ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 20, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:06 pm

  2. Attendance

    1. David Hollingsworth

    2. Khaleedah Sidney

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. Patrick Chen/ Adrienne Credo

  4. Approval of Agenda

    1. motion to approve agenda Adrienne Credo/ Alex Fung

II. Public Comment

  1. Katie Lacari- if you would like anything off the record say so

III. Old Business

  1. Presentation on UCSA (45 min)

    1. motion to have presentation for 45 min Patrick Chen/ Adrienne Credo

    2. Sana Khan presents about UCI withdrawal from UCSA  

    3. Skyla Zhang- we have paid our dues this year, how will this be affected by the legislation?

      1. Sana Khan - We want to be as respectful as possible. We’d pay the dues for Fall and Winter and withdraw in Spring

    4. Matt Tsai- have these issues been brought up to the board and staff members?

      1. Sana Khan - when the issues come up, it is usually brushed to the side by the staff members. Undocumented students and allies had to wait 3 months to get a response from UCSA

        1. takes a lot of time to respond concerns from UCI

    5. Patrick Chen- students of color from other campuses also have these complaints and I wanted to clarify that this is the case.

    6. Naaila Mohammed- has there been any dissent for this legislation?

      1. Sana Khan- we want to give students a chance to learn about UCSA and what our involvements are, and then a vote will take place on Tuesday

    7. Lauren Hineman - Are there any pros to being a member of UCSA? What are the benefits?

      1. Labor Chair (Public Comment)- ASCUI worked closely with UCSA and this was the time were there were 2 field organizers and was able to push along bill

        1. we had support from staff and UCI

        2. bring a lot of students to the lobbying conference

          1. helpful campaigns

        3. Lobbying about the dream act- action coming from both ends

        4. having UCSA not being able to support workers on campus is very sad

        5. very disappointing looking at what UCSA used to be and looking at it now

    8. Sana Khan- we have a long history with UCSA and it has a beautiful rich history and provides massive legislation support

      1. this would not be beneficial to students who want to get bills passed

    9. Jennifer Alvarez- worked with students who were passionate about Unite

      1. we did a lot of work to get the $25,000

      2. the board did not support the campaign

        1. did not understand these issues because the board is very privileged

      3. you do not need to be part of this coalition to do this progressive work

        1. wasting student fees to be part of this coalition that doesn’t support students of colors

      4. we need to support the workers that have supported students when there was imminent student increases

    10. Public Comment- UCLA undergraduate association requested retroactive funding

      1. while we were instrumental in getting the funding it was not used for what was intended

    11. Graduate Student/ member of the board- Disagree with half of the points presented

      1. there is another side of the story

      2. there is more to every single topic presented

    12. Public Comment

      1. there was a lack of action when President Napolitano which is alarming

      2. UCSA did not take a stance on the workers campaign

      3. all of these things done by students are not being supported by the board when it was created for the students

      4. the organization is not working how it should be

    13. Sana Khan- think of your constituents when presented with this legislation soon

    14. motion to continue discussion Rame Bashir/ Tony Tizcareno

    15. Kareen Araf (President of UCSA)- wanted to address any question that people have

      1. Parshawn- see meetings as useless and very long

        1. there is nothing coming out of these meetings

    16. Kareen Araf (President of UCSA)- the meetings are only as good as the people in attendance

      1. encouraging that students come out to the meetings and see what we are about

      2. Parshawn- do you recognize difference and that this difference results in lack of action

        1. lack of decision and decisiveness

        2. lack of progress in efforts

    17. Kareen Araf (President of UCSA)- as far as progress, we have made strides in all of our campaigns

      1. the undergraduate campaigns have taken a backseat to the graduate campaign s

    18. Negin Fatahi- do you acknowledge the accusations and what the reaction is to UCI leaving

      1. Kareen Aref (President of UCSA)- in the letter passed out these issues are addressed

        1. our coordinator is ill and is unable to fulfill duties

        2. if there are concerns the only way we get better is by students addressing these concerns

    19. motion to continue discussion for 5 min Rame Bashir/ Alex Fung

    20. Rame Bashir- what has UCSA done in order to provide representation on their board

      1. Kareen Aref (president of UCSA) - we have done large push for social media, interactive chat spaces on website, and changing campuses for meetings

    21. Patrick Chen- voice disappointment with the letter

      1. very soft things that we often hear from our own oppressors and this is disappointed

      2. Kareen Aref- if no one brings up points they will not be addressed

        1. if it was asked and put forward then it would be addressed

    22. Naaila Mohammed- the dissent that has been coming is the reactionary claims brought forth from UCSA when they should have more of an active role  

      1. you should know before these claims are brought forth

    23. Oliver Dabalos- agree with Naaila, there needs to be an activating role and it should be known what needs to be fixed. Need to know about cultural competence

    24. Alex Fung- if UCI chose to stay what improvements will take place

      1. Kareen- we will be discussing a lot of issues and cultural competency training will take place but there will be no guarantee on how the board will vote

        1. need UCI to take active part in discussion

    25. Patrick Chen- I agree with withdrawal legislation because the issues are very serious for an organization that is supposed to be progressive

      1. unacceptable to place burden on students to voice their opinions

      2. Kareem- it is my responsibility to educate everyone on cultural competency?

        1. Patrick Chen- yes, you and the board

    26. Kareem Aref- real change becomes more feasible when there is involvement

      1. I want to advocate on your behalf

      2. I feel that everyone would be stronger and would benefit being a part of our organization and that is all that can be done

    27. motion to extend discussion for 5 mins Patrick Chen / Oliver Dabalos

    28. member of public- none of the organizing staff will come to board meetings anymore because these spaces are stressful for students of color and undocumented students

      1. when we came to this decision we wanted to look at the facts and we looked through minutes and there are analytical reasons why these feelings of anxiety and discomfort are happening

      2. this stress has become unmanageable

      3. Parshawn (member of the public)- looking over the board notes, they are not reflective of what actually happened during the meetings

        1. it could be said that it was a mistake forgetting who are EVP is, but these notes have been censored

        2. you are asking legislative council members to go through the notes and go to the meetings

          1. how can we trust the meeting notes when half of the things that were said during the meeting were not in the notes

      4. Kareen Aref- our student taking the notes is not perfect and makes mistakes and there was no effort to censor them

    29. Kareem Aref- the board space is diminished with institutions pulling out

      1. if you feel that something is going on, then you need to bring it up or speak with someone in leadership

    30. Negin Fatahi- did you come here to say that you are fixing things are denying accusations?

      1. Kareem Aref- we want to fix things. In order to truly fix things, we need to hear your concerns and need your involvement

    31. Naaila Mohammed- if we were to pull out there would not be any dialogue after the fact?

      1. Kareem Aref- we already have this on our board meeting, we don’t take light of these issues

    32. Oliver Dabalos- why did the conversation to fix issues only come about when we decided to pull out?

      1. Kareem Aref- these issues were not brought up

    33. motion to close discussion Rame Bashir/ Adrienne Credo

    34. motion to close meeting for legislative council interviews Patrick Chen/ Alex Fung

  2. Legislative Council Appointment Interviews (1 hr)

V. Executive Officer Reports (5 min)

VI. Committees (5 min)

  1. ALL

  2. Public Info

  3. Rules

  4. Advocacy

  5. Finance

VII. School Breakouts (0 min)

VIII. Announcements

IX. Next Meeting

X. Adjournment of Meeting