ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:14pm

  2. Attendance

    1. Absence

      1. Naaila Mohammed

      2. Rame Bashir

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. motion to approve minutes Matt Tsai / Adrenne Credo

  4. Approval of Agenda

    1. motion to approve Adrenne Credo/Matt Tsai

II. Public Comment

  1. Katie Lecari: if you want something off the record just say so because she is recording

  2. announcement that how to access ASUCI emails is on a sheet available at meeting

III. Old Business

  1. R49-51 In Support of Anteater Express Drivecam Installation (10 min)

    1. motion to pull R49-51 to the floor Matt/alex

    2. motion to discuss for 10 min Alex Fung/ Negin Fatahi

    3. Alex Fung- approve of legislation because it endorses that ASUCI cares about passenger safety and its already included in budget

    4. motion to close discussion Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

    5. motion to vote on R49-51

      1. yay- 4

      2. nay-0

      3. abstain-5

      4. resolution passes

IV. New Business

  1. Club Sports Fee Initiative Proposal Discussion (15 min)

    1. motion to open discussion for 15 mins Alex Fung/ David Hollingsworth

    2. David Hollingsworth- should be brought to the ballot for student to decide

    3. Patrick Chen (point of information)- legislation has been posted as a file to facebook page

    4. Brandon Buckle( member of the public) - like to ask if there any recommendations to the legislation or if there are any questions

      1. Khaleedah Sidney- would suggest statistics or citations, could not find information on her own

      2. Adrenne Credo- has an excel spreadsheet with statistics and citations up on websites from past council member

      3. motion to close discussion Adrenne Credo /Negin Fatahi  

  2. Update on ASUCI applications (15 min)

    1. motion to pull to the floor Oliver Dabalos/ David Hollingsworth

    2. Patrick Chen- campus wide email has not been sent out yet, currently there are four applications total

      1. deadline would be this Friday

      2. we should extend this deadline, because these representatives would be serving for a long time

    3. Matt Tsai- should we give privilege to those who had seen email previously

      1. Olive Dabalos- we should keep everything equal

    4. motion to straw poll for deadline extension Lauren Hineman/ Oliver Dabalos

      1. yay-7

      2. nay-0

      3. abstain- 1

    5. David Hollingsworth- I am in favor of extending deadlines, but we should take it into consideration when evaluating them

    6. Stephanie(co-directing with Mark Deppe)- should we put it online

      1. Patrick Chen- it is live and on the get involved page

    7. motion to close discussion adrenne/ matt

  3. Inviting Admin to Council Meeting (10 min)

    1. motion to discuss Lauren Hineman/ Adrenne Credo

    2. Lauren Hineman- wants to gather a list of administrators to come in and speak with us

    3. Negin Fatahi- what are we trying to do with this

      1. Lauren Hineman- we want to put a face to these figures

    4. Matt Tsai- at large reps are working with Meredith Michaels to cut unnecessary fees by getting students to act in a more resourceful way

      1. might be helpful to work with her for finances

      2. could also speak with Dean Salinger

    5. Negin Fatahi- it should not be a meet and greet; we should be informing or telling our opinions

      1. Lauren Hineman- thats why we should include topics in invitations to these administrators

    6. Negin Fatahi- who was the person that Naaila was speaking with about changing the language requirement with the dean

      1. maybe we should ask for this

      2. Khaleedah Sidney- if you could get the dean of humanities here that would be fantastic, but he is difficult to get in touch with

  4. motion to close discussion Alex Fung/ Negin Fatahi  

V. Executive Officer Reports (10 min)

VI. Committees (30 min)

  1. motion to have committee breakouts for 10 min Maryam Farooqui/ Alex Fung

  1. All

  2. Public Info

    1. we are going to stay for the second hour of legislative council to play games and eat food

  3. Rules

    1. we will be looking at applications and hopefully be receiving members by week 5 or 6

  4. Advocacy

  5. Finance

VII. School Breakouts (30 min)

  1. motion to breakout for 10 min Adrenne Credo/ Lauren Hineman

  2. Social Science

    1. thinking about having a meet your dean event

VIII. Announcements

IX. Next Meeting

X. Adjournment of Meeting

  1. motion to adjourn meeting Adrenne Credo/ Matt Tsai