ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, April 05, 2012


  1. I. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. a. Call to Order by Patrick Le @ 5:02
    2. b. Approval of Minutes
      1. i. Neil, Raymond
    3. c. Approval of Agenda
      1. i. Dillon, Neil
    4. d. Attendance
    5. e. Guest List
    6. II. Public Comment
    7. III. Old Business
    8. a. Committee Updates on Legislation
      1. i. R47-57
        1. 1. Yes
      2. ii. R47-67
        1. 1. Yes
      3. iii. R47-70
        1. 1. Finance: Y
        2. 2. Rules: Y
        3. 3. Public Info: Y Clearer language
        4. 4. Advocacy: Y
    9. b. Legislation
      1. i. R47-66 In Support of Senate Bill 1368 – Limiting Outrageous State Salaries (10 mins)
        1. 1. Pull to the Floor: Reza, Raymond
        2. 2. Discussion: Reza
        3. 3. Reza; tried to speaking with Evelyn, but not response. This is only a recommendation. The concern of impact on the UC system is minimal.
        4. 4. Neil; Does this protect the people who have been working for awhile
        5. 5. Melissa; second to the last whereas, does this also apply to the UC Regents? Do you know the status of the bill?
        6. 6. Reza; Not sure on the answer, however this is an appointed position. [Vikram] They currently pay into the Regents. The status of it is not known.
        7. 7. Close discussion: Reza, Dillon
        8. 8. Motion to table until next Thursday 4/10/12: Reza, Jennifer
      2. ii. B47-17 Reggaefest (10 mins)
        1. 1. Pull to the Floor: Dillon, Carissa
        2. 2. Speaking: Jennifer, Reza
        3. 3. Close discussion: Dillon, Jennifer
        4. 4. Withdraw: Jun, Jennifer
      3. iii. R47-70: UCSA Memo of Understanding (10 mins)
        1. 1. Pull to the Floor: Neil, Jennifer
        2. 2. Speaking 1min: Kleshie, Jennifer
          1. a. Vikram; are there any clarifications that needs to be made to the memo?
          2. b. Crsytal; from our committee we would like to have it be a little be more clear
          3. c. Vikram; the first let it be resolved, it should be $1.10
          4. d. Vikram; change it to add annually to two parts in the let if be resolved.
          5. e. Skyla; Do we need a clarification on the money and where it’s going to go?
          6. f. Vikram; this is the most clear way to do it.
        3. 3. Discussion: Charlyn,Vikram
        4. 4. Call to Question: Dillon, Raymond (16-0-1)hi!
        5. IV. New Business
    10. a. Standing Rules
    11. b. Office Hours
    12. c. Legislation (15 mins each)
      1. i. B47-18 Midyear Allocation
        1. 1. Pull to the floor: Dillon, Neil
        2. 2. Discussion: Dillon, Neil
          1. a. Jennifer; why does homecoming appear twice
          2. b. Jun; we decided to decrease the accounts and then increase
          3. c. Reza; What are these increase going for?
          4. d. Jun; Academic Speakers, UCI PD cost from Shocktoberfest, UCSA
          5. e. Charlyn; friendly amendment 6423-7200 to 6423-7270 Speakers and Debate commission
          6. f. Patrick; first one Speakrs and Debate commission, Second one is UCSA fees, Third one is Welcome Week, fourth one is Shocktoberfest.
          7. g. Ben; friendly amendment to add the account titles, Jun accepted
          8. h. Reza; Campus Organizations 6423-7180, what is this usually used for?
          9. i. Patrick; It’s called called programs cost to run programs on campus
          10. j. Reza; friendly amendment Campus Organization to Program Costs, accepted by Jun
          11. k. Close Discussion: Neil Reza
        3. 3. Table until 4/12/2012: Dillon, Reza and correct account names
      2. ii. R47-71 Appointment of Elections Commissioner and Election Deputies
        1. 1. Pull to the floor by vote: Reza, Neil (16-0-1)
        2. 2. Discussion: Ben, Charlyn
          1. a. When does this position end? At the end of the quarter
        3. 3. End Discussion: Charlyn, Neil
        4. 4. Call to question by acclimation: Passes
      3. iii. R47-72 TGIF, Vendor Fair and Farmer’s Market Appointments
        1. 1. Pull to the floor by vote: Jennifer, Ben (17-0-0)
        2. 2. Discussion 5mins/1speaking: Neil, Dillon
          1. a. Neil; the nature of the legislation is just clarifying the power of the supervisor has?
          2. b. Genevieve; this is to make sure that they really know what they are doing and ensure the success of the commission
          3. c. Reza; Does this supersede Council’s confirmation?
          4. d. Genevieve; they could probably work it out between the advisor and council
          5. e. Reza; I disagree with this legislation, I am uncomfortable with this.
        3. 3. Close discussion: Charlyn, Neil
        4. 4. Motion to Table to Committee: Dillon, Neil
    13. d. Motion to add R47-73 Reggaefest to the Agenda: Jun, Raymond (17-0-0)
      1. i. Discussion
        1. 1. Raymond; what is this going to be used for?
        2. 2. Jun; this is for artists, we haven’t submitted offers yet
      2. ii. Motion to table until Thursday 5/12/2012: Dillon, Neil
    14. e. Committee Breakout
    15. V. Reports
    16. VI. Announcements
    17. VII. Adjournment of Meeting 6:50