ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, April 03, 2012


  1. I. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. a. Call to Order by Patrick Manh Le at 5:02pm
    2. b. Approval of Minutes
      1. i. Motioned by Reza
      2. ii. Seconded By Crystal
    3. c. Approval of Agenda
      1. i. Motioned by Neil
      2. ii. Seconded By Raymond
    4. d. Roll Call led by Patrick Le
      1. i. Council Members

1. Ben Pan

        1. 1. Brian Dinh
        2. 2. Bond Nguyen
        3. 3. Carissa Cruz
        4. 4. Crystal Ukpong
        5. 5. Dillon Gamboa
        6. 6. Evelyn Chan-absent
        7. 7. Furzan Azam
        8. 8. Jennifer Song - Absent
        9. 9. Jeremy Hohn
        10. 10. Jessica Do
        11. 11. Kleshie Basie
        12. 12. Neil Bautista
        13. 13. Nicole Hisotomi
        14. 14. Melissa Gamble
        15. 15. Raymond Delacruz
        16. 16. Reza Zomorrodian
        17. 17. Shiv Gandhi
        18. 18. Skyla Zhang
        19. 19. Michelle Vasquez
      1. ii. Exec Members
        1. 1. Vikram Nayudu
        2. 2. Patrick Manh Le
        3. 3. Charlyn Arellano
        4. 4. Jun Wang-absent
        5. 5. Genevieve Galman-absent
      2. iii. Ex-Oficio Members
        1. 1. Daisy Hurrera
        2. 2. Melissa Mayr
    1. e. Guest List
      1. i. Name, Position
      2. II. Public Comment


      1. III. Old Business
      2. IV. New Business
    1. a. Injunction of R47-39 (10 mins)
      1. i. Judicial Board Letter
      2. ii. Skyla-- Sent a revised copy to Abdullah in Fall Quarter and changed to academic and any school wide affair. The effort is to be more engaged with UCI campus. Need more clarity in what they find wrong with the by-law revision. 
      3. iii. Options: resend the by-law that we updated, hold a hearing and fight it.
      4. iv. Reza—I agree with the 
      5. v. Brian—if we were to try to revise it, would it still be violating the first point? 
      6. vi. Dillon We cannot require them to do the revision until the upcoming year. 
    2. b. Student Government Campus Partner Reception
      1. i. Email from Mark Deppe , 
      2. ii. Thank all the staff and admin that Leg, Commissioners, JBoard and Exec work with. 
      3. iii. send date and logistics via email. Formal event, during council time and optional. 
    3. c. ASUCI Banquet
      1. i. Towards end of quarter. 
      2. ii. Tu Jun 5 or Thur Jun 7 both week 10
      3. iii. Kind of like an awards night. 
      4. iv. Location isn’t decided, right now it’s set to on campus
    4. d. Legislations
      1. i. R47-68 Appointment of Judicial board member
        1. 1. Kayvon Hosseni appointed to Judicial Board 
        2. 2. Pull to floor: JDo/ Carissa
        3. 3. Question: Reza/ Raymond
        4. 4. 18-0-0
      2. ii. R47-69 Withdrawal of R47-39
        1. 1. Yes removes it from the by-law and recognizing injunction and will be revised. If we reject it, then the hearing will be scheduled
        2. 2. Neil/Reza
        3. 3. JDo- we should vote because the author’s intent is to revise it anyways. I see no reason why we would not vote for the legislation
        4. 4. End JDo/Neil
        5. 5. Question: JDo/Raymond
        6. 6. 16-1-1 PASSED 
      3. iii. R47-66 In Support of Senate Bill 1368 – Limiting Outrageous State Salaries (15 mins)
        1. 1. Floor: Ray/Reza
        2. 2. Reza—I do support the legislation and it doesn’t make sense of how much money these people make. We need it for our university and it shows our support against outrageous spending. 
        3. 3. Compensation is much more than just their salary, the challenge is in the language and if the schools especially with the medical school want to bring in a top-notch person, schools like USC would have trouble with this legislation. Think about the consequences. 
        4. 4. Carissa—I thought this was applicable to just the newly hired?
        5. 5. Reza—specific financial salary would be reduced
        6. 6. Ben— I don’t see where the extra money would be allocated to. 
        7. 7. Reza—the bill doesn’t say but I don’t they’ll limit where the funds will be allocated to. 
        8. 8. Skyla—since we’re facing budget crisis, if we support the legislation, but this would possibly lead to negative consequences. 
        9. 9. Salary Wage is for compensation
        10. 10. End Dillon/Reza
        11. 11. Table til Thursday Dillon/ Reza
      4. iv. R47-67 By-Law Amendment: Display of Representative’s Votes (15 mins)
        1. 1. Floor: Raymond/Reza
        2. 2. Discussion 15 1 min Reza/ Bond
        3. 3. Reza—on the minutes have our position and name next to how we voted. 
        4. 4. Take effect immediately, vote by role call, excel sheet, but very time-consuming. 
        5. 5. Especially the controversial legislation it is expected that it will be slow and time consuming, but for legislation like appointing people, 
        6. 6. Dillon—doesn’t want to have name follow up for future purposes like for interviews. 
        7. 7. Reza—wants it published so people can see them. Need to be accommodating to privacy. 
        8. 8. Dillon—uploading as pdf isn’t ideal. But recommends  to have it written and available on. ON ASUCI 
        9. 9. Or write available on request
        10. 10. Skyla—amend speakers responsibility? Dictated in binder
        11. 11. Reza—intent is to make it convenient for viewers to see. 
        12. 12. Nicole—I agree with Reza and it is important because it’s easy access. If it is a concern for future purposes, we could have the records purged after 4 years. 
        13. 13. Brian—I can easily have them access my voting record because this will be part of my resume.
        14. 14. Ben--  put only first name or last name? 
        15. 15. Neil—point of inquiry—only put first name, our names are already online
        16. 16. Reza—you are an elected official and your vote represents your constituents. Our constituents have a right to see how we vote.
        17. 17. Patrick Chen—purpose of the bill is accountability. Do you want your name attached to your vote on it or not.
        18. 18. Michelle—Your political views shouldn’t affect your job and it’s important to your future. 
        19. 19. Vote on Send to Rules: 13-4-1
      5. v. B46-17 Reggaefest (15 mins)
        1. 1. Floor: Reza/Raymond
        2. 2. Discuss: 1 min 
        3. 3. Ben—curious to why 5 K then not 10K. What’s taken from Wayzgoose from Reggaefest?
          1. a. Mark Deppe-- More corporate sponsorship than ever before. Wayzgoose is well funded to Reggaefest and the additional for guest tickets and profit 15000.
        4. 4. Reza—just shifting accounts under their own office?  
        5. 5. Brian—first whereas statement needs clarification.
        6. 6. Skyla--  on the flier, would it decrease turnout for projected price for charging non UCI students?
        7. 7. Dillon—we’re not losing money and trying to increase budget through guest tickets. 
        8. 8. Kleshie—would this have any additional costs? 
        9. 9. Brian—5K from Wayzgoose and 10 K from ticket sales.
        10. 10. Reza—as long as it is under his office, then he should be able to do what he wants with the money in trying to make reggaefest a better event.
        11. 11. End Dillon/JDo
        12. 12. Table til Thurs: Dillon/ JDo
      6. vi. R47-70 UCSA Memo of Understanding
        1. 1. Floor: 16-1-1
        2. 2. Discuss 10 min 1min
        3. 3. Vikram-- change language instead of including it as a by-law. It will take clause away from ballot and separate contract with UCSA. Remove from the ballot and put clause somewhere else. Send to committees and talk about it now and my recommendation is to vote on Thurs. 
        4. 4. Skyla—clarification on number of first let it be resolved. $2 per year. 1 dollar per quarter instead of year
        5. 5. Send to committees: Vikram/Reza


    1. e. Committee Breakout (15 mins)
      1. i. Finance
      2. ii. Advoc
      3. iii. Public Info
      4. iv. Rules
    2. f. School Breakout (15 mins)


    1. V. Reports
    2. a. Executive
      1. i. President
        1. 1. Vote on UCSA legislation on Thursday and read over to make sure
      2. ii. EVP
        1. 1. April 10th with faculty CCC from 12 to 2
        2. 2. This month UCSA meeting is at UCI
        3. 3. Timeline switch on April 8th
      3. iii. Admin VP
      4. iv. Academic VP
        1. 1. Talk about on Thursday
      5. v. Student Services VP 
      6. VI. Special Committee Reports
      7. i.
      8. VII. Adjournment of Meeting Dillon/Furzan 6:52pm