ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, December 05, 2013


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:06pm

  2. Attendance

    • Absent

      • Khaleedah sidney

      • Negin Fatahi

      • Keith Domon

      • Kunal Patadia

  3. Approval of Minutes

    • motion to approve minutes Tarun Patel /Grecia Cruz

  4. Approval of Agenda

    • motion to approve Tarun Patel/ Matt Tsai

II. Public Comment

III. Old Business

  1. B49-11 By-Law Amendment: Divestment from Fossil Fuels (10 mins)

    • motion to pull to the floor Tarun Patel / David Hollingsworth

    • motion to open discussion with one minute speaking time Tarun Patel/ David Hollingsworth

    • Tarun Patel- judicial board declared B49-11 unconstitutional

      1. propose friendly amendment to this legislation after the last “where as” pause

    • motion to close discussion Tarun Patel/ Grecia Cruz

    • motion to vote by acclamation Tarun Patel / Adrenne Credo

    • motion to call to question Tarun Patel/ Grecia Cruz

      1. 12 yay

      2. 1 nay

      3. 0 abstain

      4. B49-11 passes

  2. B49-12 By- Law amendment: Policy on Meat (10 mins)

    • motion to pull to the floor Tarun Patel/ Rame Bashir

    • motion to open discussion for 15 mins Tarun Patel/  Rahim Siddiq

    • Tarun Patel- I sent the friendly amendment for this policy

      1. reads B-49-12

    • Gabriel Sanchez- in this legislation are you talking about spending

      1. Tarun Patel- we are talking about ASUCI specifically

        1. this would also affect what clubs could sell on campus for boothing

    • Gabriel Sanchez- could we make a friendly amendment to include byproducts of animals

      1. Tarun Patel- we can include byproducts if you would like

    • Grecia Cruz- I don’t think this covers if it is a gift

      1. Tarun Patel- we just don’t want ASUCI to spend money on it

    • Alex Fung- do you know how much money ASUCI spent on meat?

      1. Tarun Patel- no, but I think it is proportionally small

    • Mark( from public)- who is going to interpret this by law and call someone out if they purchase meat? Will receipts have to be submitted?

      1. Tarun Patel- executive vice president is the enforcer, and judicial board has to act on complaints filed

      2. Mark (from public) - I feel that this will be hard to enforce

      3. Tarun Patel- this is to reduce consumption of meat, not necessarily stop it

    • Gabriel Sanchez- can we make a bylaw that says if the rule is broken then the students will have to reimburse ASUCI

      1. Tarun Patel- perhaps we can withhold stipend if an executive doesn’t follow this legislation

    • Gabriel Sanchez suggests friendly amendment to include meat byproducts

      1. Tarun Patel agrees

    • Mark (from public)- if there is no enforcement then student can do what they want

      1. Tarun Patel- we could check receipts, but that would take too long; but executives could be held responsible

    • Mark (from public)- what expectation is there for enforcement

      1. Tarun Patel- judicial board will uphold this

    • motion to open discussion for 5 minutes

    • Rame Bashir- want to get constituents opinion before passing legislation

      1. Tarun Patel- I don’t think we should table because this is the last meeting of the quarter

    • Gabriel Sanchez- As long as this doesn’t tie the hands of people than this is okay

    • Tarun Patel- legislative council can grant exemptions

      1. although this is an odd legislation this affirms UCI’s stance on reduces greenhouse gases

    • motion to close discussion and call to question David Hollingsworth/ Adrenne Credo

      1. vote

        1. 6 yay

        2. 3 nay

        3. 3 abstain

        4. B49-12 fails

IV. New Business

  1. R49-45 Judicial Board Nomination (5 mins)

    • motion to suspend bylaws and bring R49-45 to the floor

      • vote by acclamation Tarun Patel/ Naaila Mohammed

    • Rame Bashir reads R49-45

    • motion to call r49-45 to question by acclimation Tarun Patel/ Naaila Mohammed

      • R49-45 passes

  2. R49-48 Judicial Board Nomination (5 mins)

    • motion to suspend bylaws to bring R49-48 Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo

      • vote by acclamation

        1. bylaws suspended

    • Ashley Jimenez reads item R49-48

    • motion to call r49-48 to question by acclimation Tarun Patel/ David Hollingsworth

      • resolution passes

  3. Discussion of SAG position (10 mins)

    • motion to open discussion for 10 mins Tarun Patel/ Lauren Hineman

    • Lauren Hineman- one person dropped, and the other is outside of ASUCI, would we like to interview her

    • Rame Bashir- since this position needs to have knowledge of ASUCI so we should reopen this application

    • Gabriel Sanchez- this person should be interviewed if they applied

    • Tarun Patel- this is a powerful position and we need to make sure this person can carry out the duties

      • if the executives do not think they are qualified they will be denied anyway

    • Gabriel Sanchez- we should still offer interview

    • Rame Bashir- we should still get more applicants in the pool, instead of just interviewing one person

    • Grecia Cruz- can we see this application on the website

    • motion to close discussion Tarun Patel / Matt Tsai

    • motion to take a straw poll for reopening application Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo

      • majority in favor

    • Rame Bashir- i think we should open application during winter break for open positions

    • motion to close discussion Tarun Patel/ Grecia Cruz

  4. Nominations for Speaker Pro Tempore Winter Quarter (15 mins)

    • motion to open discussion Tarun Patel / Naaila Mohammed

    • Nominate lauren Tarun Patel/ Naaila Mohammed

      • Lauren Hineman accepts

    • Nominate Matt Tsai Tarun/ David Hollingsworth

      • Matt Tsai accepts

    • motion to elect speaker by secret ballot Tarun Patel/ Grecia Cruz

    • motion for informal 5 min speech followed by questions from each candidate Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo

      • Lauren Hineman- interested because she had position for four weeks and she can see improvements that can be made

        1. wants a full quarter of doing this

        2. Tarun Patel-what administrator do you plan on bringing to meeting so we can ask them about how they do things

          1. Lauren Hineman- would like t being sean salinger if she were speaker next quarter but open to suggestions

        3. Rame Bashir- what previous experience do you that would prove to be valuable

          1. Lauren Hineman-president of club and made agendas as well as meeting with different administrators

      • Matt Tsai- had high school experience in making agendas and leading meetings

        1. legislative council has also given him good experience

        2. Tarun Patel -what administrators will you invite to meetings?

          1. Matt Tsai- met with Dean Salinger and she seems to be on outside

            1. also like to bring in Meredith Michaels head of finances come in to speak with us

        3. Gabriel Sanchez- if you don’t get elected this quarter would you like to run next quarter

          1. Matt Tsai- if class schedule permits then he will consider it and if he feels he can serve the position well

      • motion to vote by secret vote Gabriel Sanchez/ Tarun PAtel

        1. Lauren Hineman wins by a 7-5 vote

  5. Nomination for Speaker Pro Tempore Line of Succession (15 mins)

    • motion to suspend bylaws and pull item to the floor Tarun Patel/ Adrenne Credo by acclamation

      • bylaws are suspended

    • motion to pull to the floor Tarun Patel/ Naaila Mohammed

    • Gabriel Sanchez- reads item

    • motion to open discussion Tarun Patel/ David Hollingsworth

    • Tarun Patel- I think we should strike vice chair of rules committee

      • why are the committee in a specific order

    • Gabriel Sanchez- none are more important but it has to do with the committee hey are running for

    • motion to close discussion Gabriel Sanchez/ David Hollingsworth

    • motion to table discussion Gabriel Sanchez

      • Tarun objects because the legislation will automatically

    • Gabriel Sanchez- I am more inclined to let things flow as they are allowed to

      • good that this is brought up at all

    • motion to table item Gabriel Sanchez/ Rame Bashir

  6. R49-46 Formation of Undocumented persons Advocacy Sub-Committee (15 mins)

    • motion to suspend bylaws Naaila Mohammed/ Lauren Hineman

    • motion to call to question by acclimation Naaila Mohammed/ Tarun Patel

    • motion to pull to the floor Tarun Patel/ Rame Bashir

    • Maryam Farooqui reads item R49-46

    • motion to open discussion for 10 mins with 1 minute speaking time Patrick Chen /Lauren Hineman

      • Tarun Patel- will any legislative council members be on this committee?

        1. Maryam Farooqui- no, just advocacy committee

      • Tarun Patel- I saw that there were Legislative council members last year

        1. we will leave this up to interpretation