ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

a) Call to Order at 5:02 pm

b) Attendance

  • Naaila Mohammed (arrived late)

c) Approval of Minutes- will be posted soon

d) Approval of Agenda

  • Motion to mend agenda, move r49-28 to the top of agenda Tarun Patel/ Rame Bashir

  • Motion to allow interviews to come in during meeting Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman Seconds

II. Public Comment

III. Old Business

a) R49-08 By-Law Amendment: Divestment from Fossil Fuels (10 min)

  • Motion to pull to the floor Tarun Patel / Adrenne Credo

  • Motion to open discussion for five minutes Tarun Patel/ Rame Bashir

    • Tarun Patel - we discussed this one and half weeks ago

    • Lauren Hineman- does anyone have any questions

    • Gabriel Sanchez- we do not know what we are funding once we take out money out

      • One thing to make a statement with resolution, but authorizing a bill is different

      • Big risk to take something on and not pay attention to it

      • Without definitive answer in what divestment will be going to

    •  Tarun Patel- description did not include where funds would go because it was prepared by student and once passed actual analysts would break it down

    • Motion to extend discussion for 10 minutes Rame Bashir/ Gabriel Sanchez

    • Gabriel Sanchez- we do not have deadlines, or financial amounts

      • We are using students money without complete focus

    • Naaila Mohammed- in terms of pulling money out, we are not, we are making a human rights stance

      • In the future we will spend consciously

    • Gabriel Sanchez- if we want to divest from using so much energy why do we continually use so much of it

    •  Motion to close discussion Tarun Patel / Lauren Hineman

    •  Motion to call to question Tarun Patel/ Grecia Cruz

      • Vote

        • 11 in favor

        • 1 opposed

        • 3 abstentions

        • r49-08 passes

IV. New Business

a) Interviews for Open Legislative Council Seats (1 hr)

  • Motion to go to close meeting to commence interview Tarun Patel / Maryam Farooqui

  • Motion to discuss interviews until third interview arrives Tarun/ David

  • Patrick Chen motion to straw poll for Melisa Mayor/second Lauren Hineman

  • Motion to straw poll all for at large candidate Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

  • Motion to straw poll for biological sciences representative Maryam Farooqui/ Rame Bashir objection

  • Motion to open discussion Rame Bashir/ Rashid Siddiq

  • Motion to close discussion and do straw poll Tarun Patel / Adrenne Credo

  • Motion to open meeting to public Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

b) R49-28 Appointment of Social Science Representative (10 min)

  • Patrick Chen reads legislation

  • Patrick motions to change business representative to social science representative and to mend name from Alexander Fung to Nagin Fatahi

  • Patrick Chen motions to pull to the floor/ Tarun Patel

  • Motion to approve by acclimation Tarun Patel / Lauren Hineman

    • Nagin Fatahi approved to be Social Science Representative by acclimation

c) R49-27 Condemnation of UCIPD (15 min)

  • Motion to pull to the floor Rashid Siddiq / David Hollingsworth

  • Khaleedah Sideny reads bill

  • Motion to open discussion for 15 minutes Tarun Patel / Adrenne Credo

    • Rame Bashir- where did sexual harassment allegation come from?

    • Khaleedah Sideny- pushed on upper chest areas rather than other areas without consent

      • Citations include video link

    • Gabriel Sanchez- was there police reports or were any reports taken

      • Khaleedah Sideny- no

      • Gabriel Sanchez- therefore is it speculation

    • Melissa Gamble- executive members met with UCIPD last week and force used was confirmed

    • Rame Bashir- written documentation would support case

    • Gabriel Sanchez- when people are harassed to police they are usually addressed by boards

      • Has anything been taken up with these boards

      • Don’t have anything official

    • Rame Bashir- Looking for student complaint

      • Pointing to the video, substantial as evidence to him

    • Khaleedah Sideny- very intimidating to report these actions, tried to contact protesters to testify but unavailable

    • David Hollingsworth- irrelevant of evidentiary report, but important to condemn sexual harassment that is on record

    • Point of information, Crystal Rae Lugo-Shearer– as a resource on campus you can file with care and office of equal opportunity

    • Rame Bashir- if we pass it should be unanimous, requesting protesters testimony could help for those who are unsure

    • Crystal Rae Lugo-Shearer - can we be a part of these discussion when protests occur

      • Right now we are only condemning actions

    • Khaleedah Sideny– in bill there is desire to open relationship

      • Crystal Rae Lugo-Shearer - suggest to be more intentional and include PD in conversation

    • Melissa Gamble- welcomed to 7 am meeting to talk with police about how not to talk to students

    • Tarun Patel- 7 am discussions are early and students will not be able to attend

    • Melissa Gamble- this 7am briefing is mandatory

    • Motion for straw pull Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

      • 12 yes

      • 1 opposed

      • 1 abstain

  • motion for five minutes discussion

    • Rame Bashir – was there anything to address for those who abstained

    • Khaleedah Sideny- pushing yourself onto people is too much, as well as pulling clothing off, and blocking doorway

      • condemning their reasonable amount of force was not reasonable

    • Melissa Gamble (POI) – civil disobedience report that every campus receive they state when they may use force and how

      • Force by hands when there is civil disobedience and arms are linked together

    • Gabriel Sanchez- were you saying force was too excessive (towards Khaleedah )

    • Khaleedah Sideny- force was too quickly determined and harmful to those involved

    • Gabriel Sanchez- where do we have authority to say that PD used excessive force ; seems that there are two narrative and we are not examining both sides

      • Feel we are overstepping bounds

    • Maryam Farooqui-what are two narratives (towards Gabriel)

    • Gabriel Sanchez- seems that we continue with UCIPD is harmful when we protest and we are linking resolution on a video and accounts

  • Motion to extend by 15 minutes Naaila Mohammad/ Alexander Fung with open discussion

    • Maryam Farooqui-  these is not a theme and there are accounts and people that were in attendance; not about emotion

      • Do not feel the need to justify why legislation has been put forth

    • Gabriel Sanchez- we are basing this on emotion, because there is no hard evidence to point to

      • Maybe we should wait until then

    • Melissa Gamble- there was a police officer that was in plain clothing and PD admitted that situation was handled poorly

  • Motion to create speakers list and each person speaks for one minute David Hollingsworth/ Rame Bashir  

    • Khaleedah Sideny- in video you would see that there was a direct violation of policy of sexual harassment

    • Patrick Chen- admittances of PD is close enough to legit authoritative account of what happened and there was clear violation

    • Rame Bashir- push to get resolution to pass unanimously and be in favor of getting members to come forth and address complaints

    • Naaila Mohammed- it is our job as legislators to stand up for issues and when there are hindrances due to no written documentation

      • We need to take a stance and not be cowardly by waiting for written documentation

    • Rame Bashir- some people who were not at the event and asking questions is not cowardly, but just uninformed

      •   Refrain from using strong language

    • Tarun Patel- we should have a stance in one week

      •  Experienced waiting when speaking with administration

    • Crystal Rae Lugo-Shearer - what is it that you are waiting to be answered? (towards Tarun Patel)

      •  Tarun Patel- waiting for summary report of civil disobedience

      •   Crystal Rae Lugo-Shearer - would that affect legislation?

      • Tarun Patel- not but it would reflect on our official statement

  • Motion to close discussion Rame Bashir/Lauren Hineman

    • Motion to straw poll Rame Bashir/ Adrenne Credo

      • 14 yay

      • 1 nay

      • 0 abstentions

    • motion to call to question Patrick Chen / Rame Bashir

      • 14 yay

      • 1 nay

      • 0 abstentions

      • r49-27 passes

V. Committees (15 min)

Motion to have breakouts for 5 minutes David Hollingsworth / Adrenne Credo

  • ALL

  • Public Info

  • Rules

  • Advocacy

  • Finance

VI. School Breakouts (15 min)

  • Motion to strike from agenda Patrick Chen / David Hollingsworth  

VII. Announcements

  • Grecia Cruz- please come watch Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

  • Maryam- suggest attend talk by Ben White at 7:30 In DBH