ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 10, 2012

  1. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. Call to Order at 5:08 PM by Andrea Gaspar
    2. Approval of Minutes
      1. First, Daisy Herrera-Duran.
      2. Second, Emily Larin
    3. Approval of Agenda
      1. Amendment to move Office of the Ombudsman moved after public comment
        1. First, Kleshie Baisie
        2. Second, Hassan Mukhlis
      2. Motion to approve agenda
        1. First, Kleshie Baisie
        2. Second, Ashleigh Richardson
    4. Attendance ABSENT

  • Summer Ko – At-Large Representative
  • Angela Yu – Engineering Representative
  • Shadi Jafari – Humanities Representative
  • Joseph Park – Social Ecology Representative

    1. Guest List
  1. Public Comment
    1. Office of the Ombudsman Presentation (Jennifer)
      1. Informal Level
      2. Personal Information and Meetings are kept confidential, with the exception of cases of harm
      3. Four Principles
      4. Example of undergrad student problems:
        1. Concerning professor, grades, roommates, academic dishonesty, etc.
        2. Advise students about processes that might concern them. (i.e. academic dishonesty cases)
      5. Strong resource for campus
      6. If there is a pattern, or involves a group, with permission, can take the information to fix the problem with the individuals kept confidential
      7. Conflict Resolution—one week mediation training
        1. Opportunity to learn and become certificated in mediation
  2. Old Business
    1. Office Hours and Roster Information
    2. S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    3. Appointed and Ex-Officio Applications
      1. Will be going up soon.
      2. Deadlines—end of week 3
        1. Friday, January 25th 2013; 11:59 pm
    4. Tech Issues
      1. Possibilities of Technology Liaison
        1. Would need to suspend by-laws
        2. Reza Zomorrodian to write legislation by Tuesday.
    5. Retreat Date and Location
      1. Date:
        1. February 8th to February 10th
        2. February 16th to February 18th
        3. Straw poll results: February 16th to the 18th
      2. Location:
        1. Joshua Tree
        2. San Diego
        3. Straw poll results: San Diego
    6. Commissioner Approval
      1. Ashleigh—time-sheet and scheduling
      2. Neil—approving commissioners as staff
      3. Reza—timing is late; take into consideration for next year
      4. Working for Spring Quarter; rules committee to take on
      5. Executives to write a resolution
      6. Leg Council to discuss in committees
      7. Improving relationship between Legislative Council and Judicial Board
  3. New Business
    1. Legislations
      1. No legislations.
    2. Other
      1. Introduction to Judicial Board (Nicole)
        1. Nicole (chair), Vinn (vice chair), and Chris (justice)
        2. Job to take away personal bias on any decision made
        3. Strictly apply decisions to the constitution
      2. Mock Resolution (Robert’s Rules) – Andrea
        1. Motion to open debate for 5 minutes with 30 second speaking time
          1. First, Tarun Patel
          2. Second, Daisy Herrera-Duran
        2. Kleshie Baisie—recounters motion
        3. Tarun Patel—rescinds
        4. Motion to open debate for 2 minutes with 30 second speaking time
          1. First, Kleshie Baisie
          2. Second, Tarun Patel
        5. Kleshie—approves of legislation
        6. Arman—disagrees with legislation; does not cater to entire campus; might promote underage drinking
        7. Ashleigh—great for increasing nightlife; however, issues of parking; money should be allocated for parking costs
        8. Tarun—Costly project and should not be pursued
        9. Hassan—friendly amendment, legislative members past and present
          1. Andrea Gaspar approves
        10. Motion to extend debate for two minutes with 30 second speaking time
          1. First, Hassan Mukhlis
        11. Motion to call to question
          1. First, Arman Liwanag
          2. Second, Daisy Herrera-Duran

      1. Belko Family Donation
        1. Think about how Council will use the money
      2. Backwards Planning/Action Steps
        1. Have a concrete timeline for the goals
  1. Committee Breakouts
    1. Everyone
      1. List Steps of Action/Timeline Goals
      2. Legislation
        1. New Members
        2. Chairs
    2. Public Info—Retreat Itinerary
    3. Finance—Discuss Upcoming Budget Presentation
    4. Advocacy—Work on SOAR Ad-Hoc Committee
    5. Rules—Intern Program
      1. Coming up with procedure for dismissing inappropriate behavior from meetings
      2. Appointment process
  2. School Breakouts
    1. School Goals
    2. Timeline
  3. Announcements
  4. Next Meeting
    1. Parking Presentation—traci
  5. Adjournment of Meeting
    1. Motion to adjourn meeting at 6:49 PM.
      1. First, Reza Zomorrodian
      2. Second, Kleshie Baisie