ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, April 26, 2012


  1. I. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. a. Call to Order
    2. b. Approval of Minutes
    3. c. Approval of Agenda
    4. d. Attendance
    5. e. Guest List
    6. II. Old Business
    7. a. Legislation
      1. i. B47-21 Business Dean Student Luncheon
    8. b. Elections
    9. III. New Business
    10. a. Interviews
      1. i. 5:20, 5:30, 6:00
    11. b. Legislation
      1. i. R47-
        1. 1. Reza, we know that Bookstore is not in the best shape: if the improvements are made and the bookstore cannot make that amount of money; will the bookstore be held accountable
          1. a. Yes they will be, in the sense that it is written
        2. 2. Reza, what do you want to change specifically in the Bookstore?
          1. a. I want to revamp the bookstore, change it and make it “cooler.” Make things more affordable to students. Into what students want and what they deserve at a good price. I am comfortable with moving to the bookstore even if it is a challenge.
        3. 3. Jessica, we are also change the ID program? How is that changing?
          1. a. It is housed by UC Items, but now we are just going to move it and move it under a different division but still student affairs.
        4. 4. Jessica, what will we do with the discounted tickets?
          1. a. We will be keeping the tickets with UC items and have it housed in the Front Office.
        5. 5. Call to question
          1. a. Nicole, Jessica
          2. b. 13-0-2
      2. ii. R47-77 TGIF Sustainability Commissioner Appointment
        1. 1. Call to the Floor
          1. a. Jessica, Skyla
        2. 2. Call to question
          1. a. Ben, Jessica
          2. b. 12-0-3
      3. iii. B47-22 Bio Week Event
        1. 1. Call to the Floor
          1. a. Dillon, Nicole
        2. 2. Discuss
          1. a. Motioned Carissa, Second Dillon
          2. b. Carissa, we will have a brunch item and cook out contests. Health organizations will participate in this contest and will keep money/trophy. Bringing together the health organizations. There will be a bio-fair: contest booth, how well do you know the school of Bio, time management booth, resource booths. UCI Senior panel, a Q&A session and give them a chance to ask what kind of routes they took to get where they are. Student’s choice best professors.
          3. c. Kleshie, roundtable will be a venue for them to work together and see how to advocate for the school
          4. d. Raymond, pre-health organizations only?
          5. e. Close, Jessica and Ben
        3. 3. Table to Finance
          1. a. Kleshie and Ben
      4. iv. B47-23 Experience Undergraduate Research in Physical Sciences
        1. 1. Pull to the Floor
          1. a. Skyla, Nicole
        2. 2. Discussion
          1. a. Skyla, Ben
          2. b. Close Dillon, Jessica
        3. 3. Table to Finance
          1. a. Kleshie and Ben
    12. c. Retreat
      1. i. May 3: Work Day
        1. 1. Binders
        2. 2. Awards
      2. ii. May 5: Fun Day
        1. 1. Dinner
        2. 2. Ropes Course
      3. iii. May 10: New and Old Council Meeting
        1. 1. Strength Finder
        2. 2. Tour of the Office
      4. iv. May 20: New and Old Council Retreat
      5. IV. Reports
      6. V. Announcements
      7. VI. Adjournment of Meeting