ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 06, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:13 pm  

  2. Attendance

    1. absence

      1. Rame Bashir

      2. David Hollingsworth

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. motion to approve minutes Matt Tsai/ Alex Fung

  4. Approval of Agenda

    1. motion to approve agenda Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

II. Public Comment

  1. Tarun Patel- I know that we are having a referendum to the constitution and moving election to spring

    1. we should make one person vote per category

    2. we should have one person vote for each seat

  2. Katie Lacari- if there is anything you want off the record just say so

  3. motion to add constitution amendment discussion to the agenda Alex Fung/ Lauren Hineman

  4. motion suspend by-laws and to add item after constitutional amendment discussion Adrenne Credo/ Alex Fung

    1. motion carries to suspend by laws

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

  1. Discussion of SAG Interview (10 min)

    1. motion for closed session for 10 min Maryam Farooqui/ Lauren Hineman

    2. motion to open discussion for 10 min Adrenne Credo/ Alex Fung

    3. motion to close discussion Matt Tsai/ Alex Fung

    4. motion to vote Adrenne Credo/ Alex Fung

      1. yay-2

      2. nay-2

      3. abstain- 5

      4. vote is a tie

    5. motion to re vote Naaila/ Lauren

      1. yay-2

      2. opposed-3

      3. abstain- 5

      4. candidate does not get appointed

  2. Discussion on ASUCD Resolution on 3-Week Vacation (15 min)

    1. motion to open discussion for 10 min with 2 min speaking time Alex Fung/ Maryam Farooqui

    2. motion to open meeting Adrienne Credo/ Lauren Hineman

    3. Alex Fung- this deals with our 2 week vacation for UC’s

      1. there was a petition, but it did not go through ASUCD’s student senate

      2. is it possible for us to write a resolution to endorse the petition

    4. Khaleedah Sidney- why was vacation cut?

      1. Oliver Dabalos- in observance of Jewish holidays, but they are neglecting other religious holidays

    5. Naaila Mohammed- there will be another week added to summer

      1. Oliver Dabalos- we should endorse UC Davis’ resolution, but we should also do our own

    6. Alex Fung- want to make it clear that there are international students that go home

      1. these people will be spending a lot of money to go home, but it would only be for 3 weeks

    7. Khaleedah Sidney- if they are doing this in observance of holidays, why aren’t Muslim students excused from spop

    8. Patrick Chen- they are moving it back because the holiday coincides with the move in

      1. why couldn't they make housing exemptions rather than moving the whole academic calendar

    9. Alex Fung- because this petition from UC davis was turned down, the only way that we would have a chance is if ASUCD senate created legislation today

      1. because this petition is not from us we can’t do anything

    10. Oliver Dabalos- can’t we make a position and pass it through ASUCI

      1. Alex Fung- maybe

    11. Naaila Mohammed- we can always write a resolution in which we cite the resolution

      1. be more constructive and take the implications of moving the calender around

      2. if we plan to do a resolution we should make it realistic

    12. Khaleedah Sidney- has there been a response from the Jewish community

      1. Alex Fung- a majority of them are supportive of it

    13. motion to extend discussion for 10 mins Alex Fung/ Adrienne Credo

    14. Maryam Farooqui- if we were to write a resolution will it have an effect

      1. Alex Fung- the administrators may consider it because it is coming for legislative council, but cannot give definite answer

    15. Patrick chen- if we do write a resolution we should acknowledge the nuances of the issue

      1. present constructive reasons

    16. Oliver Dabalos- it is interesting that the petition was not accepted because it wasn’t under student government

      1. Alex Fung- they see the student government’s job as putting forth these legislations

    17. Tarun Patel- on the page, the UC registrar approved this January 14th

    18. Patrick Chen- the policy was implemented five years ago

    19. Alex Fung- to wrap up, wondering if you would like to write legislation to support the petition

    20. Khaleedah Sidney- there are two holidays that are being taken account for

    21. Negin Fatahi- I’m for respecting people’s everyone's holidays, but they are not doing this for all students  

    22. Maryam Farooqui- it is problematic that they are shifting the calendar for one group of people

    23. Naaila Mohammed- UCI at large has a history of antisemitism, so we should be careful to make it more nuanced and expanded

    24. Alex Fung- if we were to write this resolution it is not against Jewish people

    25. Naaila Mohammed- as legislative council it is our responsibility to represent all groups of student

      1. we are not limiting one group, we are uplifting other groups

    26. motion to close discussion Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

  3. Discussion on proposed NSA Legislation by Young Americans for Liberty (15 min)

    1. motion to open discussion for 15 min with 2 min speaking time Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

      1. wanted input in legislation that they drafted  

      2. they want us to write a legislation endorsing it

    2. motion to recess for 2 min Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

    3. Naaila Mohammed- it has been reported that this has been happening for a while, so we should cite examples and implications

      1. it would have been nice to have them present legislation

    4. Khaleedah Sidney- don’t like that this legislation demands that it be passed on to other universities and colleges

      1. we should make another resolution and make it specific to UCI

    5. Oliver Dabalos- very vague in what they want to do

    6. Alex Fung- president of the organization can come in next week to talk and look at recommendations

    7. Katie Lacari- when he comes to talk would that be open to the press

      1. Melissa Gamble- yes

    8. motion to close discussion Oliver Dabalos/Alex Fung

  4. Discussion of New constitution amendment R49-56  

  5. Discussion on New Constitution for 10 min with one min speaking time Adrienne Credo / Matt Tsai

    1. Alex Fung- evp would be external vp, legislative counsel will be changed to student senate, there would only be one election during spring (2 weeks on campaigning and one week of voting)

      1. roles of legislative counsel- reevaluation on number of representatives for schools

    2. Khaleedah Sidney- become more informed of position and duties

      1. move elections to be earlier

    3. Mark Deppe- legislative council duties would be taken out of EVP office with new constitution

      1. more aligned with what other campuses do

      2. average students have more understanding of what a senate is

    4. Khaleedah Sidney- Tony mentioned that running is very stressful

      1. could cause you to drop a class

    5. motion to extend discussion for five minutes Adrienne/ ALex

    6. Tarun Patel- every year when executives get elected they have commissioner appointments, but legislative council will be out of session

      1. moving the elections up would give more time

    7. Khaleedah Sidney- we are still in the process of deciding

    8. Tarun Patel- for the elections you should try to diversify the way of voting

      1. when you elect at large representatives there are five votes and each person can only vote for one

    9. motion to close discussion Adrienne Credo/ Alex Fung

V. Executive Officer Reports (10 min)

  1. Melissa Gamble- there is a rally right now for basketball

    1. Tony has valentine grams

    2. Nicole has artlab in the future, and is planning campus climate events

    3. EVP office has event with OC Dream Team

    4. National issues topic about student debt and student organizing

  2. Tarun Patel- update from Skyla’s office

    1. the cooking lab was successful

VI. Committees (35 min)

  • motion to breakout for 10 minutes Adrienne Credo/ Alex Fung

  1. ALL

  2. Public Info

  3. Rules

    1. now has ten applications

  4. Advocacy

  5. Finance

VII. School Breakouts (35 min)

  • motion to have school breakouts for 10 min Matt Tsai/ Negin Fatahi

VII. Announcements

IX. Next Meeting

X. Adjournment of Meeting at 6:41pm Adrienne Credo/ Alex Fung