ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 13, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

a.     Call to Order at 5:10 pm

  1. Absence

    1. David Hollingsworth

    2. Adrienne Credo

    3. 10 present

b.      Attendance

c.      Approval of Minutes

motion to approve the minutes Alex Fung/ Oliver Dabalos

d.     Approval of Agenda

motion to add updates to constitution after Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

motion to approve the agenda Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

II. Public Comment

  1. Katie Lacari- this is being recorded and if you want something off the record just say so

  2. student (sam) - what we do at this university does have a bigger effect, and we need to look at how prisons work and am happy about this being considered and she supports this

III. Old Business

IV.   New Business

a. Updates from Alex on New Constitution (15 min)

b. Input on Retreat (10 min)

  1. Mark Deppe is planning retreat for new people who come in for Spring

    1. what would you like to see in the retreat

    2. Khaleedah Sidney- more review of roberts rules

  2. Naaila Mohammed- knowing how ASUCI works and how Judicial Board is set up

  3. Alex Fung- have them brainstorm what things they want to implement and have an idea of what to focus on

  4. Rame Bashir- workshop on how to write a resolution

  5. Khaleedah Sidney- important to know who the staff are and who they can go to when they need certain things

  6. Skyla Zhang- good for current members who are leaving to let those coming in what they have been working on, we want the council to be more active as a whole

    1. be able to advocate for various issues to have unified council

  7. Tony Tizcareno- helpful to have binders about representative position, so it could aid in the transitions

  8. motion to close discussion Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

c.   R49- 57 Divestment from Prison Industrial Complex (10 min)

  1. there is a presenter who will be coming at 5:30

  2. motion to pull updates from Alex Fung to the floor Rame Bashir/ Matt Tsai

  3. presentation made by Black Student Union

    1. calling for ASUCI to divestment from Prison Industrial Complex

  4. motion to pull R49-57 to the floor Alex Fung/ Tony Tizcareno

  5. Patrick Chen reads item R49-57

  6. motion to open discussion for 20 mins with 2 min speaking time Alex Fung/ Naaila Mohammed

    1. Tony Tizcareno- I think that this is important because we should know where our money goes

    2. Alex Fung- I do support this resolution.

    3. Khaleedah Sidney- completely support this resolution in alignment with the other UC’s

    4. Sam(member of the public)- I would like to reiterate that in August  of 2013 there was a UC congress that passed a campaign called ignite to minimize school to prison pipeline and this item needs support

    5. Lauren Hineman- I support this resolution and hope that it brings awareness to the issue

    6. motion to close discussion Alex Fung/ Lauren Hineman

    7. motion to call to question Naaila Mohammed/ Lauren Hineman

      1. yay-10

      2. nay-0

      3. abstain-0

      4. R49-57 passes unanimously

  1. Constitution Revision Updates

  1. Alex Fung- renaming executive branches; renaming legislative council to student senate

    1. changes to how representation will happen

    2. executive cabinet wants to manage funding for anteater express; looking into that

  2. Khaleedah Sidney- possible new position for executive director of anteater express

    1. many human resource implications

    2. Mark Deppe would like for us to discuss this more and wants us to be in the know about the happenings with the constitution revisions

  3. Khaleedah Sidney- impeachment clause; changing impeachment clauses

    1. right now everyone would bump up a level and this clause needs a lot of work

    2. if we have any suggestion for this we should talk to Mark

  4. Skyla Zhang

    1. fixing the bumping up system because there would be an empty slot

  5. Tony Tizcareno- this system would not be good because every single executive would be removed from their position and would not be suited for their new position as they were for their original positions

  6. motion to close discussion Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

  7. motion to move into executive officer reports Rame Bashir / Tony Tizcareno  

V.   Executive Officer Reports  (10 min)

  1. Nicole Hisatomi- president’s round table next week where presidents can voice issues about concerns from their club

    1. week 2 of spring quarter there is going to be a health forum

      1. a lot of students don’t understand when they have UC health insurance

      2. want to create space where students can ask questions

    2. campus climate campaign

      1. highlight campus climate issues, geared toward people who do not know much about it

    3. With Howard Gillman being the new chancellor

      1. usually when a chancellor leaves, a dean will take the interim position, but Howard Gillman was brought in even though he is relatively new

      2. mid to late March the search for new chancellor will begin

    4. campus has decided on a new way to handle finances

      1. howard gillman has a new way to fund campus

      2. in academic program you decide how much money you need and then you submit it and it will either be revised or just given

      3. new formula will be based on credit hours, number of student, etc.

        1. will help deans understand how much they will be needing

        2. encourage departments to plan more than a year in advance

  2. Tony Tizcareno

    1. there will be an open forum for student to learn about everything that we do

      1. will help them decide if they want to run for a position and will give them time

    2. two weeks ago there will be a monthly meeting with student housing

      1. mainly based around transparency about what the money is spent

      2. would be good is a legislative council member could attend these meetings

    3. parking

      1. goal was to have way to understand budget besides the one they have published on the site

      2. proposed idea to have event where ASUCI and transportation and distribution services to understand where funds are going

        1. most students are angry about parking because they do not know where it is going

    4. dining

      1. meeting with Jack next week and we have a good relationship with him

      2. dining team has opportunity to give input to  directors of dining on campus

        1. they can talk about what they want, things they want to fix, what they like

        2. there are secret shoppers and they are anonymous

          1. they will be told to go eat somewhere and give input based on their experience

      3. motion to postpone executive reports until R49-57 to the floor Tony Tizcareno / Naaila Mohammed

      4. motion to have recess Tony Tizcareno/ Naaila Mohammed

    5. thinking about sending campus wide survey for vendor fair to understand why revenue has dropped

  3. Skyla Zhang- there is a live stream on Youtube of the debate that was held recently

    1. in the next quarter there will be a marijuana debate and want input about how to format this debate

    2. there is going to be business school ice cream social in Moss Cove B; will be fun and casual

    3. still working on survey questions for honor code

    4. we will be contacting our webreg service to another company

      1. would like to get opinions from students about navigating online portals

  4. Dom- tonight there is a free movie screening of endless love

    1. next week there will be a free screening for Nonstop

VI. Committees (35 min)

  • motion to have committee breakouts for five minutes

a.     ALL

b.     Public Info

c.      Rules

d.     Advocacy

e.     Finance

VII. School Breakouts (35 min)

  • motion to strike school breakouts Alex Fung/ Patrick Chen

VIII. Announcements

IX. Next Meeting

X. Adjournment of Meeting

motion to adjourn Rame Bashir/ Alex Fung at 6:22 pm