ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, March 06, 2012


  1. I. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. a. Call to Order by Patrick Manh Le at 5:06pm
    2. b. Approval of Minutes
      1. i. Motioned by Neil
      2. ii. Seconded By Reza
    3. c. Approval of Agenda
      1. i. Motioned by Reza
      2. ii. Seconded By Nicole
        1. 1. Add 10 min presentation Melissa/Jen
    4. d. Roll Call led by Patrick Le
      1. i. Council Members
        1. 1. Albert Liao
        2. 2. Ben Pan
        3. 3. Brian Dinh
        4. 4. Bond Nguyen
        5. 5. Carissa Cruz
        6. 6. Crystal Ukpong
        7. 7. Dillon Gamboa
        8. 8. Evelyn Chan
        9. 9. Furzan Azam
        10. 10. Jennifer Song 
        11. 11. Jeremy Hohn- late 5:09pm
        12. 12. Jessica Do (left 6:17pm)
        13. 13. Neil Bautista
        14. 14. Nicole Hisotomi
        15. 15. Melissa Gamble
        16. 16. Raymond Delacruz
        17. 17. Reza Zomorrodian
        18. 18. Shiv Gandhi
        19. 19. Skyla Zhang
        20. 20. Michelle Vasquez
      2. ii. Exec Members
        1. 1. Vikram Nayudu
        2. 2. Patrick Manh Le
        3. 3. Charlyn Arellano
        4. 4. Jun Wang-absent
        5. 5. Genevieve Galman-late 5:09pm
      3. iii. Ex-Oficio Members
        1. 1. Daisy Hurrera-absent
        2. 2. Melissa Mayr
    5. e. Guest List
      1. i. Name, Position
      2. II. Public Comment
    6. a. Houstaff Osama—In the Syrian regime, we are protesting what’s going on. They’re being tortured raped and humiliated and we can not honor a representative of this regime.
    7. b. Nila—Human life is precious regardless of what race you are, and the people suffering in Syria. I am ashamed that we refuse to condemn what’s happening in 
    8. c. If the university does not take action on Chehabi, the Chancellor Drake’s words of the support of students are empty
    9. d. This draft condemns all rights of the Syrian government… all schools should stand up
    10. e. Miriam—Stand up for justice and student rights. We do not honor Chehabi who doe doesn’t condemn this regime
    11. f. We cannot support this diplomat
    12. g. Haithem—This issue is personal for me, I’m not down for a representative that condones what’s happening in Syria. 
    13. h. Chehabi is a war criminal.
    14. i. Abdul—We hear about what’s going on in Syria, our university is connected to the tradgedies in Syria. Chehabi has said that he cannot condemn what’s going on in Syria publicly. I understand that it’s scary to speak out, but it is our duty to speak out and condemn the regime.  No matter what excuse, it is clear that the connection needs to be fixed.
    15. j. We realize that Chehabi is frightened for his family that is why we are asking him to step down from his position.
    16. III. Old Business
    17. a. R47-52 Dr. Hazem Chehabi and the UCI Stance on Human Rights (10 mins)
      1. i. Presentation:
        1. 1. This is what council needs to be doing to uphold the integrity of this institution. There is a lot of rhetoric going around campus about empathy and sympathy.  It is admirable of council to remind admin and the university the morals that need to be implemented. 
        2. 2. Brief outline of what the legislation is built-- The Syrian regime is murdering protestors and torturing them for speaking out for freedom. The stance of university is for freedom, for liberty and for democracy. It is a general stance that condemns the killing of innocent people. The role of the student is to remind admin the integrity that they hold and follow through. Chehabi is a representative of the Syrian regime an now the university has failed to connect the representative with the adoption of condemning what’s happening. He can be the nicest guy but he represents a murderous regime and he represents our university and that alone should be appalling
        3. 3. Jeremy—The legislation after it passes, there will be a series of steps  taken by our students
      2. ii. Floor: Neil/ Raymond
      3. iii. Debate:
        1. 1. Michelle—it is clear cut of what we as council needs to do. We can openly state that we do not support Chehabi.
        2. 2. Jeremy—Urge is a passive word instead of demand. Despite choosing the word demand, admin will still choose, so why not make the language stronger.
        3. 3. Melissa—we understand the Chehabi is powerful and this legislation is powerful and important so to show and believe in Human rights, I agree in changing the word to demand.
        4. 4. Crystal—I’m in favor of the legislation. It has been brought to our attention that he has donated to the university. The amount he donates shouldn’t matter to whether or not we support him. 
        5. 5. Vikram—he has given his statement that he doesn’t support violence and there is no public statement saying that he supports the regime. He has family and friends there.
        6. 6. Melissa—being a representative of Syria as a Board of regime. We’re asking him to step down not condemn the regime
        7. 7. Jeremy—he is listed as a power of association in the regime and the donations he makes doesn’t give him 
        8. 8. Jennifer—I agree what he is doing is wrong, it has been peaceful til now, how can we say the Chehabi is in support of the regime. I need a clarification. His position is to support the Syrians here.
        9. 9. If he is removed from the university, our conscious will be clean.  He is appointed by them. We as students are asking that he does not represent us.
        10. 10. Reza—He can’t actually speak out to what the regime is doing. I just want to know his role here in the university but regardless of that, this does not excuse him. The actual removal of him  from this position will be difficult.
        11. 11. He is an ambassador of the Regime and basically one of his “doggies”.
        12. 12. Vikram—He does not get paid here at the University
        13. 13. Skyla—I do believe it is important to support human rights, but we shouldn’t be arbitrary in condemning him when we don’t condemn our own American leaders for killing people. Keep in mind that he contributes a lot to the university more than money but also academic.
        14. 14. Jennifer Song—everyone has different sides but other people suspect that he is disloyal to the regime
        15. 15. Reza- the public is trying to articulate whether or not he wants to be associated with the regime. It is a matter of whether or not we want him to be associated with the university. 
        16. 16. Melissa—referral to the public. The legislation is about who we want to represent us. It’s not a matter of how he feels and how much he donates, but he is appointed by the regime that is condemned on an international level. You’re signing on to his association with us.
        17. 17. Evelyn—I support the public but I just want to point out to council that his term ends this year in 2012.
        18. 18. Furzam—he is scared for his family, as Irvine students we cannot support someone who cannot make up his mind whether to support or condone the regime.
        19. 19. Michelle—We’re asking him to demand that the university does something about this representative. As UCI students and as council members we are asking him to not represent us. This is coming from the student body. It’s not about his term but this is a political stance.
        20. 20. Jessica—He represents the government and we don’t want him to represent us as a student population and this is what we need to focus on.
        21. 21. Reza—when we’re talking about morality, I think there is no price that excuses him from his representation. There are rammifications that come with those. 
        22. 22. Nicole--- I believe it is our responsibility to do something that’s important to a lot of people. We have the chance to stand in solidarity and I would not want to a representative  that does not condemn the Syrian government. This gives us the ability to 
        23. 23. Vikram—this shows our position and stance of what we think his position. By this action, then we are saying his affiliation with the Syrian government
        24. 24. Friendly amendment—urge to demand
        25. 25. Ben—I think that Vikram’s point of view is correct. For me personally, I don’t see how one title can define who he is. It’s hard for me to see that we should force him down from his position. 
        26. 26. Raymond—Why don’t we condemn the regime but I think we should get more info from Chehabi first.
        27. 27. Vikram—it is like putting someone on trial without hearing what he has to say. 
        28. 28. Melissa—we should make our decisions and not the influence of admin with power
        29. 29. Nicole—was Chehabi ever informed about it and he was aware we are talkin about him.
        30. 30. People have been asking him to make a statement but he has not done so for over a year. He still hasn’t and asking him to come here would be a waste of time. This is the voice of the students not as administration
        31. 31. Brian—I’ve yet to see another statement from him and he has yet to say his position.  I’d like to vote on this legislation today.
        32. 32. Patrick—I don’t think this legislation isn’t putting him on trial. He is bound by his position, but it’s just severing the tie he has to the university.
        33. 33. Admin and higher authority have reached him and he has not responded. 
        34. 34. We also hold a title and it’s up to us to use it. We’re not asking him to be fired and trying to make his life miserable. We’re not asking for a lot. 
        35. 35. Ben—they have a lot of relationship than just a title than that position entails. There are more responsibilities than just the title that entails. 
        36. 36. Nicole—it is our job to create a university that holds certain values.
        37. 37. Melissa—If he has all these connections, he has other ways of contributing to the university.
        38. 38. He will find about this very quickly and if this title is important to him, then he should have plenty of time to take his family out of Syria and denounce his title. 
        39. 39. Reza—bring it back to focus whether or not we want him as a representative for UCI.  We don’t want him to be blacklisted
        40. 40. Melissa Mayr—this is a form of public humiliation. This is just a different perspective. 
        41. 41. Vikram— I agree with Melissa M. This is much bigger and I don’t know what the outcome is going to entail. 
        42. 42. Nicole— This doesn’t condemn him but asking him to respect our views.
        43. 43. Michelle— We’re asking him to step down and the issues that may come with this legislation, but I’m tired of being cowardly. 
      4. iv. Question: 19 members (12)
        1. 1. 12-0-7 
        2. 2. PASSED
    18. b. R47-56 Diversity through the Implementation of UC Regents Policy (10 mins)
      1. i. Table—Til next Thursday
    19. c. B47-15 Tranfserring Funds to Photocopying (10 mins)
      1. i. Floor: Jeremy/Ben
      2. ii. Finance: approve
      3. iii. Question: 19-0-0
      4. iv. PASSED
    20. d. R47-15 By-Law Amendment: Elimination of the Secret Ballot (10 min)
      1. i. Floor: Reza/Dillon
      2. ii. It’s to safeguard ourselves.
      3. iii. Ben--Another exception for strawpolls (non-binding) 
      4. iv. Discussion:
        1. 1. What way does it benefit when it gets the number out. In the end, we will have to officially make a stance on it. 
        2. 2. If we protect a non-binding, then we won’t know about the issue. 
        3. 3. It’s not necessary but the chances of secret ballot are very rare.
        4. 4. For the most part I don’t think secret ballot will be used 
        5. 5. This legislation eliminates that option when it goes for legislations that asks us to make a stance
        6. 6. It addresses the ambiguity.
        7. 7. Abstaining hurts the vote
      5. v. Table Til Thursday
      6. IV. New Business
    21. a. Committee Break Out (20 min)
    22. b. School Break Out (15 min)
    23. V. Announcement
    24. VI. Adjournment of Meeting 6:50pm