ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I. Bureaucratic procedure

  1. Call to order at 5:05 pm

  2. Attendance

    • Absence

      • Naaila mohammed

      • Maryam Farooqui (arrived late)

      • Keith Domon

  3. Approval of Minutes

    • motion to approve Tarun Patel/ Rahim Siddiq

  4. Approval of agenda

    • motion to strike discussion of Roberts Rules Lauren Hineman / Rahim Siddiq

    • motion to suspend bylaws for GUSH Ex Officio legislation Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

    • vote in favor of suspending by laws

      • 12 yay

      • 1 opposed

      • 1 abstain

    • motion to suspend by laws to add r49-43 to the agenda Patrick Chen/ Rahim Siddiq

      • vote to suspend by laws

        • 12 yay

        • 1 opposed

        • 1 abstain

    • motion to approve agenda Tarun Patel/ Patrick Chen

II. Public Comment

  • Katie Cicari- i’m recording if there is anything you want off the record just say so

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

  1. Presentation of Robert’s Rules (20 min)

  2. R49-32 Appointment of Humanities representative (5 min)

    • motion to pull to the floor Patrick Chen / Lauren Hineman

    • Patrick Chen Reads R49-32

    • motion to vote by acclamation David Hollingsworth/ Rahim Siddiq

      • R49-32 passes by acclimation

  3. R49-34 president of GUSH Ex Officio seat Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo

    • Tarun Patel reads R49-34

    • motion to open discussion for 10 mins 1 min speaker time Tarun Patel / David Hollingsworth

      • Tarun Patel- it is in the president description to sit on council, so if there are less than five people sitting in Ex Officio seats, they should be automatically appointed

      • motion to close discussion Tarun Patel / David Hollingsworth

      • motion to table for a week Tarun Patel / David Hollingsworth

  4. R49-33 Labor Practice Strike

    • motion to pull to the floor Patrick Chen/ David Hollingsworth

    • Patrick Chen reads item R49-33

    • motion to open discussion for 15 mins 1 min speaking time Tarun Patel/ David Hollingsworth

      • Tarun Patel- question about not performing duties on Wednesday, will that hinder student

      • Patrick Chen- we are just not using facilities, no applications for funding are happening this week

      • Tarun Patel- unconstitutional because Legislative Council does not have power to tell executives what to do

      • Seena Forouzan- when you tell them to do something, it is different that urging them to do something

      • Tarun Patel- would we have to change legislation as it stands

      • Seena Forouzan- it would be more appropriate to use the words strongly recommend

      • Gabriel Sanchez- what media are you going to use to release this statement

        • Melissa Gamble- ASUCI website and Facebook

      • Tarun Patel- I do not want the legislation to be injunctions, so I highly suggest to change the language

      • motion to make recommendation to change the language Rame Bashir/ Tarun Patel

        • Patrick Chen - I accept

      • Motion to rescind motion and change language to strongly urge Rame Bashir/ David Hollingworth

        • Patrick Chen agrees

    • motion to close discussion Rame Bashir/ David Hollingsworth

    • motion to vote Rame Bashir/ Patrick Chen

      • 15 yay

      • 0 nay

      • 1 abstain

      • R49-43 passes

V. Committees

  • motion to have breakouts for 10 mins David Hollingsworth/ Adrenne Credo

  • motion to extend for five minutes Tony Tizcareno/ Negin Fatahi

  1. All

  2. Public Info

    • make a youtube video to promote LEgislative COuncil and plan a retreat

  3. Rules

    • recommendation to add to bylaw

  4. Advocacy

    • drafter legislation, but are waiting for point person to give feedback and try to submit for thursday

  5. Finance

    • no update

VI. School Breakouts (10 min)

  • motion to have school breakout for five minutes Tarun Patel/ Maryam Farooqui

  • Social Sciences

    • planning social science week Jan 27-29

    • many events

  • Humanities

    • meeting with dean this Thursday at 11am

    • language requirement legislative- deterrent to going into the school of humanities

  • Engineering

    • presidents council meeting today was cancelled

  • Biological Sciences

    • no new updates

  • Physical science

    • making tutoring classes more accessible to undergraduates

VII. Announcements

  • Lauren Hinman- all new member come see Lauren to get information

  • Tarun Patel- for Judicial Board Nomination Committee the list has been lost

  • Rahim Siddiq- there is a Syrian awareness event tonight

IX. Adjournment

  • motion to adjourn Rahim Siddiq/ Adrenne Credo at 5:46pm