ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 20, 2012


  1. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. Call to Order at 5:05 PM
    2. Approval of Minutes
      1. First, Nicole Hisatomi
      2. Second, Summer Ko
    3. Approval of Agenda
      1. Motion to amend for Abdullah to speak before public comment
        1. Nicole Hisatomi
        2. Kleshie Baisie
    4. Attendance ABSENT

  • Arman Liwanag – At-Large Representative
  • Shiv Gandhi – Engineering Representative
  • Ruhani Sandhu – Health Sciences Representative

    1. Guest List
    2. Abdullah—R48-02; from here on, individual votes to be recorded, and any legislation passed since R48-02 has passed need to be updated with the individual votes
  1. Public Comment
    1. Patrick Chen—fourth year informatics major
      1. In support of R48-15
      2. Does not believe “rockets should be fired from either direction”
      3. It’s important we understand the technology has a conscience
    2. Alexi Silver—freshman computer science major
      1. Does not support R48-15
      2. The resolution hurts beyond Israeli citizens
    3. Daniel Narvy
      1. Does not support R48-15
      2. Where is the call for legislation on other countries?
      3. Does not agree with the one-sided legislation
    4. Lauren Hineman—third year Political Science major and President of Jewish Student Union
      1. There was no public posting of the meeting that passed R48-15
      2. Those who were in attendance only represented one side of the issue
      3. Passing of legislation divides UCI
    5. Shawn—
      1. Does not support R48-15
      2. Passing legislation represents UCI
      3. Agreeing to the bill agrees to everything within the bill
    6. Naomi Warfield—third year dance major; President of Anteaters for Israel
      1. Why would this legislative body waste time and resources on a bill that will go nowhere
      2. Overturn R48-15
    7. Sharon Shaoulin—political science major
      1. Israel Universities gives UCI unprecedented research opportunities
      2. Asks for R48-15 to be overturned
    8. Allison—instructor in drama department
      1. Asks for R48-15 to be overturned
    9. Mustafa Sabha—fourth year mechanical engineering student
      1. Actively looked for jobs that were not connected with defense
      2. “Would like to think that UCI has morals too”
      3. The facts on the bill are not made up
    10. Ryan Jenner—fourth year political science major
      1. Third time addressing legislative council
      2. “Obviously, this bill is not unifying our campus”
      3. One-sided, poorly researched bill
    11. Shawhin Maghboueh—political science major
      1. Every campus has been faced with a divestment and has been polarized because of it
      2. Overturn R48-15
    12. Asaad Traina—biotechnology major
      1. Empathy is more than just what Chancellor Drake emails to us ever year—its something we actually value
      2. To make ad-hominem attacks about the conflict and Gaza are not relevant to the legislation; it’s a divestment, not a boycott
    13. Motion to extend speaking time to twenty minutes with two minute speaking time
      1. First, Nicole Hisatomi
      2. Second, Kleshie Baisie
    14. Haithem Abdelfatah—
      1. Agrees that we should divest from companies that violate human rights
      2. Regardless of the opposition, it is our responsibility to do what the campus says
    15. Yazeed—
      1. Stick to the resolution
      2. Divesting from any country that commits human rights violations is important
      3. This is divestment from most American companies; not Israeli companies
    16. Frank Williams—
      1. Understands that these types of actions are antagonistic
      2. Wants people of both sides to be represented
    17. Jake Farris—Vice President of Anteaters for Israel
      1. How many other resolutions have been passed by Legislative Council without thorough research?
    18. Bakr Teebi
      1. There’s no justification to attacking anyone based on their background
    19. Eli Heller—third year journalism and art history major
      1. Overturn R48-15
    20. Charith Samerasena
      1. Remaining neutral
    21. Suraj Samputh
      1. Third party student, and finds the majority of the campus to be like that
      2. Cannot accurately vote based on student opinion
      3. Believes campus should stay neutral
    22. Omar Abdukader
      1. Does not believe we are attacking Israel as a country; we are going after their action
      2. Look at the resolution, the sources, and fact check
      3. If they align with each other, then we are going somewhere
    23. Kevin Hekmat—junior at UC Irvine
      1. The bill is illegal
      2. This resolution is asking for UCI to divest from companies that divest from Israel, but the US Government has not deemed it appropriate to do so
    24. Mohanned
      1. This is not a two-sided issue
      2. When you violate human rights, that is terrorism, and we should divest from these companies
    25. Shawn—
      1. Passing the bill means agreeing with the accusations within the bill, which means the entire student body agrees as well
    26. Ben Ruhorsandi—
      1. Odd to see so much opposition today when there wasn’t any the day it was passed
      2. The agenda needs to be posted three days before its put into action
      3. By not being transparent and giving students a voice, it shuts them down
    27. Motion to extend speaking time to twenty minutes with two minute speaking time
      1. First, Nicole Hisatomi
      2. Second, Kleshie Baisie
    28. Daniel Nolant
      1. Does not support the divestment
      2. Wants to know why the Israeli student body were not notified about the original resolution
    29. Abdul Yousef—mechanical engineering student
      1. For those with an issue with the legislation, read it
      2. Well researched legislation is about human rights
    30. Orr Karny—
      1. Finds the campus is being negative toward the conflict
      2. Clearly states in 90% of the legislation that it is targeting Israel
      3. Divesting from innovation is wrong
      4. Does not support R48-15
    31. David Friedman—
    32. Dina Elkinawy—fourth year civil engineering student
      1. Our university needs to be accountable for its investments
    33. Erum Siddiavi—
      1. We are actually taking pro-active actions so that values are always upheld
      2. The agenda was posted on the website three days in advance
      3. Look at the specifics of the legislation—the UN has specified the human rights violations
      4. In 2005 and 2006, UCI made other divestments
    34. Jasmine Riad—third year English major
      1. Saw the legislation and thanks ASUCI for posting
    35. Orr Karny
      1. Felt negativity, snide looks, and smirks directed toward him
    36. Josh Monry—
      1. Neutral, third party
      2. Finds the words “human rights” do have meanings
      3. When voting on things that impact things by both communities, it should not be so unanimous of a decision
    37. Daniel Narvy—
      1. There was never a country named Palestine
      2. Make sure you have all your facts before creating such a legislation
    38. Shawhin Maghbouheh
      1. If Hamas was a legitimate government, they would be held accountable
      2. Hamas is a terrorist organization
      3. Understand that just yesterday, there was over 160 rockets fired into Israel
      4. Look at the UN
    39. Motion to extend speaking time to ten minutes with two minute speaking time
      1. First, Sabreen Shalabi
      2. Second, Shadi Jafari
    40. Bakr Teebi
    41. Mohanned
    42. Shawn—
      1. Legislative Council should not be allowed to decide the voice of the student
      2. Human rights issues should not be decided upon for one side or the other without hearing one side; UCI should stay neutral on the legislation
    43. Jake Farris
      1. Israel has supported other countries and their human rights
    44. Ashley Saba—
      1. In the past week, Israel has been fighting a somewhat war between the people and the Gaza Strip
      2. Israel is still trying to send humanitarian aid
      3. Israel should not be singled out
    45. Asaad Traina—
      1. Supports the Legislative Council
      2. The council should not take actions that does not account for the entire student body opinion
      3. Representative democracy
    46. Motion to end public comment
      1. First, Sabreen Shalabi
      2. Second, Nicole Hisatomi
  2. Old Business
  3. New Business
    1. Legislative Council Housekeeping
      1. Nicole Hisatomi: term ends this winter quarter; consider new Speaker of the House
    2. Council Discussion
      1. Motion for open discussion
        1. First, Nicole Hisatomi
        2. Second, Neil Bautista
      2. Nicole Hisatomi:
        1. Technicalities—legislation was posted
        2. In the bylaws, it states we have to put public notice of our meetings three days prior; open interpretation