ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, March 12, 2013


  1. Bureaucratic Procedure

    1. Call to Order at 5:06pm by Andrea Gaspar

    2. Approval of Minutes

      1. First, Daisy Herrera-Duran

      2. Second, Bond Nguyen

    3. Approval of Agenda

      1. First, Shadi Jafari

      2. Second, Ashleigh Richardson

    4. Attendance ABSENT

      1. Thomas Doan

    5. Guest List

  2. Public Comment

  3. Old Business

  4. New Business

    1. Legislations:

      1. R48-44: TGIF By Laws II

        1. Motion to pull to the floor

          1. First, Ashleigh Richardson

          2. Second, Tarun Patel

        2. Motion to open ten minute one minute speak

          1. First, Ashleigh Richardson

          2. Second, Tarun Patel

        3. Discussion:

          1. Tarun Patel—payment is fluid for different positions; setting pay like this is unnecessary

          2. Ashleigh Richardson—TGIF does not run out of ASUCI; can leave it up to their discretion; student board should be able to have someone who isn’t a student vote for them

          3. Tarun Patel—possibly, should have Leg Council approve stipend budget at the beginning of every year

          4. Summer Ko—agrees with Tarun on increase in commissioner thing; absence inclusion on by-laws

        4. Motion to close discussion

          1. First, Tarun Patel

          2. Second, Ashleigh Richardson

        5. Motion to call to question

          1. First, Tarun Patel

          2. Second, Reza Zomorrodian

        6. Vote:

          1. All in favor - 0

          2. Abstain - 9

            1. Bond Nguyen

            2. Lillian Chiou

            3. Daisy Herrera-Duran

            4. Summer Ko

            5. Arman Liwanag

            6. Vanessa Garcia

            7. Ruhani Sandhu

            8. Shadi Jafari

            9. Ashleigh Richardson

          3. Opposed - 4

            1. Emily Larin

            2. Tarun Patel

            3. Reza Zomorrodian

            4. Kleshie Baisie

      2. R48-41: Anteater Express

        1. Motion to table til 6:00

          1. First, Tarun Patel

          2. Second, Kleshie Baisie

        2. Clarification:

          1. Arman Liwanag—misleading language

          2. Nicole Hisatomi—

            1. Voting is focused on candidates

            2. Versus referendums

            3. Wanting students to know what they’re voting for

            4. Education campaign

            5. Info-graphics, literature, advertisements, etc.

            6. Does not want to shove information in the language to confuse the voter; done beforehand

          3. Mark Deppe—changes that have been made

            1. Additions of more transparent information—the current fee for the Anteater Express; current one cannot go to additional routing

          4. Tarun Patel—why not just start out with $40?

            1. Strategic measure; $40 right away would be jarring; past referendum precedents; taking a tiered approach would help implement a transitional period for Anteater Express

          5. Arman Liwanag—suggested having bullet points number 2, 3, and 5 be consolidated; huge chunk

          6. Summer Ko—bullet point number 4 is buried; pressure for Leg Council to pass this; pressure for admin? Admin should commit money as well; joint effort

          7. Nicole Hisatomi—this referendum is not a replacement for campus partner funding; emphasis placed on continuous campus support

        3. Motion to pull to the floor

          1. First, Reza Zomorrodian

          2. Second, Kleshie Baisie

        4. Motion to open discussion for 15 minutes with one minute speaking time

          1. First, Kleshie Baisie

          2. Second, Tarun Patel

        5. Discussion:

          1. Kleshie Baisie—be mindful of tone and conduct

          2. Tarun Patel—those who make up the board clarification

          3. Reza Zomorrodian—finds it to be a necessary thing; a lot of students rely on this resource

          4. Kleshie Baisie—whether students have the right to vote on the referendum, not whether we support it

          5. Ashleigh Richardson—referendum stands a great chance of passing; giving students a place to lobby; identification

            1. Reduction to congestion on-campus; benefits to commuters and on-campus residents

        6. Motion to close discussion:

          1. First, Kleshie Baisie

          2. Second, Vanessa Garcia

        7. Moition to call to question

          1. First, Reza Zomorrodian

          2. Second, Ashleigh Richardson

        8. Vote:

          1. All in favor - 14

            1. Bond Nguyen

            2. Lillian Chiou

            3. Reza Zomorrodian

            4. Thomas Doan

            5. Daisy Herrera-Duran

            6. Summer Ko

            7. Arman Liwanag

            8. Vanessa Garcia

            9. Tarun Patel

            10. Ruhani Sandhu

            11. Shadi Jafari

            12. Ashleigh Richardson

            13. Emily Larin

            14. Hassan Mukhlis

          2. Abstain – 0

          3. Nay - 0

    2. Other:

      1. Disability Discussion

        1. Kleshie Baisie—Actions to take now that legislation has passed

        2. Motion to have open discussion

          1. First, Kleshie Baisie

          2. Second, Vanessa Garcia

        3. Discussion

          1. Vanessa—met with Traci and will meet with Parham soon; how Leg Council can help; contact deans and promote volunteer note-takers

          2. Summer Ko—cannot meet needs when Leg Council does not know what they need; should meet with them; possibility of open ex-officio position

            1. Andrea Gaspar—unsure of ex-officio position because DSC is not necessarily an organization

          3. Reza Zomorrodian—employing ASUCI resources and speaking with deans to fix issues such as doors

          4. Kleshie Baisie—in addition to them coming in, Leg Council should act on the needs brought up during the presentation

          5. Reza Zomorrodian—bring it up to deans in their respective structures

          6. Daisy Herrera-Duran—awareness week in the beginning of the school year; little issues such as buttons should be fixed

          7. Vanessa Garcia—evacuations; who is supposed to help? Unsure of who “Zone Crew” is; bathrooms on-campus—only one has a push button

          8. Kleshie Baisie—if not DSC itself, having a member of a club through DSC to open

          9. Ashleigh Richardson—Disability Awareness Week; reaching entire campus

          10. Tarun Patel—speak with GUSH

        4. Motion to extend discussion for five minutes

          1. Kleshie Baisie

          2. Second Ashleigh Richardson

        5. Motion to extend discussion for two minutes

          1. First, Kleshie Baisie

          2. Second, Reza Zomorrodian

        6. Delegations: