ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tuesday November 5th 2013

I. Bureaucratic Procedure

a)Called to order at 5:01pm by Melissa Gamble


  • Absence: Adrenne Credo

  • 9 council members present

c) Approval of Minutes: Tarun Patel /Lauren Hineman

d) Approval of Agenda: Lauren Hineman/ Tarun Patel

II. Public Comment

III. Old Business

IV. New business:

  • Commence interviews: Scheduled for 5:15 and 5:30

  • Motion to close meeting space by Tarun Patel/ Patrick Chen

  • Discussion about interview questions:

  • Motion to pull item to the floor Patrick Chen/ Tarun Patel

    • Rahim Siddiq- select four questions and each council member is assigned to a question; will gauge each interviewee at the same level

    • Tarun Patel- suggest asking what related experience interviewee has

    • Naaila- suggests asking what problematic issues candidate would bring forth

    • Maryam Farooqui->suggest asking how would you address campus climate right now

    • Gabriel Sanchez - towards Maryam, would you explain campus climate to the interviewee

    • Maryam Farooqui-> if you are applying to legislative  council you should be familiar with the terminology

    • Rame Bashir-> I don’t think we should address the definition of campus climate, good way to see experience and knowledge with terminology like that

    • Nicole Hineman-> agree that understanding that campus climate isn’t great, and you need to know the terminology in order to address it

    • Naaila-> not everyone knows full scope on our campus

    • Tarun Patel-> agreed to last two comments

    • David Hollingsworth- suggest asking if there is anything you’d like to say that you didn’t feel was adequately addressed in given time

    • Patrick Chen- do not feel that we should be quizzing people

    • Melissa Gamble- suggests that there will be four questions asked

      • Give introduction for 1 minute

      • 1) What is you favorite UCI memory? (going to be asked by Naaila)

      • 2)What related experience do you have pertaining to this position? (going to be asked by Tarun Patel)

      • 3) How will you properly represent your constituents and you school in particular? (Going to be asked by Patrick Chen)

      • 4) Do you feel there are issues directly affecting your constituency or school? (Going to be asked by Rame Bashir)

      • 5) How would you address campus climate? (Going to be asked by Maryam Farooqui)

      • Is there anything else you would like us to know? (going to be asked by Melissa Gamble)

      • Melissa Gamble- reminds everyone to be very respectful and not ask questions that are trivial

    • Motion to close meeting for interviews- Tarun Patel /Gabriel Sanchez

a) Interviews

b) Discussion of Legislative Council Interviews

  • Motion to open discussion Tarun: second by Patrick/Lauren

  • Motion to close discussion by Tarun Patel/ Grecia Cruz

  • Motion to appoint business representative: Tarun Patel / Lauren Hineman

    • Vote

      • 12 yay ( appoint Alexander Fong)

      • 0 nay (do not appoint)

      • 0 abstain

      • Lauren will be writing legislation

c) Approval of Legislative Council Secretary Appointment

  • motion to open meeting Tarun Patel/ Patrick Chen

  • motion to sustain bylaws and pull item r49-25 to the floor: Tarun Patel /Grecia Cruz

    • 12 yay (sustain bylaws)

    • 0 nay (do not sustain)

    • 0 abstain

  • motion to open discussion for five minutes Tarun Patel/ David Hollingsworth

    • passed by acclamation

d) B49-10 funding for LNP WCO

  • motion to amend agenda: Grecia Cruz / Tarun Patel

    • strike b49-10 form agenda

e) Discussion to Appoint an ASUCI Information Technology Liaison

  • motion to open discussion Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

    • Nicole  -we should have a representative because they help decide where money will go

      • we pay four dollars a quarter to revamp our technology without representation

    • Nicole( point of information)- there needs to be two students on this committee and it is an enormous amount of money being discussed

      • if there is no student rep. then we cannot complain if they make unpopular decision

    • Melissa Gamble- e-tech fee is in it’s second year

      • long history of discontent about this fee

    • Tarun Patel-> reads description of information technology liaison duties and appointment process

    • Tarun Patel nominates Gabriel Sanchez; Gabriel Sanchez accepts

    • Rame Bashir nominates Rahim Siddiq; Rahim Siddiq declines

    • David Hollingsworth nominates Khaleedah Sideny; Khaleedah Sideny accepts

    • Tarun Patel nominates Patrick Chen; Patrick Chen declines

    • Rame Bashir nominates Naaila; Naaila declines

    • motion the close nominations: Tarun Patel/ Patrick Chen

    •  motion for a one minute speech for each candidate: Tarin Patel/ Rame Bashir objects

    • Rame Bashir counter motions and Rahim Siddiq seconds to go straight to vote

    • Vote to have 1 minute speech

      • 2 in favor

    • Rame Bashir’s motion to go straight to ballot

      • 10 in favor

  • Patrick Chen's motions to vote by affirmation: Naaila Mohammed second

    • Khaleedah Sideny and Gabriel Sanchez are appointed

V. Committees

  • Motion to break out: Maryam Farooqui/ second Lauren Hineman

  • Motion to amend agenda to 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes: Lauren Hineman/ second by Naaila

  • Motion called to extend by 5 minutes: Maryam Farooqui/ second by Khaleedah Sideny

  • Updates

    • Rules- one other interview will occur for social science representative, working on both points of contract

    •  Advocacy

      • meeting with Andrea on Thursday and is okay with having sub-committees

    • Public Information

      • Driving situation for retreat

    • Finance

      • passed divestment of fossil fuels

VI. School breakouts

  • Tarun Patel motions/ Gabriel Sanchez seconds

  • Updates

    • Social ecology- plans for social ecology week

    • ICS- what they want to do at the zot zone for their event

    • At Large- plan a transfer event, have a coffee hour; plan a transfer event where they invite and have an event based on their issues. There will be follow through

    • Health Sciences- contacting dean or director/ potential social justice and public health type of class

    • Biological Sciences- no new updates other than BSC collaboration

    • Engineering- president council voting to disclose government documents to public passed

      • movement to engineering student organization to another room

    • Humanities- scheduled meeting with dean on November 1st  at 11 AM

      • humanities week/ day

    • Social sciences

      • meeting with dean and lots to discuss

      • work for outreach as social science representative- publicize office hours

    • Arts- talking about legislation for arts school

VII. Announcements

  • Naaila Mohammed-> FSU is doing Islamic month/ week; want to engage in topics about the Muslim/Islamic culture that people find interesting

  • Patrick Chen

    • This Thursday the vice chancellor is hosting panel discussion to talk about race culture and campus climate

  • Rahim Siddiq

    • five broken cameras film screening for SJP

  • MECHA Dia del los Muertos screening tomorrow

  • Melissa Gamble-> in order for a union to go on strike they vote

    • they got 96% to say yes

    • they will be going on strike in the near future

  • Skyla- upcoming ICS week/ night

    • meet professors

    • social ecology week

    • deans welcoming event

    • physical science forum

  • Gabriel Sanchez- speaker coming( civil rights lawyer, vice presidential candidate with Ralph Nater)

IX. Adjournment of Meeting

  • adjournment of meeting motion made by Rahim Siddiq/ second by Rame Bashir at 6:56 pm