ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 29, 2013

  1. Bureaucratic Procedure
    1. Call to Order at 5:40 pm by Andrea Gaspar
    2. Approval of Minutes
      1. First, Summer Ko
      2. Second, Emily Larin
    3. Approval of Agenda
      1. First, Tarun Patel
      2. Second, Daisy Herrera-Duran
    4. Attendance ABSENT
      1. Arman Liwanag
      2. Joseph Park
    5. Guest List
  2. Public Comment
  3. Old Business
    1. Commissioner Legislation
      1. No updated legislation—not able to approve until next Tuesday
  4. New Business
    1. Other:
      1. Budget Debrief
        1. Ashleigh Richardson—students asking where money was going
      2. TGIF By-Law Presentation
        1. Revision of TGIF By-Laws
          1. Reza Zomorrodian—n.i.: salaries returning to last years
            1. Setting a specific amount for salaries; pay raises adjusted with budget
          2. Kleshie Baisie—
            1. Lowered quorum—possibly encouraging students not to show up
              1. Permanent change shouldn’t be done for a temporary fix
          3. Reza Zomorrodian—why hasn’t anyone been hired since the beginning of fall quarter?
            1. No one applied until recently; in the works of hiring
          4. Kleshie Baisie—leg council questions
            1. Article 4—Worried about undergraduate qualifications for grant manager
            2. Article 12—advertising budget; redundancy (9th whereas clause)
            3. For what purpose is the last set of revisions being added?
            4. Articles 8/9—seem to conflict with one another
            5. What on-campus projects has TGIF funded this year?
              1. Do-It-Yourself: Green Knitting
              2. Light-Bulb event with CalPirg
              3. Pocket Ecosystem
              4. Transportation for Anteaters in Action
              5. Electric Racecar
            6. Which commissioner is responsible under Articles 2 and 3?
              1. Article 2—Split between Grant Manager and County Commissioner
                1. Why doesn’t this job go to the secretary?
                  1. Mostly in charge of taking minutes and work; not updating website
          5. Tarun Patel—older copy of TGIF by-laws?
            1. ASUCI website
          6. By-laws updated to operate more efficiently
            1. Added section for Marketing Assistant (wasn’t originally in by-laws)
            2. Section E—funding award to encourage more initiatives
          7. Reza Zomorrodian—would like to see reasoning behind adjustment of salaries; adjustment of quorum unnecessary
          8. Kleshie Baisie—make amendments and return to a future meeting for discussion
          9. Motion to extend meeting until 7:05pm
            1. First, Shadi Jafari
            2. Second, Tarun Patel
      3. New U Budget Presentation
        1. New U completely independent and self-sustaining
        2. Referendum due to:
          1. Rise in printing and other operational costs
            1. Also, benefits, banking fees, supplies, etc.
          2. Revenues from advertising declines due to advertiser’s consistency
          3. Execution of internal costs over the year
            1. Cuts in pages and color per issue
            2. Cuts in full-time staff
            3. Reduction of student editorial stipends
        3. Current budget
          1. 2007--$500,000
          2. Current Budget--$240,679 to break even
        4. Referendum will cover printing costs
        5. Understands not a permanent fix—help maintain the current state of the Newspaper while a new fix is determined
        6. Print v. Media
          1. Print vital to campus life
        7. Importance of New U—
          1. Preparation for emerging journalists
          2. Sense of community for writers
          3. Provides opportunities for aspiring photographers and advertising/marketing students
          4. Attract a variety of different majors
        8. Current staff members:
          1. Sarah Menendez—Second year Opinion Editor
            1. Opinion open to all students
          2. Stephanie Bai—Fourth year Lead Advertising Executive
            1. Real-life work experience
            2. Opportunity to work with companies, other departments, and campus organizations
          3. David Conley—Third year Photo Editor
            1. Launching pad for photographers
            2. Complete amateurs becoming household names
          4. Jessica Pratt—Third year Editor-in-chief
          5. Motion to discuss for 3 minutes with 30 second speaking time
            1. First, Ashleigh Richardson
            2. Second, Summer Ko
          6. Discussion:
            1. Ashleigh Richardson—well-thought out presentation
              1. Is the New U currently in debt?
                1. Currently in-debt; paying out of reserves
            2. Summer Ko
              1. Has a higher administration been asked for money?
                1. The student’s newspaper; made for students, by students
              2. Why not? Asking students should be the last option.
                1. Cuts were the first option; asking the students is the last option
                2. It would be the conflict of interest to gain money from administration; could question the legitimacy and the bias of the New U
            3. Tarun Patel, Thomas Doan, and Kleshie Baisie—to help New U start moving forward
            4. Reza Zomorrodian—
              1. How is the New U prepared to get approved?
                1. Marketing, tabling, social media, video, etc.
      4. UCSA—Katie Messesan and Julian Martinez
        1. Requesting reallocation of EVP money as well as additional funds from Legislative Council to cover remaining conference costs, specifically transporation
        2. Reza Zomorrodian—looking into other executive budgets
          1. Requesting money from Parham
          2. Reallocation of money—SOCC allocation of money
          3. Expense of transportation is a lot
          4. Important conference—relevant for all students
        3. Kleshie Baisie—not enough time to discuss
        4. Motion to table until Thursday
          1. First, Kleshie Baisie
          2. Second, Tarun Patel
        5. Andrea Gaspar—take to committees and review; importance to remain on-time
      5. Shadi Jafari—Jordan
        1. November 8