ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:00 pm

  2. Attendance

    1. Alexander Fung (arrived late)

    2. Maryam Farooqui (arriving late)

    3. Khaleedah Sidney (arrived late)

    4. Rame Bashir (arrived late)

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. motion to approve minutes Tarun Patel/ Matt Tsai

  4. Approval of Agenda

    1. motion to amend the agenda and add divest for fossil fuel discussion to old business Tarun Patel / David Hollingsworth

    2. motion to amend agenda and add bylaw amendment policy to the end of new business Tarun Patel

      1. Nicole Hisatomi: counter motion to move divestment

      2. Tarun Patel agrees

    3. motion to move policy on meat after fossil fuels Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

II. Public Comment

  • Jordana, elections commissioner- would like to have council ratify election results

    • motion to mend agenda to add this topic after item d on new business Tarun Patel/ Patrick Chen

  • Brandon Buckle- reminding that he is recording meeting and say if you want something off the record

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

  1. President of GUSH Ex Officio Seat (20 mins)  

    • motion to table until week ten tuesday Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

  2. ASUCI Services Housed Under ASUCI (20 mins)

    • motion to pull to the floor Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo

    • Tony reads item describing services

    • motion to open discussion for 10 mins with 1 min speaking time Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo

    • motion to read section four c and d prior to discussion Gabriel Sanchez/ Lauren Hineman

      1. tony reads sub-sections c and d

    • Nicole Hisatomi- speaking with student who was speaking with the dean of student, and there is a sentiment that students do whatever administration says

      1. want to maintain control of our services

      2. perhaps there is a compromise between ASUCI and student affairs

        1. student affairs controlling budget and ASUCI controlling service

      3. this could potentially lead to loss of autonomy and control

    • Tarun Patel- nothing should be happening to our accounts and money so why are we creating legislation? (towards Nicole Hisatomi)

      1. Nicole Hisatomi- there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes and this ensures that our accounts will stay our accounts

    • Gabriel Sanchez- mentioned that budget will be removed from ASUCI how will that occur?

      1. Tony Tizcareno- it is getting moved to the university accounting system

      2. Gabriel Sanchez- how is this power being removed

        1. Tony Tizcareno- suggestion that turned into a mandate

    • Nicole Hisatomi- anteater express is not spending money most efficiently, so putting the money into a university account could give access to student affairs and they could give suggestions for our spending

      1. this resolution says that if the account leaves our control then we will take action

    • Gabriel Sanchez- if we wrote an official letter to whoever is taking this action, would that be something we could do?

      1. Nicole Hineman- yes, but there are many people taking part in this

    • Seena Forouzan- even though this deals with finances it is also a policy structure, so he wants to refer to board at large and wait to decide on bill

    • Mark (member of the public)- sounds like all three legislations are coming from the same place and it might be more clear to make them into one bill

    • Tarun Patel- I think the legislations are fine as separate entities

    • Dan (member of the public)- i think there is a misunderstanding, if a bus were to catch on fire UC Irvine would be liable, if a student slips and falls UC Irvine will be responsible

      1. there are a lot of inefficiencies in the county, funding is coming from many places ( housing)

      2. there is a lot of money being exchanged- if we are on a ledger system we have the same money going in and out

        1. a lot cleaner this way

    • motion to extend speaking time by 10 mins Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

    • motion to extend speaking time to 2 mins Patrick Chen/ Lauren Hineman

    • Tarun Patel- understand what Dan is saying about making transactions cleaner, but …

    • Gabriel Sanchez- easier to keep bills separately

      1. if we are exchanging money back and forth with the school can we streamline so there will be no reimbursement?

        1. Dan- does not have answer right now

    • Nicole Hisatomi- when they look a legislation, the is potential for slippery slope

      1. if we move money, the university will eventually want to take the anteater express (financially and service wise)

      2. if we let university take part of our budget in hopes for streamline system what's to say that they won't take more of our money

    • Tarun Patel- since it would be easier to manage finances, would the university make a profit, the answer was no

      1. even though we transfer money across systems, it would help communication and there will be flaws regardless

    • Naaila Mohammed- what nicole was saying was really important

      1. we need to remind students and administration that we are in control of our money

      2. it is very important because more funds could be taken in the future

    • Gabriel Sanchez- legislation does not seem to designate anyone in this body as in charge

      1. implementation of a full committee to oversee this would be the most positive thing we could do

        1. could make a sub-committee with financing

        2. there should be oversight

    • Tarun Patel- I thought that no changes would happen without consent of legislative council and executive

      1. by this logic we would need a committee for every account we have

    • Nicole Hisatomi- management for anteater express is interested in getting closer to leg council

    • Gabriel Sanchez- no one on council is part of the overseeing committee and that is why this body should have someone providing oversight

    • motion to extend time by ten mins with 2 min speaking time nicole/ adrenne

    • Nicole Hisatomi- i feel that he committee looking over this should be finance committee

      1. i feel that we are moving away from the heart of the legislation

      2. we should be talking about how we feel about the legislation and understanding

    • Patrick Chen- i think i support the spirit of this legislation and speak to the idea of sovereignty

      1. necessary for student government to have oversight over its money

      2. there is already a mechanism to oversee and it is implied the legislative council is that mechanism

    • motion to close discussion Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

    • motion to call to question by acclimation R49-38 Tarun Patel/ Garcia Cruz

      1. R49-38 passes by acclimation

  3. ASUCI Services Budget Guidelines (20 mins)

    • motion to pull r49-39 to the floor Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo

    • motion to call to question by acclimation R49-39 Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo

      1. R49-39 passes by acclimation

  4. ASUCI Services Budget Reallocation Act (20 mins)

    • motion to pull R49-40 Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo

    • motion to call to question by acclimation R49-40 Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo

      1. passes by acclimation

  5. Elections legislation

    • motion to open discussion for 15 mins and for the first 5 mins Jordana will have the floor Tarun Patel/ David Hollingsworth

    • Jordana- event that requires clarification which requires legislative council to make a decision

      1. disqualification of candidates- two candidates were disqualified because they did not submit financial statement or mandatory meeting attendance

      2. no one voted for that office, but there is no legislation describing what to do in this situation

      3. want to go straight to interviews

      4. according the elections code section 9 (special elections), we should go to special elections (interviews)

      5. first legislation to address situation and whether a special election should take place, second legislation is to ratify results of normal elections

    • Patrick Chen- do you want us to ratify results today?

      1. Jordana- preferably today, because results should be released as soon as possible

    • Tarun Patel- for the candidate who received no votes in the by-laws it says who ever received the most votes wins

      1. do we have room to interpret this

    • Seena Forouzan- it sounds like zero is highest number of votes

    • Rame Bashir- i think that this person should be disqualified and another election or interviews is needed

    • Gabriel Sanchez- i feel zero votes is saying a statement, do we consider zero votes a victory?

    • Alex Fung- has this happened before?

      1. Jordana- to my knowledge no

    • Lauren Hineman- maybe there were zero votes because students are as tuned in as we’d like them to be

    • Tarun Patel- in the history of legislative council there is rarely an arts representative, so we should consider zero the highest number o votes

    • David Hollingsworth- the candidate didn't get a single vote, so the interview process would be the best avenue to take

    • GAbriel Sanchez- would it be worth it to have another election?

      1. essentially zero votes ties with people who did not run

    • Jordana- in the event of a tie it would go to run off elections

      1. we decided zero votes was no votes

      2. can’t say that they won

    • Rame Bashir- for the sake of principle, we should say this person was elected and this person was selected to

    • Jordana- no one from the school of the arts votes

    • Khaleedah Sidney- for the sake of time we should release results, and we should move to have interviews

    • motion to extend time by five mins Gabriel Sanchez/ Rame Bashir

    • Grecia Cruz- there has been five year gaps for arts having a representatives, this is a concern

    • Keith Domon- for arts representatives we should be glad and maintain that, but we should still do interviews to see if anyone else will apply

    • Gabriel Sanchez- what precedent are we setting when we do this either with special elections or interviews

      1. In the name of democracy is this the represenative that the students chose

    • Alex Fung- how will the released results look

      1. Jordana- the positions that are not in contempt will not be on the results

      2. Alex Fund- when will special elections take places

      3. Jordana- that will be in accordance with elections code

    • Naaila Mohammed- we shouldn't worry about precedence, and we shouldn't talk like we know who we are talking about

    • Rame Bashir- not in favor of special elections, and I’m in favor of interview to speed up process

    • Jordana- arts does not qualify for special elections only the engineering seat

    • Gabriel Sanchez- can we move in transition to talk about engineering special elections

      1. Jordana- engineering candidate was disqualified, and we interpreted to code according to section 9 we would go to special elections

    • Tarun Patel- we should go to vote now

    • Gabriel Sanhcez- we should divide these issues because they are completely different  

    • motion to extend discussion for five mins with 1 min speaking time Rame/ Tarun

    • Grecia Cruz- would there be any other seats filled during interviews