ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, February 11, 2014


      I.         Bureaucratic Procedure

A.   Call to order 5:05 PM

B.    Attendance

a. Absence

                                                            i.         Lauren Hineman

C.    Approval of minutes (Matt/Alex)

D.   Approval of agenda (Patrick/Matt)

    II.         Public Comment

  III.         Old Business

  IV.         New Business

A.   R49-54 Additional Voting Stations During ASUCI Fall and Spring Election Weeks (10 Minutes)

a.     Motion to pull to the floor (Motion: Alex/ Second: David)

b.     Motion to open discussion, one minute speaking time(Motion: Alex/ Second: David)

c.     Khaalidah: Where are voting booths located? Yield time to Alex

d.     Negin: What does a voting booth look like? Yield time to Alex

e.     Melissa Gamble: point of information

f.      Motion to close discussion: (Motion: Alex/ Second: Matt)

g.     Motion to vote: (Motion: Alex/ Second: Matt)

h.     Passed unanimously

                                                            i.         Yay: 10

                                                           ii.         Nay: 0

                                                         iii.         Abstention: 0

B.    R49-55 In support of Creation of a New Master Plan for Higher Education in the State of California (10 Minutes)

a.     Motion to pull to floor (Motion: Alex/ Second: Matt)

b.     Motion 20 for minute discussion with 2 minute speaking time (Motion: Alex/ Second: Naaila)

                                                            i.         Alex- did not include sources

                                                           ii.         Khaalidah- other UCs passed similar legislation, yield time to Alex

                                                         iii.         Alex- added additional points. Legislation similar but Alex revised it

                                                         iv.         Melissa: recommendation -Secifically ask ASUCI to send it

                                                           v.         Motion to close discussion (Motion: Alex/ Second: Matt)

                                                         vi.         Motion to call to question (MAlex/Matt)

a.     Yay: 11

b.     Nay: 0

c.     Abstention: 0

C.    R49-56 Engineering Representative Appointment (5 Minutes)

a.  Motion to open discussion for 10 minutes with 1 minute speaking time (Motion: Naaila/Second: Adrienne)

                                                            i.         Khaalidah – when did this happen?

                                                           ii.         Point of clarification – Patrick, according to the by-laws there’s no actual policy that says that they have to be interviewed

                                                         iii.         Khaalidah – so you don’t have to apply? Should this go through J-Board?

                                                         iv.         Patrick – recommends that people apply

                                                           v.         Negin – did he write the legislation himself?

                                                         vi.         Patrick – can write legislation, if it passes, one can legally be on legislation. Should be a debate

                                                        vii.         Matt – if we did pass it, it would undermine the whole process

                                                      viii.         Khaalidah – ask J-Board about the specific section of the Constitution

                                                          ix.         Patrick – there are stipulations. Rules committee must nominate the person.

                                                           x.         Khaalidah – can we withdraw it or fail it?

b.  Oliver – countermotion to call to question, second – matt

                                                            i.         Call to question

a.     Yay: 0

b.     Nay: 10

c.     Abstention: 1

D.   Elections Update from Patrick (10 Minutes)

a.   15-20 applicants

b.  Rules committee did a first cut

                                                            i.         Alex – cut people because they are inexperienced or did not tell us much about themselves. Cut six to seven. Interviews will be completed this week.

                                                           ii.         Patrick – can be interviewed by Legislative Council by next week

                                                         iii.         Khaalidah – responses too short, work around questions, bad vibes, didn’t answer all the questions

                                                         iv.         Rame – how many bio reps? 1

                                                           v.         Patrick – breaks down who is being considered

    V.         Executive Officer Reports (10 Minutes)

A.   Skyla Zhang

a.   Obamacare debate – 100 students and 4 professors

b.  Livestream videos available on ASUCI and YouTube

c.   The Big Bang Theory - science behind the show, centered around math, chemistry, and physics

                                                            i.         Interactive

                                                           ii.         Prizes to give away

                                                         iii.         After council

d.  Dean Rameen – meeting about honor code

                                                            i.         Send new survey for input

e.   OIT – student marketplace

f.   AMP recruitment due this Friday at 5 pm

g.   Academic Senate – vlogs

h.  Academic Senate Legislation update

                                                            i.         Receive opposition from faculty

B.    Melissa Gamble

a.   Workshops regarding different tools for Lobby conference

b.  Next Wednesday, 5 pm last national teach in

c.   Local high school started last Friday

d.  Yesterday, local outreach had an event – OC Dreamteam “Not One More” campaign

e.   Thursday – divestment from prison industrial complex

C.    Tony

a.    Valentine’s Day Mixer

b.  ASUCI Form week 8

  VI.         Committees (35 Minutes)

A.   Motion to have committee breakouts for 10 minutes (Motion: Matt/ Second: Alex)

B.    All

C.    Public Info

D.   Rules

E.    Advocacy

F.    Finance

VII.         School Breakouts (35 Minutes)

A.   Motion to have school breakouts for 5minutes (Motion: Adrienne/ Second: Matt)

VIII.         Announcements

 IX.         Next meeting

   X.         Adjournment of Meeting @ 6:01