ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, March 15, 2012

  1. I. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. a. Call to Order by 5:01PM
    2. b. Approval of Minutes
      1. i. Motioned Reza
      2. ii. Seconded Albert
    3. c. Approval of Agenda
      1. i. Motioned Nicole
      2. ii. Seconded Reza
    4. d. Roll Call led by 
      1. i. Council Members
        1. 1. Albert Liao- absent
        2. 2. Ben Pan
        3. 3. Brian Dinh – Late
        4. 4. Bond Nguyen
        5. 5. Carissa Cruz
        6. 6. Crystal Ukpong
        7. 7. Dillon Gamboa
        8. 8. Evelyn Chan
        9. 9. Furzan Azam
        10. 10. Jennifer Song 
        11. 11. Jeremy Honh 
        12. 12. Jessica Do
        13. 13. Neil Bautista
        14. 14. Nicole Histomi
        15. 15. Melissa Gamble
        16. 16. Michelle Vasquez – Late
        17. 17. Raymond Delacruz
        18. 18. Reza Zomorrodian
        19. 19. Shiv Gandhi
        20. 20. Skyla Zhang
      2. ii. Exec Members
        1. 1. Vikram Nayudu
        2. 2. Patrick Manh Le
        3. 3. Charlyn Arellano
        4. 4. Jun Wang - Late
        5. 5. Genevieve Galman
      3. iii. Ex-Oficio Members
        1. 1. Daisy Hurrera
        2. 2. Melissa Mayr
    5. e. Guest List
      1. i. Name, Position
      2. II. Public Comment
    6. a. Iris Gonzales
      1. i. Personal friend and colleague of hers. It would be wrong to remove him of his position. I didn’t know I had an Arts Rep until this year and trying desperately to connect the Arts.
      2. III. Old Business 
    7. a. Councilmember Hohn’s Review
      1. i. Discussion
        1. 1. Vikram
          1. a. Jeremy is doing a lot of work and we do not need to argue about this at all. But I did talkt o him about if it is because a cirruculum issue. If you are in the Arts you have to do a production at least once a year. He learned about this from Arnel, past representative, and said that it was ok to miss meeting because you are doing work.
        2. 2. Charlyn,
          1. a. You are a student first, and you must be a hybrid to be a leader and a student. We need to look at this that we could be excluding majors in the art if we left it to just the Studio Arts.
        3. 3. Crystal,
          1. a. If he could still do the same work, but not be in Legislative Council. I am not sure what he said about what he likes about Council.
          2. b. Vikaram, he does like to represents the Arts. When you deal with administration it is better to use your title to talk to legislations
        4. 4. Reza,
          1. a. If we appoint someone that isn’t as involved Jeremy, we might run into a problem.
        5. 5. Furzan,
          1. a. He is doing his job, and it will take a long time to fill his position.
        6. 6. Jessica,
          1. a. Just because it is difficult to fill the spot is irrelevant to the conversation. It is the same thing as saying that we are allowed to sit on Council because of Campus Rep, Housing, and etc.
        7. 7. Raymond,
          1. a. He is here for the controversial legislations and speaks out.
        8. 8. Skyla
          1. a. I think Arnel set a bad precedent for Jeremy.I still think it is Jeremy’s Responsibility for him to be here for the meeting.
      2. ii. Call to Question
        1. 1. Motion Nicole
        2. 2. Second Jennifer
        3. 3. 10-7-2; appeal fails
        4. IV. New Business
    8. a. Guest Speaker: Cori Lantz
      1. i. Jack Pan,
        1. 1. Michael Belko, past At-Large Representative, elected twice to council and an active individual. Unfortunately in January last year [2011], he was involved in a terrible accident and put on life support for three days. ON the third day the doctor came in and did the final check-up and said that “we lost him.” Always said, “We do not reason to help people.” We want to do an event in honor of him. 
      2. ii. Cori Lantz, Event Coordinator of Donate Life Walk @ CSUF
        1. 1. Originally wanted it to be at CSUF, however heard this story and wanted to bring it to UCI. Wanted to name this challenge the “Michael Belko Challenge” coming up April 28, 2012. ASUCI will have their name on it if they approve and will help with the cost.
        2. 2. Packet
          1. a. Has the story of Micahel Belko, written by the mother 
        3. 3. Goal
          1. a. Get as much support from as many studnets as possible called “Uniting Student Leaders.” Help raise money across the state and get leaders to do the walk. Take a picture with the Belko Team. Then after this year we choose to donate the money to a new cause. Wear Michael Belko pin, and we can make our own shirts.
        4. 4. After Walk
          1. a. Belko Family will be creating a bench that will be made and install it on campus on the day of the walk, April 28, 2012, the student leader team can then move from CSUF to UCI and participate in the ceremony
        5. 5. Jessica, you are here to ask ASUCI to create a team
          1. a. To pass a resolution, help us getting volunteers, and having a team. Example in the packet.
          2. b. At the walk we want to have a wall that 
        6. 6. Genevieve, E-Campaign
          1. a. Each campus can create an e-campaign. There will be a list on the website that will show off the people participating in this campaign.
    9. b. Legislations
      1. i. R47-64 Anteaters in Action Commission (15 mins)
        1. 1. Pull to the Floor
          1. a. Motion Charlyn
          2. b. Second Reza
        2. 2. Discussion
          1. a. Motion Michelle
          2. b. Second Reza
        3. 3. Discussion
          1. a. Michelle, funding and stipends and how it will be paid
            1. i. Spring quarter we will not have any stipends. As for the rest of the position, the only position that will get paid will be the commissioners
          2. b. Ben, is this going to be a permanent commission?
            1. i. Yes, that is the plan.
          3. c. Jeremy, how did you get this break down and why the 7 project directors and their duties
            1. i. Contacting non-profits for their respective positions and hosting/providing resources for them to get along
            2. ii. Each quarter hosting 1 big event. Spring Quarter is Donate Life Event
          4. d. Skyla, what is the selection process
            1. i. Applications will be out spring break and week 1
        4. 4. Call to Question by acclimation
          1. a. Motion
          2. b. Second
        5. 5. 20-0-0
        6. 6.
      2. ii. R47-65 Dr. Hazem Chehabi and UCI Board of Trustees (10 mins)
        1. 1. Motion to Pull to the Floor: Neil, Charlyn 
          1. a. 18-0-1
        2. 2. Discussion: Reza, Jessica
          1. a. Melissa,
            1. i. Calrify on what was handed out, states that the an Honor Consult General is a representative of the government.
          2. b. Public 
            1. i. Constitution’s Pre-amble was read. The nature of his role as a Consult General,
          3. c. Public 
            1. i. This is not an issue of who is against who, it is a humanitarian issue. Just looking at the acts that were committee in Syria is injustice, and to have silenced is committing the same act
          4. d. Public
            1. i. For the issue that Chehabi, from the US state department, such consulates are under the provision and are accountable from government, which they represent. 
          5. e. Public,
            1. i. This is a tactic that the Syrian regime. Referring to the meeting ASUCI had. Do not be fooled by the statement of him calling us extremists
          6. f. Public – Alumni,
            1. i. The university has a history of activism, activism has been lost. However, this is just an issue of seeing pas the rhetoric.
          7. g. Public, 
            1. i. Small point, we are a student representative. We are representing the students. Within students are united and we come from different backgrounds and we are here. The US government is opposing what the Syrian Government is doing as well as the internal community
          8. h. Reza,
            1. i. There is no denying that it is wrong whats going on Syria. His job here is to serve as giving visas. How do these Syrian individuals get items notarized by someone without having him here?
          9. i. Public
            1. i. The office is barely open, they are not really active. This service is not providing a service to the Syrians.
          10. j. Raymond,
            1. i. Not every stuent is for this legislation. My close friend who is Syrian, is opposed to it. He has not officially made a statement of being for or against Syrian Regime.
          11. k. Jennifer,
            1. i. Just because he is part of the regime, doesn’t meant that his title officially means that he is part of the regime. 
          12. l. Public,
            1. i. Clarify the definition of what a Consul General means. It doesn’t matter what his opinion is of the Regime, we just want him to step down so we can cut ties with the Regime
          13. m. Reza,
            1. i. There is no logical assumption that he represent the Syrian government. He is appointed by the government, not elected. The University must stand against these actions.
          14. n. Skyla
            1. i. It was a private meeting, and should kept in as a private matter?
          15. o. Nicole,
            1. i. Appreciative about the meeting that Vikram because it creates an environment for representatives to learn more about the issue. We are not releasing the transcript of the meeting.
          16. p. Motion to extend Discussion: Jessica, Reza (16mins; 2 min speaking)
          17. q. Michelle, 
            1. i. All council members, when voting do not consider his feelings, his position. He has never directly addressed the Syrian regime. When you vote think about what this legislation is saying that we do not want ties with this regime.
          18. r. Public,
            1. i. In regards, to it just starting a year ago. 1982 the massacre where 40 thousand people were killed. They have been having uprisings for over 40 years and have been struck down every single time.
          19. s. Public,
            1. i. He addressed the people here as extremists, no one that expresses people that is having their family killed as extremists is absurd. He is trying to get you on his side. He is spreading lies about the people that is here.
          20. t. Vikram,
            1. i. Apologize for asking a private meeting. Council members should take into account all parts of the argument.
          21. u. Public,
            1. i. Referring to the Consulet about how it works. It doesn’t
          22. v. Shiv 
            1. i. Personally I abstain it at first, now I see more about this. He is the figurehead. I am for this legislation and I have talked to many of my constituents about this and they are for this legislation.
          23. w. Public
            1. i. Why did he choose to meet with you guys privately? He had a year to do this and has not done so.
          24. x. Charlyn,
            1. i. 8th whereas clarification, are we strictly speaking of him as a public figure? Can we make this more clear?
          25. y. Melissa,
            1. i. During the meeting yesterday, he never said he was against the government killing the people. He only acknowledge that he was against the deaths of the people. Even if he wasn’t in this position, he has a family tie to the Syrian government. 
          26. z. Skyla,
            1. i. His only tie is because of his dad and being in the position. It is too arbitrary to remove someone’s titles just like it is to remove someone’s background. I found this legislation as disrespectful. 
          27. aa. Brian,
            1. i. There is a lack of resources of exactly what he does. I did go to the meeting and I was careful to not believe half the things behind what he said. I support this legislation because the public does feel attacked. He still meets regularly with the leader in the President in the Syrian Regime.
          28. bb. Jessica
            1. i. I urge council discuss what happened at yesterdays meeting
          29. cc. Nicole
            1. i. I do agree with Vikram, that we do need to see both sides of the legislation. 
          30. dd. Suspend Rules
          31. ee. Public
            1. i. In terms of the meeting yesterday. The agencies around the world, people have said that it for the people. Yes, taking a stand like that has consequences. I understand in terms of his family, that it may be a problem for making that decision and now he is currently in the way of the death of 8k people.
          32. ff. Public
            1. i. He has been here longer here than at Syria? I do not know what that means. On the 20/20 show, the President said he was against the show, this is the same concept. Getting a background check? Do you guys believe that. He does have a respectful title, the imgages and videos we have seen in Syria, the movies here doesn’t even interpret the same concept
          33. gg. Jeremy,
            1. i. I intend to vote yes, and there is part of the student population that is for this. This legislation will not affect whether or not he steps down or not.
          34. hh. Nicole 
            1. i. We are only trying to ask him to step down as part of the university
          35. ii. Public,
            1. i. He is representing a government that is dictating the life of the people that is living there. He was not picked as a Consular by the Syrian people here, it is because of his family ties. No body really sees him.
          36. jj. Public,
            1. i. I find that these complaints/arguments are valid. However, I am ashamed to say/hear that people are saying that he is there for the people. The people want justice, dignity, and freedom. What I find insulting, when people say he is here for the people.
        3. 3. Call to Question: Evenlyn, Nicole; Objection: Dillon
          1. a. Objection Vote: 13-3-3 vote passes
          2. b. Actual Vote: 
          3. V. Announcement
          4. VI. Adjournment of Meeting Charlyn/Neil 6:56