
          1. a. 2/3rds vote 12 votes
          2. b. 16-0-3 PASSES
    10. c. R47-45Addressing the Needs Attention Memo
      1. i. Floor: Reza/Jeremy
      2. ii. Question: 19-0-0 PASSED
      3. IV. New Business
    11. a. Legislations
      1. i. R47-51 Financial Transparency and Accountability
      2. ii. Floor: Jessica/Ben
      3. iii. 15 min 2 min
      4. iv. Jessica—I support having transparency, but there’s confusion in that  but monthly reports are too complicated and often changes. I suggest that there be quarterly reports.
      5. v. Raymond—How do execs feel about this? Patrick and Jun would need more time for presentations but the budget changes for Academic VP/ President are pretty static.
      6. vi. Char—I wouldn’t want to be a dead horse and say the same thing
      7. vii. Jun—Im not opposed to the transparency but my budget always changes and I could give you a report after each event 
      8. viii. Char—recommend to say what presentations should include and what you’re expecting
      9. ix. By-laws  state presentations why funds and how much budgets
      10. x. Patrick—expenditures come from conferences, programming for campaigns and travel. It’s a good idea because leg council has few opportunities to check what their execs are spending on them 
      11. xi. Carissa—March 29th is Spring Break.
      12. xii. Ben—I agree that monthly is too much and I agree with quarterly. And the time of presentation needs to be changed.
      13. xiii. Dillon—once with the virtualization, we’re able to look at the budget to look over. Time would take up the whole meeting. Suggestion: have meeting after winter break.
      14. xiv. Reza—monthly is more up to date on the changes and I want to know what those changes are
      15. xv. Motion to End and Table: Dillon/Reza
      16. V. Standing Committee Reports
    12. a. Finance: 
      1. i. Referendum—combine UCSA with student fees and shuttle separate, all three together
      2. ii. Reza is going to make changes
    13. b. Advoc
      1. i. Referendum—ok with UCSA latching on
      2. ii. Humanities—look over let it be resolves
      3. iii. JBoard—injunction on Skyla’s event requirement
    14. c. Pub Info—
      1. i. Referendum: tagged into fee? Would 4 dollars for ASUCI be ok?
      2. ii. UCSA and ASUCI should be combined
      3. iii. By-law – informative but not necessary on upgrade
    15. d. Rules—
      1. i. Start day to interview find Health Sci Rep
      2. ii. Mix feelings about UCSA
      3. iii. Reza’s legislation—good and something we should do
      4. VI. Special Committee Reports
    16. a. ETech
      1. i. Tomorrow Dillon and I have the meeting
      2. ii. Survey sent out with 1639
      3. iii. Lobby tomorrow for a new plan and will send email
      4. VII. Announcement
      5. VIII. Adjournment of Meeting 6:52pm