ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, March 13, 2012


  1. I. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. a. Call to Order by Patrick Manh Le at 5pm
    2. b. Approval of Minutes
      1. i. Motioned by 
      2. ii. Seconded By 
    3. c. Approval of Agenda
      1. i. Motioned by 
      2. ii. Seconded By 
    4. d. Roll Call led by Patrick Le
      1. i. Council Members
        1. 1. Albert Liao
        2. 2. Ben Pan
        3. 3. Brian Dinh
        4. 4. Bond Nguyen
        5. 5. Carissa Cruz left early 6:39pm
        6. 6. Crystal Ukpong
        7. 7. Dillon Gamboa
        8. 8. Evelyn Chan left early 6:39pm
        9. 9. Furzan Azam
        10. 10. Jennifer Song—late 5:08pm
        11. 11. Jeremy Hohn—late 5:04pm
        12. 12. Jessica Do
        13. 13. Neil Bautista
        14. 14. Nicole Hisotomi
        15. 15. Melissa Gamble
        16. 16. Raymond Delacruz
        17. 17. Reza Zomorrodian
        18. 18. Shiv Gandhi
        19. 19. Skyla Zhang
        20. 20. Michelle Vasquez- late 5:03pm
      2. ii. Exec Members
        1. 1. Vikram Nayudu
        2. 2. Patrick Manh Le
        3. 3. Charlyn Arellano left early
        4. 4. Jun Wang- absent
        5. 5. Genevieve Galman
      3. iii. Ex-Oficio Members
        1. 1. Daisy Hurrera
        2. 2. Melissa Mayr
    5. e. Guest List
      1. i. Cynthia Palmer, Drama major—being a theater major is an often underestimate responsibility but despite the many units, he is a good representative of this campus.
      2. ii. Jeremy’s presence on council is a great asset to the Drama Department and it would be a mistake to remove him
      3. iii. He’s active in the school and I’d want someone on council who knows what’s going on in the Arts council.
      4. iv. Jeremy has stepped up to his role on council and has made sure the department is aware of the different things going on in Clair Trevor. He hasn’t been here for very long but he has done so much with the little time he’s been here.
    6. f. Public Comment 


    1. II. Review of Council Member
    2. a. Accomplishments of Jeremy while on council
      1. i. Drama major
      2. ii. Linguistics minor, creative writing
      3. iii. ASB experience and AS experience in JC
      4. iv. Held one student workshop for dance , low turnout but high enthusiasm
      5. v. 3 meetings with Dean
      6. vi. luncheon with students and Dean
      7. vii. I’ve had at least one student sign on to the Arts email
      8. viii. My vote has been on the “right” side
      9. ix. Connecting the departments of the arts
      10. x. Supplied student volunteers 
      11. xi. Discussion Nicole/Reza
        1. 1. Reza—I am not for the removal of Jeremy, but his presence is necessary. He is a very good outreach to students of the Arts. He does a lot of work for the Arts and with everything that’s going on, I would like to see a full council. Give him a grace this time but he needs to come to council meetings. 
        2. 2. Shiv—I am against his removal, it takes time to find a replacement and he is good at outreaching. He has a personality that people like
        3. 3. Raymond—With my friends in the Drama department, they tell me how dedicated he is to the school.
        4. 4. Neil—Against his removal. But if we do dismiss him, his discrepancies of absences are because of his involvement in the Arts. It’s embedded in his curriculum. 
        5. 5. Skyla—even if we fail to remove him, does Jboard still review it?
        6. 6. Jessica—He is doing the best for his department, but at the same time, having the title means you are here for meetings making the decisions that important.
        7. 7. Nicole—Do we null that part of the by-law to be here for a part of council. Rules committee has to decide.
        8. 8. Jessica—he was to email us about it that he’s missing meetings
        9. 9. Skyla—is it possible to appoint another council member
        10. 10. Patrick—any of you that because you’re doing work outside of meetings
        11. 11. Jessica—is there a way to hold him accountable?
        12. 12. Reza—any arts major would have his sporadic attendance. We should just give him a warning.
        13. 13. Nicole—if it is his extracurricular meetings
        14. 14. Vikram—Arts major misses meetings because of rehearsals and performances especially the month before
        15. 15. Jessica—you know what you sign up for. 
        16. 16. Reza—I sympathize that there are other extracurricular things we’d all like to do, but with things and responsibilities he has juggled well. 
        17. 17. Patrick—are we making the assumption that the Arts are all occupied between tu/th from 5-7
        18. 18. Neil—it is pretty consistent… what are we gonna sweep this under the rug and appoint someone new and that’s it?
        19. 19. Vikram—he’s participated in all the legislations especially the ones that are controversial. 
        20. 20. Table—Jessica/ Raymond
        21. 21. Furzan—it will be complicated to find another council member
        22. 22. Reza—he’s scheduling performance during these time slots and that’s not what you’re supposed to do. Asking for an exemption sets precedent
        23. 23. Skyla—we are like the US Government and we should follow the superiority of the law. He made that choice based on the already set rules. Regardless of what he has accomplished, you do not compromise law.
        24. 24. Nicole—just because there are classes that I want to take during this time slot, we have a commitment. Maybe he can be a ex-oficio member or a kind of liaison? 
        25. 25. Raymond—it’s irresponsible for him to take on classes purposefully during this time slot, but what are we asking from a new Arts rep? What kind do we want?
        26. 26. Ben—are there ex-oficio seats open? What if he applies as part of a “group?”
        27. 27. Table—Furzan/ Jen Song
        28. III. Old Business
    3. a. R47-57 By-Law Amendment: Elimination of Vote by Ballot
      1. i. Floor: Reza/Raymond
      2. ii. Discussion 14 min 2 min 
        1. 1. Reza—kept on tabling this and let’s vote on this today and I’ve done the best I could in having safeguards in this piece of legislation. This is one of those principles and closes the discussion and a conclusive decision to make on the decisions we make.
        2. 2. Jessica—Currently the dismissal of a fellow council member by doing secret ballot on sensitive subject. 
        3. 3. Evelyn—I don’t think this is really necessary
        4. 4. Nicole—two points— we’re all friends with each other and so it would affect our fellow members. But in terms of other legislations like the Avicii legislation, then it is necessary to show our constituents how we vote.
        5. 5. Melissa—I support the legislation and makes the council more public to the campus.
        6. 6. Dillon—motion to vote by ballot and it can be failed. The number is still going to show up on the website. 
        7. 7. Patrick—there’s been a request to tally how individuals place their vote. 
        8. 8. Jennifer—would everyone agree with the legislation,. People say it’s necessary but this is just a precaution. 
        9. 9. Crystal—make a blanket term that will cover all possible situations
        10. 10. Pass to Rules—Reza/ Vikram
        11. IV. New Business
    4. a. Review of Last Week
    5. b. Academic Planning Group
      1. i. SUGGESTION 
        1. 1. WE need to turn in 5 people’s names
        2. 2. Propose that we choose 5 people that want to sit on it
      2. ii. Legislation
      3. iii. 5 Reps
        1. 1. 1 Rep – At Large Rep
        2. 2. 1 Rep – Bio Sci, Physical Sciences, Health Sciences
        3. 3. 1 Rep – Arts, Humanities (Jeremy)
        4. 4. 1 Social Ecology, Social Sciences
        5. 5. 1 Rep – Business, ICS, Engineering
      4. iv. Jeremy, Brian, Skyla, Nicole, Michelle
    6. c. Legislations
      1. i. R47-60 Appointment of Health Sciences Representative
        1. 1. Floor: Neil/Jennifer Song
        2. 2. Question:  Ben/Jessica
        3. 3. Acclamation PASSED 
      2. ii. R47-61 Commemorating Sherwood Rowland (15 mins)
        1. 1. Floor: Vikram/Nicole
        2. 2. Question: Reza/Ben
        3. 3. Acclamation PASSED
      3. iii. R47-63 Appointment of Spring Quarter Speaker Pro Tempore (YAY! Dillon Gamboa!)
        1. 1. Floor: Skyla/ Reza
        2. 2. Question:16-1-0 PASSED
      4. iv. R47-63 Appointment for Biological Sciences Representative (YAY! Kleshie!)
        1. 1. Floor: Carissa/ Ben
        2. 2. Question: ACCLAMATION Crystal/Carissa
        3. 3. PASSED
    7. d. Judicial Board Interviews
      1. i. Discussion 12,1,4
      2. V. Announcements
      3. VI. Standing Committee Reports
    8. a.
    9. VII. Special Committee Reports
    10. VIII. Announcement
    11. IX. Adjournment of Meeting 7pm Patrick/ Raymond