ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 14, 2013


November 14th 2013

I. Bureaucratic Procedure

a.     Call to Order at 5:02pm

b.      Attendance

  • Grecia Cruz (arrived late)

  • david Hollingsworth (arrived late)

  • Keith Domon (arrived late)

c.      Approval of Minutes

  • motion to approve Nailya Mohammed / Maryam Farooqui

d.     Approval of Agenda

  • motion to move judicial board to old business Tarun Patel / Rame Bashir

  • motion to add interviews for humanities representative and move to top of agenda Patrick Chen / Rame Bashir

  • motion to add Student Advocate General, Judicial Board, and SAG to the Agenda Tarun Patel / Adrenne Credo

  • motion to approve agenda Tarun Patel / Lauren Hineman

II.              Public Comment

  • Derek Campfield  and Andrew Cronin

    • CALPIRG- student funded non profit group

      • protect environment and alleviate hunger and homelessness

      • worked with ASCUI to get students to vote

      • students have to opt in to pay a calpurg fee to fund work (have to convince students)

        • takes away from campaign work

        • have to have 10% of student population at all times

        • going around to groups to get pledges

  • Maxwell John Love and Chirag Bhakia

    • USSA is most inclusive organization

    • Chirag Bhakia: worked to put on a teach-in at UCI

    • the presentation will be re-done in January

    • will be presenting on student debt crisis at Students of Color Conference

  • Katie Cicari  

    • she is recording and if there is anything you want off the record please specify

III.            Old Business

IV.            New Business

a) R49-29 Appointment of At Large Representative (10 min)

  • motion to pull to the floor Tarun Patel / Adrenne Credo

  • Patrick Chen reads item R-49-29

  • motion to vote by acclamation Tarun Patel/ Naaila Mohammed

    • passes by acclimation interview

b)R49-30 Appointment of Biological Sciences Representative (10 min)

  • motion to pull to the floor Tarun Patel / Naaila Mohammed

  • Patrick Chen reads item R-49-30

  • motion to vote by acclamation Tarun Patel / Adrenne Credo

    • passes by acclimation

c) Interview for Open Humanities Representative Position

  • motion for closed session Gabriel Sanchez / Tarun Patel

  • motion to straw poll

    • Applicant approved

    • Patrick Chen will write legislation

  • motion to close discussion Tarun Patel / Rame Bashir

  • motion to open meeting Tarun Patel / Patrick Chen  

d) Student Advocate General, Judicial Board, and SAG

  • motion to discuss student advocate general/ judicial board/ SAG  Tarun Patel / Patrick Chen

  • Tarun Patel: position that was recently filled for the first time last year

    • expert of policies

    • familiar with all documents in UCI

    • assist students who are seeking help with procedures

    • supposed to be trained in handling these situations

    • but we didn’t get applicants until after training was held

    • we should interview the applicant next week so they can familiarize themselves with this position

  • Patrick Chen- is there progress in finding judicial board member?

  • Grecia Cruz- if we elect will the student advocate general receive training

    • Tarun Patel- they will help, but not at full capacity

  • Tarun Patel- we should think about bringing judicial members to apply

    • we should form a committee

    • Nicole- ad hoc committee can be made

  • Melissa Gamble - will this count as a judicial oversight committee?

    • it is a little different

  • Tarun Patel- we need to make a committee to screen application for judicial board

    • informal poll to find judicial poll candidates

  • motion to close discussion Tarun Patel / David Hollingsworth

e) Discussion of Robert’s Rules (15 min)

  • motion to open discussion for 10 mins Rame Bashir / Lauren Hineman (open discussion)

    • Melissa Gamble- open discussion does not exist, we are using it improperly  

      • will make presentation on Robert’s Rules

    • Tarun Patel- can we use a modified version

      • Melissa Gamble- will look into it

      • motion to close discussion Rame Bashir/ David Hollingsworth

f)   R49-31 Appointment of Ex-Officio Seat (10 min)

  • motion to pull to the floor Patrick Chen / Tarun Patel

  • Patrick Chen reads item R49-31

  • motion to vote by acclamation Tarun Patel / David Hollingsworth

    • passes by acclimation

V.               Committees (10 min)

  • motion to have committee breakouts for committee breakouts for fifteen mins Tarun Patel / Grecia Cruz

  • motion to extend committee breaks outs by 5 minutes Gabriel Sanchez/ Naaila Mohammed

a.     ALL

b.     Public Info

  • working on new ways to advertise (specifically the legislative)

c.      Rules

  • done with interviews

d.     Advocacy

  • working on forming a subcommittee for workers and undocumented students

  • have tangible list of things to do

e.     Finance

  • no update

VI.            School Breakouts (10 min)

  • motion to have school breakouts for 10 minutes Maryam Farooqui / Grecia Cruz

  • updates

    • humanities

      • meet with dean next week

    • Public Health

      • no updates

    • at large

      • went to transfer coffee social and asked for concerns because they haven’t been fully immersed

      • lots of concern about commuting

      • coffee event is every Thursday from 4-5pm

    • Biological Sciences

      • no updates

    • ICS

      • no updates

    • business

      • meeting with associate dean next monday and started office hours

    • social sciences

      • preparing for meeting with the dean

      • updating new member

    • Social ecology

      • social ecology week hapening next week

      • professors will be talking about research and there will be food

    • Arts

      • come watch bloody bloody andrew jackson on saturday

    • Engineering

      • dean of Engineering is trying to clear out areas and refurbish them

      • displaces Engineering student organization

        • confusion and resistance to moving club space

      • unfortunate that decision was made without consulting

      • meeting with dean on december 4th

VII.           Announcements

  • Lauren Hineman- moving bonfire to Tuesday and try to hold it inside meeting space

    • bring board games

  • Melissa Gamble

    • EVP office is getting in contact with legislators who are coming for a panel in December (date still being finalized)