ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bureaucratic Procedure

Call to Order by Chairperson Andrea Gaspar at 5:07PM

Approval of Minutes

First, Summer Ko

Second, Hassan Mukhlins

Approval of Agenda

First, Summer Ko

Second, Hassan Mukhlins

Attendance - ABSENT

Arman Liwanag – At-Large Representative

Raymond Delacruz – Business School Representative

Shiv Gandhi – Engineering Representative

Kylie Baranowski – Ex-Officio

Guest List

Public Comment

Old Business

R48-03: Stipend Division of Antleader Mentorship Program and Academic

Legislation in which Neil Bautista requested approval of stipends.

To split the stipends and for appointment

Nicole Hisatomi—moves to call to question

Second, Reza Zomorrodian.

Nicole Hisatomi—motion to table for an indefinite amount of time until legislation is corrected.

Second, Bond Nguyen

Student Intern Position

Nicole Hisatomi—Summary of the Student Intern Position

Seeking approval to prepare PPT for Tuesday’s Open House

Hassan Mukhlins—Required 65% attendance may be too much

Modified to once a week; Interns must attend 50% of meetings

Open House Recap

Nicole Hisatomi—

Jack will be at Open House at 4:45PM for set up

Presentation for Intern position will be held then

New Business

Exec. Updates: Andrea Gaspar –


Internal Affairs—voter registration and classes overseen

Legislative Council—budget

Local Affairs Branch—New Branch

Community Outreach and Labor

Local Government

Educating students with local election

Creating voter’s guide

EVP Office

Chief-of-Staff stipend

Voter registration

Statewide Affairs—UCSA events and meetings

Has the most allocated money for travels and conferences

Additional information covered:

EVP Office Budget Review

EVP Office Structure Visual

Includes Executive Vice President, Chief-of-Staff, Commissioners, etc.

Schools and School Reports

Nicole Hisatomi—Break into schools to create intern applications

Have someone have them prepared before Tuesday

Reza Zomorrodian—Question regarding HR-35

HR-35: Andrea Gaspar will send resolution to council members

UCSA resolution disagrees with HR-35

Nicole Hisatomi—E-mail school specific questions.



Nicole Bastos—Judicial Board Chair

Legislation needs to be submitted for bylaws toward Student Advocate General

Judicial Board vacancy—needs to be filled by Tuesday

Thursday will be more back-to-back; take time to create questions now.

Applicant questions:

Rame Bashir

Satyajeet Salvi

Sabreen Shalabi

Christopher Mixco

Brian Liang

Nicole Hisatomi—Meeting at 4 PM on Tuesday; e-mail reminder will be sent

Adjournment of Meeting @ 6:49 PM

First, Summer Ko.

Second, Shadi Jafari.