ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 14, 2013


I.               Bureaucratic Procedure

a.     Call to Order at 5:06pm by Andrea Gaspar

b.     Approval of Minutes

                                               i.     First, Arman Liwanag

                                             ii.     Second, Tarun Patel

c.     Approval of Agenda

                                               i.     First, Shadi Jafari

                                             ii.     Second, Arman Liwanag

d.     Attendance

                                               i.     Absent representatives

1.     Bond Nguyen

2.     Lillian Chiou

                                             ii.     Attendance check

e.     Guest List

II.             Public Comment

III.           Old Business

a.     Commissioner Legislations – Need OP

IV.           New Business

a.     Other

                                              i.     Yearbook Picture

                                            ii.     Stephanie and Aaron

1.     Continued Renovation and Finalization: Student Gov’t and Student Media

2.     Prospected costs: $20,000.00

3.     Discussion:

a.     Motion to open discussion for 10 minutes with 1 minute response:

                                                                                                    i.     First, Kleshie Baisie

                                                                                                  ii.     Second, Ashleigh Richardson

b.     Summer Ko – finds renovations to be extravagant; was there a demand for this?

                                                                                                    i.     Spoke with student ticket consultants; input being developed at Leg Council

c.     Ashleigh Richardson – for TVs and feeds—Nancy’s responsibilities?

                                                                                                    i.     Aaron to be in charge; programs to manage this—focused on student government

d.     Andrea Gaspar – breakdown of budget and where money will be allocated; ensure we are upholding the R48-15 divestment from certain companies

                                                                                                    i.     Would like a list of companies

e.     Ashleigh Richardson – signage: what will the limits be of other orgs posting? What if another rebrand occurs?

                                                                                                    i.     Quotes can be obtained

                                                                                                  ii.     Rebranding is not likely; but signage can be adjusted

f.      Tarun Patel – Has the office ever been broken into?

                                                                                                    i.     Laptops have been stolen from the back; students have had laptops stolen; recently, signs of someone attempting to break open registers

g.     Kleshie Baisie – Designate a point person to create Legislation; further discussion on Tuesday

h.    Andrea Gaspar – what does cameras mean to the student government space?

                                                                                                    i.     No student government computer use policy—Council can set a policy on the cameras as well.

                                          iii.     Application Update/Timeline

1.     Applications done

2.     Interviews are being held—should be notified on Tuesday who will be eligible for second round

b.     Legislations

                                              i.     R48-33: Creation of Southwest Asian and North African Checkbox on the University of California Application

1.     Opening Discussion

a.     Admin and Admissions want to attend the next Thursday meeting to help advise Legislative Council and ensure legislation goes to the right place

b.     Understanding policies and procedures for adjusting system-wide applications

c.     Responsible leadership

2.     Public Comment:

a.     Katie Messessan—

                                                                                                    i.     All campuses voted yes on this resolution unanimously

                                                                                                  ii.     UCOP needs to know the stance right now

                                                                                                iii.     Students are having internal identity crisis’

                                                                                                  iv.     The API community successfully became represented because of the students actively working for it

3.     Motion to have discussion for ten minutes with one minute speaking time

a.     First, Kleshie Baisie

b.     Second, Ashleigh Richardson

4.     Discussion:

a.     Summer Ko—in support of the legislation; finds it important for these communities to be able to identify themselves; helps with scholarships and gives more students access to resources

b.     Arman Liwanag—in support of the legislations; helps out with potential outreach; giving voice to different communities and identities is important

c.     Tarun Patel—identifying between Iranian and Persian

                                                                                                    i.     Shadi Jafari: coming from the Persian community, it is better than not being able to identify at all

d.     Ashleigh Richardson—section after whereas

                                                                                                    i.     Katie Messessan—UCOP removed it; it would need to be an amendment

e.     Shadi Jafari—students do not need to ‘check’ their identity; Persian and Iranian are interchangeable

f.      Kleshie Baisie—perspective on Persian and Iranian: a person with a problem in it might not share that same perspective

g.     Ashleigh Richardson—what is the timeline for getting feedback from UCOP and original authors? What is the system-wide plan?

                                                                                                    i.     Shadi Jafari—Legislative Councils across the system will approve within the next two weeks

                                                                                                  ii.     Katie Messessan—important to approve within the two weeks because deadline for UCOP to change application is early March

h.    Tarun Patel—in regards to contacting administration, what concerns have been voiced

                                                                                                    i.     Kleshie Baisie—not the language but rather sending the legislation to the correct step; ensuring the council is educated on the matter

5.     Motion to extend discussion for ten minutes with thirty second speaking time

a.     First, Summer Ko

b.     Second, Tarun Patel

6.     Discussion:

a.     Summer Ko—isn’t there one application for all campuses?

                                                                                                    i.     Shadi Jafari—they would like as much support to get this going

b.     Tarun Patel—concern: would like more public comment but deadline is approaching

                                                                                                    i.     Shadi Jafari—publicizing has been done

c.     Kleshie Baisie—letter of solidarity while res