ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 27, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:06pm

  2. Attendance

    1. Maryam Farooqui (arrived late)

    2. Alex Fung

    3. David Hollingsworth (arrived late)

    4. 10 members present

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. motion to approve Matt Tsai/ Rame Bashir

  4. Approval of Agenda

    1. motion to strike item c Adrienne Credo/ Tony Tizcareno

    2. motion to approve agenda Tony Tizcareno/ Matt Tsai

II. Public Comment

  1. Sanna Khan- from evp office and in support of B49-14

    1. and in support of resolution supporting student activism

  2. Andrea (member from the public)

    1. member of undocumented student community and statewide coalition of undocumented student

      1. in support of B49-14 because earlier this year student were very adamant in opposition to new UC president

      2. UCSA was very ineffective and were disrespectful to undocumented students who were presented

      3. UCSA is not representing voice of students across the state

  3. Kareem Aref- want to tell us about why he believes in UCSA

    1. these organization wakes people up to cultural issues around us

    2. every student on the Riverside campus and others who have attended the student of color conference say that it has positively impacted them

    3. this organization is not perfect but it means progress

      1. it means us coming together

      2. people make mistakes and the only way we get better is to continue with these efforts

      3. this is why I think you should stay

    4. as far of pulling out of UCSA, I saw that in the legislation we are planning on still sending students to the upcoming conferences

      1. we would not be able to vote, and fees would go up

      2. student regents- top ten candidates that have applied go to UCSA

      3. by pulling out you take out your voice from this discussion

    5. ultimately your vote to withdraw is going to hurt your students because there will no longer be a representative voice

    6. I sincerely hope that you won’t push this legislation through

  4. Jennifer Alvarez (member of the public)- support B49-24

    1. you dont need to be part of a board and spend money to be student activist

    2. we have seen many organizations organize themselves

    3. I support R49-60 to stop suppression of policing of student activism

      1. I have seen them be targeted and it needs to stop

III. Old Business

  1. B49-14 Withdrawal of ASUCI From the University of California Student Association (30 min)

    1. motion to pull b49-14 to the floor Matt Tsai/ Tony Tizcareno

    2. motion to open discussion for 30 min with 2 min speaking time Tony Tizcareno/ Adrienne Credo

    3. Skyla Zhang- I do think that you (Kareem Aref) have a lot of passion, but we are still going to be paying our dues for the next two quarters

      1. Kareen Aref- as far as membership I respect that you are paying for Fall and Winter

        1. I would love to have everyone vote, but it is problematic

        2. we will have issue of organization not being sustainable and we have no back track of who is voting or coming in, whoever is in the area can show up and vote

          1. this is the way the organization is set up

    4. Negin Fatahi- we need a say in the selection of the student regent and the campaigns in congress

      1. we should have a voice

    5. Lauren Hineman- I agree with Negin, I feel like if we withdraw we will lose certain privileges

      1. who will represent us in these processes, and if we withdraw other schools might withdraw and then who will speak for us

    6. Sanaa Kahn- I understand the importance of the student regent, but it is also important to realize that the student regent is only one of 24 and we should consider that

    7. Alexis (member of the public)- lots of focus on pros and cons of membership

      1. the privileges of UCSA are there, but we have been organizing out of UCSA

      2. I don’t think that we need to be a member to get the things that want to do

    8. Parshawn(member of the public)- there is a concern of lack of collective voice

      1. at UCSA they have not issued support for workers

    9. Khaleedah Sidney- UC Davis is not part of this organization and they are still doing well

      1. maybe we should have some more communication

      2. we should really be involved in the selection of the student regent

      3. the voices of our students aren’t being heard in the collective and there is no need to be part of the collective

    10. Patrick Chen- we are talking about access to things to  things we still do not have access to

      1. second thought about how there may be ostensible privileges that we have no access to then why be part of the organization

    11. Oliver Dabalous our voices will still be heard, the EVP will still communicate with other campuses

      1. removing us from the organization does not shut out our voices

    12. Negin Fatahi- will we still be able to lobby at SLC if we are withdrawn

      1. Kareen Aref- we book our own visits, so we would but there would be a higher fee

    13. Lauren Hineman- towards oliver, are you saying that other schools will voice our opinions for us

      1. right now there are execs within each school with their own agenda that are subject to change

    14. Khaleedah Sidney- to address that, I feel like other schools cannot voice our opinions

      1. but they are able to communicate what Irvine thinks

      2. This is only for this quarter (next ten weeks)

      3. we can always return

      4. whatever campaigns that might come up within the next 10 weeks will still have importance to us

    15. Parshawn (member of the public)- organizing doesn't’ have to be through UCSA and doesn’t have to be with someone representing us

      1. it would be easier, but it is possible to get things done with ourselves

    16. Sanna Khan- I would like to reiterate that UCI students were not able to put voice out there even though they were on board

      1. when undocumented students were ignored by UCSA it reflects on UCI and on me

      2. the time we are spending on UCSA takes away from time spent serving constituents here

    17. Patrick Chen- going back to access to privileges

      1. even right now the current process is flawed

      2. the unequal rep of grad students vs undergraduate students is a problem

    18. Kareen Aref

      1. our board does not know who is the EVP and execs are at Davis because the communication is not there

        1. they are also closer to the capitol which makes their lobbying more effective

      2. UCSA has recognized representing all students

        1. with or without a board member UCSA represents all students

        2. the issue of pulling out because of representation will increase representation disparity

    19. Parshawn (member of the public)- the fact of the matter is that UCSA did not produce a statement and tabled discussion indefinitely

      1. concern that lobbying will not be effective, UC Irvine’s lobbying video was used at the conference

      2. lobbying can happen out of UCSA

    20. Sanaa Khan- in terms of being a part of conservation

      1. students were able to meet president Napolitano before UCSA did

      2. what are we losing by withdrawing, what time are we losing in speaking with these constituents

    21. Alexis (member of the public)- one person’s support as an individual is completely irrelevant, we need the support of the whole body

    22. Negin Fatahi- we should stop looking at this as a one quarter issues

      1. we shouldn't look at this like a temporary thing, it is more permanent

    23. Negar Fatahi- we might be more effective by telling them how we want them to change rather than just withdrawing

    24. Kareen Aref- part of the reason that the statewide group is gun shy about making statements because when there was debt restructuring there were two groups asking for different things so UCSA took a neutral stance

      1. a lot of people were burned by AFSCME

      2. the video was great and was part of the training given by Amanda Buchanan

      3. at UCSA congress things were really being pushed because students were connecting

      4. when I sign something, I say something as president

        1. when I put something down for the reagents they take it as it is from all student

    25. motion to extend discussion for 20 mins with 2 min speaking time Oliver Dabalous/ Patrick Chen

    26. Naaila Mohammed- this is selfish for us to be voting on because it is heavily burdening the EVP office

      1. this is not new information for UCSA, they have known these grievances for a while

      2. we should really challenge UCSA, a lot of false agency is being fed to us

    27. Lisa (member of the public)- last time i could out and supported the legislation because I have been on UCSA when there was action, solidarity, and work done

      1. through the EVP office I can see how UCSA has not supported students

      2. when we say things that there is conflict between leadership and the board, isn't the issue about the workers and what they have to struggle with

      3. there needs to be action form UCSA to support the workers

      4. why aren't the students working with the workers as well

      5. right now the board is not progressive and they are not taking action

    28. Patrick Chen- this leg is about ASUCI and our involvement with UCSA

      1. it is important that we are actively listening to those in the EVP office

      2. it is important to listen to their insight on this topic

    29. Naaila Mohammed- a lot of us are scared that UCSA is our only united factor, but this are a lot of things outside of UCSA

      1. there is a lot of organizing that goes on

      2. don’t be worried about cross campus collaboration

      3. recognize that this legislation is withdraw from UCSA and it is very similar from divestment

        1. this is a tactic used in the past and we have received positive response

        2. this sends a powerful message and shows that we are able to take a stance

    30. Kareen Aref- this is the first formal setting where these issues have been discussed

      1. we have two agenda items for this weekend to discuss issues that have been brought up here

      2. my job is to take criticism about UCSA and my purpose is being a student activist

      3. our board switches every year, because work isn’t being done now doesn’t mean work won't be done in the future

    31. Tony Tizcareno- want to encourage council to think about what UCI could do with the UCSA money

      1. EVP could use that money to organize on our campus

      2. this is a really big deal and I encourage everyone to speak

      3. the conferences that UCSA puts on are very important and they are something we should be sending students to regardless even if it would mean paying a little bit more per students

    32. Rame Bashir- we should take the offer to see a UCSA board meeting

      1. I think that the structure of UCSA could be positive for our campus at UCI

        1. us being in this space is important

        2. this should not influence our decision and we should put this on the organization

      2. we should voice our opinions at a board meeting

    33. Sanaa Kahn - as for this being the first time complaints being brought up, the undocumented had brought up their grievances

      1. Berkley’s ASUC left UCSA in the 90’s and rejoined

        1. priorities had to be sorted out and discussions needed to take place

    34. Oliver Dabalous- id the structure falls that doesn't mean that this is our fault

      1. there is something wrong with the organization