ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, January 16, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Process

  1. call to order at 5:09 pm

  2. attendance

    1. absences

      1. Maryam Farooqui

      2. Negin Fatahi

      3. David Hollingsworth (came late)

      4. Oliver Douglas

      5. Gabriel Sanchez

  3. approval of minutes

    1. motion to approve Alex Fung/ Patrick Chen

  4. approval of agenda

    1. motion to add new business item at end of new business: discussion of proposed fee initiative legislation Patrick Chen/ Lauren Hineman

    2. motion to approve agenda Naaila Mohammed/ Patrick Chen

II. public comment

  1. Katie- saying that if you want anything off the record say so

  2. Brandon Buckle- he put together the budget initiative and if you have questions hes here to answer them

III. old business

  1. R49-50 Succession of Speaker Pro Tempore (5 min)

    1. motion to pull to the floor Matt Tsai/ Alex Fung

    2. motion to vote by acclamation Alex Fung /Patrick Chen

      1. R49-50 passes by acclimation

IV. New business

  1. B49-13 In Support of Anteater Express Drivecam Installation (10 min)

    1. motion to vote to suspend by-laws Patrick Chen/ Naaila Mohammed

      1. motion to vote by acclamation Naaila Mohammed /Alex Fung

        1. B49-12 is pulled to the floor

    2. Alex Fung reads item

    3. motion for 5 min recess Naaila Mohammed/ Adrenne Credo

    4. motion to suspend by laws by B49-13 Alex Fung/ Patrick Chen

      1. vote

        1. 10 yay

        2. 0 nay

        3. 0 abstain

    5. item cannot be discussed at this time, it will be done at a later meeting

  2. Exec Budget Presentations (35 mins)

    1. Nicole Hisatomi- makes presentation about budget from office of the president

      1. pointed out error on second slide for phone expenses

      2. art lab budget is outdated

      3. many things will be moved around when reallocation happens

    2. Tony Tizcareno- makes presentation from his office

      1. powerpoint will be available on our website

      2. discussed possible retreat for multiple offices

    3. Melissa Gamble- makes presentation about EVP office finance

      1. deficit because of t-shirts for evp office

    4. Skyla Zhang- presents academic affairs budget

    5. Dom- office of student services budget

      1. going over what has been allocated and what has been spent

    6. motion to go into committee breakouts for 15 mins Patrick Chen/ David Hollingsworth

    7. motion to extend committee breakouts by 5 min Rame Bashir/ Lauren Hineman

  3. Fee initiative

    1. Patrick Chen reads proposal

  1. motion for 10 min discussion time with speaking time of 4 mins Patrick Chen/ David Hollingsworth

    1. David Hollingsworth- like to put up for student vote, so they can get input

    2. Melissa Gamble- I suggest that we talk about this later when more council members can review it

  2. motion to close discussion Patrick Chen/ David Hollingsworth

V. Executive Officer Reports

VI. Committees (30 min)

  1. motion to have committee breakouts for 5 min Oliver Douglas/ Patrick Chen

  1. All

  2. Public Info

  3. Rules

  4. Advocacy

  5. Finance

VII. School Breakouts (30 min)

VIII. Announcements

  1. Dom- volleyball game tonight

  2. Naalia Mohammed- Muslim student union is having Islamic awareness month

IX.Next Meeting

X. Adjournment of Meeting

  1. motion to adjourn Matt Tsai/ Khaleedah Sidney at 6:48pm