ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, May 30, 2013


I.               Bureaucratic Procedure

a.     Call to Order by Andrea Gaspar

b.     Approval of Minutes

                                               i.     Motion to approve minutes:

1.     First, Tarun Patel

2.     Second, Reza Zomorrodian

a.     Approval of Agenda

b.     Attendance ABSENT

                                               i.     Thomas Doan

                                             ii.     Daisy Herrera-Duran

c.     Guest List

II.             Public Comment

a.     Rahul—injunction on SAG Budget

III.           Old Business

IV.           New Business

a.     R48-75: Condemning the Appointment of Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Howard Gillman

                                              i.     Motion to pull to the floor:

1.     First, Tarun Patel

2.     Second, Vanessa Garcia

                                            ii.     Motion to open discussion for twenty minutes with one minute speaking time:

1.     First, Summer Ko

2.     Second, Shadi Jafari

                                          iii.     Discussion:

1.     Summer Ko—incomplete copy of all the resources; help contextualize the legislation; fact checking for the legislation

2.     Grecia Cruz—Chicano/a

3.     Reza Zomorrodian—a lost of due diligence regarding the legislation; reservations regarding the legislation; may not due what it wants; premature, with his term not started and USC still undergoing investigation

4.     Kelly Kimball—need another member to take his place; condemning the bow tie workshop does not seem relevant

5.     Melissa Gamble—does not think we should wait until he is appointed; purpose is to not let him be in place as EVC; bow-tying—the only response generated by Chancellor Drake; tangibility—Leg Council can generate a response

6.     Summer Ko—as far as having new people in mind, there is no access to other names of those in the running

7.     Shadi Jafari—in full support of the legislation; duty of council to speak as a platform to condemn the appointment

8.     Dan Dooros—condemning Gillman for events that occurred when he was not there is wrong; Chancellor Drake did act upon the events on campus

9.     Kleshie Baisie—what are the next steps? Response to Chancellor Drake’s sign on remaining with his decision

a.     Summer Ko—creating the committee; meeting with Chancellor Drake; under the circumstances that Gillman begins, to hold a forum

10.  Naaila Mohammed—this university is our university; one thing we need to keep in mind, is that we are paying for it; out of the 23 members, there were three students on the committee; not our students responsibility to welcome him if we do not want him

11.  Katie Messessan—Leg Council is their own space; if there is something you do not like, just because you are challenging a certain position, it does not mean it’s wrong

12.  Tarun Patel—question to Dan Dooros: do you know if they did anything else after that, such as holding a meeting with the public

a.     Dan—bringing the fraternity and victims together

13.  Sabreen Shalabi—not condemning him, you’re condemning the appointment of him; gaining legitimacy;

14.  Reza Zomorrodian—how you view the paradime of the power of student government; at the end of the day, we need to make responsible decisions; includes meeting with members of administration; putting someone on trial and not getting their perspective as well on it is problematic; bow-tying thing is irrelevant

15.  Kleshie Baisie—on search committee earlier this year; forums were held

16.  Traci Ishigo—voted no against him to go into the top for; realities of the situation

17.  Kelly Kimball—nature of the conversation

a.     Dan Dooros—communities working out the issues; admin facilitated conversation

                                            iv.     Motion to extend discussion for fifteen minutes by one mintes:

1.     First, Summer Ko

2.     Second, Tarun Patel

                                              v.     Discussion:

1.     Myron Lozano—condemning is not a trial; ICS community not represented; clear sign of transparency is not apparent

2.     Sabreen Shalabi—condemning the appointment process; in support of resolution

3.     Parshan Khorsavi—does not believe Dan Dooros knows any of the answers

4.     Lisa Ly—contributes to the entire UC system being privatized; by not giving tenure to our women of color professors, needs attention memos; we as students have so much power so we do not privatize the UC

5.     Katie Messessan—current campus climate; having an administrator that does not have an important issue on campus on their list shows he is not qualified for the position;

6.     Dan Dooros—answering questions to the best of his ability;

7.     Darren Wallace—student representative of UC Berkeley; hostile campus climate for students of different communities; there needs to be something done in regards to the Chancellor;

8.     Spencer Pritchard—student representative of UC Berkeley; wrote similar legislation regarding administration pay raise; EVC is second important position; can take a lot of policies; if you like what the candidate has done, then continue, but if not, make a stand as students

9.     Summer Ko—IFA statement;

10.  Reza Zomorrodian—in regards to student representation, there is over representation;

11.  Naaila Mohammed—disgusting statement in regards to having African Americans as administration prevents racism;

12.  Tarun Patel—students are not over represented on the committee; ludicrous statement

13.  Traci Ishigo—being conscious of goals in legislation; legislation is not enough; need to organize during finalize and Summer Ko but that is hard to do; same source trusted from IFA, Gilman is probably here to stay; holding Gilman accountable

14.  Ashleigh Richardson—legislation needs more resolutions, besides condemning the process; EEE survey needs to be available for appointment of any administration; bow-tying comment is irrelevant

                                            vi.     Motion to extend discussion by 20/1

1.     First, Shadi Jafari

2.     Second, Tarun Patel

                                          vii.     Discussion:

1.     Melissa Gamble—being a black student in any university, disrespected; not represented by administration;

2.     Sabreen Shalabi—representation on committee: Leg Council should have been there, elected by thousands of students

3.     Parshan Khorsavi—Dan Dooros is here to represent admin; ignorance is all over the place

4.     Dan Dooros—worked with Chancellor Drake since here; they are good people

5.     Katie Messessan—someone who is in a position of power going against someone else is not critiquing the person; nothing to do with the character but what the position calls for;

6.     Alejando Munoz—we are real people and we have to deal with this every single day; if people of power are marginalizing us, we need to hold them accountable for their actions

7.     Myron Lozano—the idea that we are overrepresented is ludicrous; we are the ones paying for them;

8.     Naaila Mohammed—have every right to condemn the appointment and process

9.     Reza Zomorrodian—people who are working with them the most is administration and faculty; there are more students on the committee than faculty and administration

10.  Summer Ko—make up of the search committee; Chancellor creating policies to make processes like this transparent; bow-tying comment—there was never a public discussion on behalf of administration

11.  Traci Ishigo—bringing up realities; does not want discussions to be limited to this space; does not think that you need Leg Council to have these kinds of efforts to be happening;

12.  Tarun Patel—should not wait until the new person is appointed and does something wrong to snap;

13.  Traci Ishigo—in order to do serious organizing, we must understand the realities;

14.  Kleshie Baisie—in regards how you determine representation

a.     Reza Zomorrodian—departments represented; difficult to accurately represent them on the committee

15.  Parshan Khorsavi—apologizing does not change the facts; issues are not individual, it is the community

16.  Khaadilah Sidney—tokenizing administration is a form of institutionalization racism; the position that African American and Asian American studies is unstable; some are considering to moving for different UC schools because of threats to departments and programs

17.  Jeff Wilfong—what is a better way to appoint this person?

a.     Ashleigh Richardson—knowing the candidate names and being involved in the process;

b.     Katie Messessan—committee is the start

18.  Vanessa Garcia—Howard Gilman will be working with the faculty and the IFA does not agree; would have been ideal to have been in the space; condemning the process of his appointment

                                        viii.     Motion to straw poll to remove bow tie and include new amendment

1.     First, Naaila Mohammed

2.     Second, Ashleigh Richardson

                                           ix.     Vote:

1.     Yay – (in favor of keeping bow-tie) - 5

2.     Nay – (in favor of removing bow-tie clause) - 8

3.     Abstain – 0

                                             x.     Vote:

1.     Yay – (adding) – 12

2.     Nay – (not adding) – 0

3.     Abstain – 0

                                           xi.     Discussion:

1.     Rahul—there is not anything that addresses the situation we are in; Andrea Gaspar may speak, but cannot continue during the meeting

                                         xii.     Motion to make friendly amendment: adding Let It Be Resolved

1.     First, Summer Ko

2.     Summer Ko accepts

                                       xiii.     Motion to close discussion:

1.     First, Reza Zomorrodian

2.     Second, Naaila Mohammed