ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 27, 2012


  1. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. Call to Order at 5:14 PM by Andrea Gaspar
    2. Approval of Minutes
      1. First, Arman Liwanag
      2. Second, Summer Ko
    3. Approval of Agenda
      1. First, Rame Bashir
      2. Second, Sabreen Shalabi
    4. Attendance ABSENT

  • Daisy Herrera – At-Large Representative
  • Emily Larin – Social Sciences Representative

    1. Guest List
  1. Public Comment
    1. Leland Simpliciano—
      1. Admin assistant for SOAR Center
      2. SOAR does help improve retention rates of students
    2. Jennifer Botello—retention coordinator for SOAR
      1. SOsAR helped improve her GPA and boosted her confidence
    3. Jen Nguyen—mentorship for Camp Med
      1. SOAR is a big contributor to Camp Med
      2. The resources that SOAR has to offer not only benefits the students being helped out but the student mentors as well within the Anteater Mentorship program
    4. Emma Ngula—Representing MAPS
      1. MAPS has received funding from SOAR
      2. Looks forward to continue working with SOAR
    5. Arit Akpan—second year SOAR regular
      1. Finds SOAR to be a family and a network
      2. SOAR provides a lot of opportunities
    6. Parshan Khosravi—first year student commuter
      1. Does not see any reason why SOAR should not continue
    7. Jasreen Gupta—AMP mentor
      1. SOAR has a variety of resources to use and is a very intimate environment
    8. Stephanie Youssef
      1. SOAR is a really great program
    9. Dan
      1. Take time to look at the numbers to ensure we get it right the first time
    10. Graciella Fernandez
      1. Director of SOAR Center
      2. The success of SOAR stems off of student contribution
      3. SOAR can be very successful
  2. Old Business
  3. New Business
    1. R-48 Support for the Student Outreach and Retention Center and the Creation of a SOAR ad-hoc committee
      1. Presentation by Christina Hsu and Allura Davis
        1. Wants to run a student referendum
          1. Keep it funded and student run
        2. SOAR is the best way to improve Campus Climate
        3. Asking for $4.50 per student per quarter within the referendum
      2. Kleshie Baisie—how to get students to pay $4.50 per quarter?
        1. Davis—as long as more students are coming in and finding out more about what SOAR is all about, the referendum will be able to do well
        2. Hsu—not enough students voted in general as a student body on the original referendum two years prior, so now, more students should vote
        3. Arman Liwanag—the original vote from two years ago hit majority, but not quorum.
      3. Motion to open discussion for 10 minutes with one minute speaking time:
        1. First, Nicole Hisatomi
        2. Second, Arman Liwanag
      4. Nicole Hisatomi—ad-hoc committees are within advocacy committees; by passing the legislation, the SOAR committee would be housed under advocacy committee
      5. Summer Ko--$4.50 a quarter, so this is only the first of the referendums (bare minimum); foundation of many more referendums
      6. Kleshie Baisie—who is the financial status of SOAR center now? What is a more sustainable way to support SOAR? What will the SOAR committee do?
        1. Summer Ko—
          1. SOAR committee will serve as an liaison between Legislative Council and the SOAR center
          2. Soft funds—when the original referendum didn’t pass, SOAR was given three years of temporary money
          3. The SOAR Advocates did their research on the other UC Retention Centers—other UCs were able to achieve funds through matching funds through Chancellors (a dollar for a dollar) and running multiple referendums
        2. Arman Liwanag—
          1. Referendums help stabilize the center
      7. Traci Ishigo—take up Dan’s offer to utilize the budget office to ensure $4.50 is enough; look at other UC campus’ budgets
        1. Friendly amendment: add “ASUCI’s 2012-2013 Executive Cabinet”
          1. Accepted.
      8. Nicole Hisatomi—by endorsing SOAR’s referendum, do the equal funds need to be put into not endorsing the SOAR’s referendum
        1. You can endorse it and not give it money
        2. A legislation would have to be created to allocate the money
      9. Reza Zomorrodian—“band-aid solution”; voter turn-out cannot be an issue again; consider the long-term, concrete goals for SOAR within the committee
      10. Motion to extend discussion for three minutes with one minute speaking time
        1. First, Arman Liwanag
        2. Second, Summer Ko
      11. Neil Bautista—if we do not support a new center such as SOAR how are we going to know its possibilities and potential? Is great for all ASUCI offices.
      12. Melissa Mayr—there needs to be more work done with marketing toward support for referendum; focus on progression; specific documentation of SOAR accomplishments should be marketed; there are other resources to get funding other than referendums
      13. Arman Liwanag—this has been a struggle for 10 years and is student initiated;
      14. Motion to end discussion
        1. First, Nicole Hisatomi
        2. Second, Arman Liwanag
      15. Motion to pull to floor
        1. First, Nicole Hisatomi
        2. Second, Arman Liwanag
      16. Motion to call to question
        1. First, Nicole Hisatomi
        2. Second, Arman Liwanag
      17. Vote:
        1. Yay: 15

  1. Nicole Hisatomi – At-Large Representative
  2. Arman Liwanag – At-Large Representative
  3. Summer Ko – At-Large Representative
  4. Reza Zomorrodian – At-Large Representative
  5. Bond Nguyen – Biological Sciences Representative
  6. Kleshie Baisie – Biological Sciences Representative
  7. Rame Bashir – Biological Sciences Representative
  8. Angela Yu – Engineering Representative
  9. Shiv Gandhi – Engineering Representative
  10. Ruhani Sandhu – Health Sciences Representative
  11. Shadi Jafari – Humanities Representative
  12. Lillian Chiou – ICS Representative
  13. Joseph Park – Social Ecology Representative
  14. Hassan Mukhlins – Social Sciences Representative
  15. Sabreen Shalabi– Social Sciences Representative

      1. Nay: 0
      2. Abstain: 0
      3. Legislation passed.
    1. Legislative Council Housekeeping
      1. New Speaker of the House discussion—Nicole Hisatomi
        1. Neil Bautista—Nominates Kleshie Baisie
          1. Kleshie Baisie—accepts nomination
        2. Shiv Gandhi—Nominates Reza Zomorrodian
          1. Reza Zomorrodian—accepts nomination
        3. Rame Bashir—Nominates Hassan Mukhlins
          1. Hassan Mukhlins—declines nomination
        4. Nicole Hisatomi—Nominates Shadi Jafari
          1. Shadi Jafari—declines nomination
        5. Sabreen Shalabi—Nominates Emily Larin
        6. Arman Liwanag—Nominates Daisy Herrera
        7. Sabreen Shalabi—Nominates Arman Liwanag
          1. Arman Liwanag—accepts nomination
        8. Sabreen Shalabi—Nominates Summer Ko
          1. Summer Ko—declines nomination
      2. Samantha Anton—recording Leg Council votes
      3. Nicole Bastos—Divestment Legislation discussion
        1. Legislative Council must remain civil during all meetings.
      4. Traci Ishigo—signing past legislations
        1. R48-15: authorized
  1. Committee Work Day
  2. School Reports
  3. Announcements
  4. Adjournment of Meeting
    1. Motion to adjourn meeting at 6:50 PM..
      1. First, Reza Zomorrodian
      2. Second, Hassan Mukhlins