ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 07, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. call to order at 5:02 pm

    1. Absence

      • 13 present

    2. Approval of minutes Patrick Chen / Alexander Fung

    3. Motion to approve agenda Patrick Chen / Alexander Fung

    4. Public Comment Katie- she is recording for the paper

  2. Old Business

  3. New Business

    1. announcement

      • Crystal Rae Lugo- her last day is January 16th

        • appointed director of student conduct

        • executive cabinet has met with daina with plans for professional leadership

        • available to answer any questions

        • member- met with all execs and they agreed that this was the best process

    2. Announcement by Mark Deppe (member of the public)

      • goal of updating asuci constitution

      • excited students have given concepts and are meeting on january 15th and wanted to re-invite people to be part of this process

        • goal is to come up with working draft to submit to legislative council

        • patrick to mark- can we view the suggested changes digitally

          1. mark- goal is to create document to show suggested changes and make this available whether with copies or digitally

    3. Goals for Winter Quarter

      • Lauren Hineman - wanted to set some groundwork for what we want to do this quarter

      • motion to open the floor Lauren Hineman/ David Hollingsworth for 30 mins

      • Lauren Hineman- wants to open up communication between speaker and council and give feedback like possible administrators visiting

      • Matthew Tsai- wants people to come to office hours and wants student population to have a voice and wants to hang out with everyone

      • David Hollingsworth- wants to encourage people to write more legislation, more than just the minimum

      • Rame Bashir- get new dean of Biological Sciences to be familiar with us

      • Skyla Dhang- would like to collaborate with legislative council and relate to her own office

        • great if we could have outreach to executives to have the same vision

      • Khaleedah Sidney- utilize resources, such as marketing and executive benefits like eee surveys

      • motion to close discussion Adrenne Credo/ Alexander Fung

    4. R49-49 Legislative Council 2013-2014 Ethics Agreement (20 mins)

      • Patrick Chen reads legislation

      • motion to pull to the floor for 20 mins David Hollingsworth/ Khaleedah Sidney

        • David Hollingsworth- voice support for legislation

          1. keeping in mind that body language is important in regards to respect when someone is speaking

        • Lauren Hineman- I support this as well and we should be mindful when legislation is due and follow the agenda as much as possible

          1. prevent disorganization

          2. Patrick Chen- would you like to make a friendly amendment to be on time with legislation or to make sure theres transparency

            1. Lauren Hineman accepts suggestion

            2. Patrick Chen accepts friendly amendment

        • Mark Deppe(member of the public)- maybe the word ethics is out of place, community agreement could be a better choice

          1. Patrick Chen- accepts amendment to change ethics to conduct agreement

        • motion to close discussion Adrenne Credo / Patrick Chen

        • motion to call to question Patrick Chen/ Adrenne Credo

          1. all those in favor-13

          2. opposed-0

          3. abstain-0

          4. legislation passes

        • crystal rae- suggests to replace the word conduct with decorum

    5. Executive Officer Report (10 min)

      • Skyla Zhang- gender neutral bathrooms

        • wants to remove signs from these bathrooms ( the sign itself identifies men and women which is exclusive)

        • Nicole’s office is working on the OCTA survey about public transportation

          1. mark- they want students input on this transportation, it is known that students use public transportation more than the general population

        • potentially fighting for 24 hour facilities to study throughout the year, got langson library to be open for 24 hours during week 10 as well as finals week  

        • marketplace project- need to meet further with Dan because zotportal has capability for a marketplace

          1. wish to have more of an exclusive portal for uci

        • honor code- meeting with dean salinger to talk about this

          1. students raised question if this would only be applied to honor students

          2. pulling models from other schools

          3. may be a small pledge for now, but hopefully will cultivate to something more

        • next monday her office is having a cooking class with engineering- california rolls, tempura, and mochi

          1. there will be a sign up sheet

    6. Committees (10 mins)

      • motion to have committee meetings for 20 mins Patrick Chen/ Lauren Hineman

      • All

      • Public info

        • based on votes, retreat will be week 3

        • newport beach house will be chosen for location

      • rules

        • share application for open seats with everyone because there are a lot of open seats

      • advocacy

        • discussing shuffling around for chair and vice chair

        • good chance that David Hollingsworth will have to leave after four weeks

      • Finance

        • gave new member Oliver a briefing

        • explained how the executives look at the budget

    7. School Breakouts (10 min)

      • motion to break out for 10 minutes David/ Patrick

      • motion to extend time by 5 minutes Naaila Mohammed/ Adrenne Credo

      • ICS

        • no updates

      • At Large

        • briefed new member Oliver

        • meet with Meredith Michaels next Thursday and see where money is going and cut out unnecessary funds or reallocate them

      • social sciences

        • have event for social science students, but cut it short

      • business

        • discuss ceremony for new building

        • meeting up with dean of business school in two weeks

          1. associate dean

        • Public health

          1. no updates

        • Humanities

          1. need someone to fill in for meeting on the 23rd

            1. possibly Patrick Chen

          2. creating email to send to dean for quarterly meeting

          3. also working with Skyla Dhang’s office for humanities week and make buttons

        • social ecology

          1. trying to create a social ecology council

    8. Announcements

      • Khaleedah Sidney and Gabriel Sanchez went to a meeting about education technology

        • engineering laptop initiative- proposal to grant scholarships for engineering students to give them computers that are capable of running certain software

          1. proposed to use the technology fee to pay for this

        • looking into updating wifi and making us a google campus

        • Skyla Dhang- how is the fee helping our internet access, were there any statistics?

          1. Khaleedah Sidney- they are trying to fix the internet connection and reboot up the school as far of technology

      • Lauren Hineman- just put post regarding office hours and wants to get everyones office hours location and time

      • Skyla Dhang- cooking class on Saturday

      • Patrick Chen- welcome Oliver as one of our new representatives

    9. Next Meeting

    10. Adjournment of Meeting at 6:22

      • motion to adjourn David Hollingsworth/ Patrick Chen