ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 07, 2013


Thursday November 7th 2013

I. Bureaucratic Procedure

a. Call to Order at 5:06 pm

b. Attendance

o   Absence

       Rame Bashir

       Rahim Siddiq 

       Gabriel Sanchez 

c. Approval of Minutes will resume next week due to new secretary

o   Need to discuss minutes that were lost when laptop was stolen

d. Approval of Agenda

o   Motion to move interview for legislative council to top of agenda: Patrick Chen/ Maryam Farooqui

o   Motion to approve agenda: Tarun Patel / David Hollingsworth

o   Motion to close meeting Tarun Patel/ Patrick Chen

II. Public Comment

  • Brandon Buckle- if you want something off the record specify to leave it off the record

III. Old Business

a. R49-08 By-Law Amendment: Divestment from Fossil Fuels

o   motion to table Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

IV. New Business

a. Interview for Open Legislative Council Seat

o   motion to close meeting Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

o   Motion to open meeting Tarun Patel/ Patrick Chen

o   Motion for one minute recess to talk to the public Grecia Cruz/ Lauren Hineman

b. B-49-10 Funding for LNP WCO (10 minutes)

o   motion to pull to the floor Grecia Cruz/ Adrenne Credo

o   Grecia Cruz reads club bill

o   motion to open discussion for 20 minutes Grecia Cruz/ Tarun Patel

o Grecia Cruz- club does a lot to unite school and feels that this is an ongoing activity

o Haley Palmer, Matt Coneig captains- done a lot to spread word, invite, integrate, and encourage diversity

o Matt Coneig -> 300 students per show and most are undergraduate

o Haley Palmer-> lots of successful alumni from the program

o Matt Coneig - why they stand out is because quality of craft, by upping craft they will get more people to come in and enjoy. Looking to offset media costs to apply affects to show

o Haley Palmer- considered to be a touchstone for the drama department

o  Grecia Cruz- as the arts representative, see the way club brings people together and learn

o Tarun Patel- did you apply for SBSU funding

o Matt Coneig - yes, but without the guides of Grecia; with clarification they applied for quarterly discussion

o Patrick Chen- we ask that they resubmit the application with event dates

this is not the opportune way to get funding for organization- go through proper channels

o  Grecia Cruz motion to table discussion and funding second Lauren Hineman

o motion to close meeting Patrick Chen/ Grecia Cruz

·      c. Discussion of Legislative Council Interviews (15 min)

o   Motion to open discussion for 10 minutes Maryam Farooqui/ Lauren Hineman

o  motion to have an open session Grecia Cruz/ Lauren Hineman

o   motion to add resolution r49-46 for appointment of Alex

o   motion to suspend by laws and add r49-26

9 in favor


0 opposed

0 abstentions 

o   motion to pull to the floor Tarun/ Maryam

o   motion to vote by acclamation Tarun/ Lauren Hineman

o  passes by acclimation

d. R49-24 UCI New Narratives Meeting (10 min)

o   Motion to pull to the floor Tarun Patel/ Grecia Cruz

o   Patrick Chen reads item R49-24

o   motion to vote by acclamation Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

o passes by acclimation

V. Committees (15 min) motion to breakout: Maryam Farooqui/ Tarun Patel second

a. ALL

b. Public Info

c. Rules

d. Advocacy

e. Finance

VI. School Breakouts (15 min)

  •  motion to strike from agenda Tarun Patel / Maryam Farooqui

  • motion to adjourn Maryam Farooqui / Tarun Patel

VII. Announcements

VIII. Next Meeting

IX. Adjournment of Meeting at 5:49pm  Maryam Farooqui/ Tarun Patel