ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, February 25, 2014


      I.         Bureaucratic Procedure

a.     Call to order at 5:08 pm

b.     Attendance

                                               i.     David Hollingsworth

                                             ii.     Oliver Dabalos (arrived late)

c.     Approval of minutes (Alexander Fung/Matthew)

d.     Approval of agenda (Alexander Fung/Matthew Tsai)

                                               i.     Motion to move Interview to the end of new business (Patrick Chen/Matthew Tsai)

    II.         Public comment

a.     Sanaa Khan – introduction of resolution

  III.         Old business

  IV.         New business

a.     Commencement updates from Mark Deppe (10 minutes)

                                               i.     Students are passionate about the traditional commencement

                                             ii.     Information from today

1.     Only have one “mega” ceremony at the Angels Stadium

2.     Time of day is not determined yet

3.     Have not heard from the White House

4.     Postcard campaign is almost done (10,000)

5.     Large ceremony does not eliminate the possibility of individual traditional commencement

a.     Reserving areas near Angels Stadium for Schools to conduct traditional commencement

6.     Concerns: not on campus

a.     Flights booked

b.     Announcements have already been purchased

                                            iii.     Rame Bashir – why were students not consulted?

1.     Mark Deppe – as of 2 weeks ago, the decision wasn’t made. It came together quickly. Security issues

                                            iv.     Khaalidah Sidney – how do you feel about the petition?

1.     Mark Deppe – I don’t know too much about it

                                             v.     Naaila Mohammed – I’m assuming there’s a payment for speakers. Where is it coming from?

1.     Mark Deppe – UCI does not pay any speakers.

b.     B49-19 Withdrawal of ASUCI From the University of California Student Association (40 minutes) (Alexander Fung/Matthew Tsai)

                                               i.     Motion to open discussion for 10 minutes with 2 minute speaking time (Patrick Chen/Matthew Tsai)

                                             ii.     Public, Patrick yields time to Justin – do what you think is right. Things that you would lose from withdrawing from UCSA.

1.     No representation

2.     System wide changes are not spread to people out of UCSA so grads will relay information

3.     If UCSA makes a majority of people feel like they can’t get their voices heard, there has to be another way to be represented.

                                            iii.     Negin Fatahi – concern with reallocation of money

                                            iv.     Patrick Chen – if anyone has any question, please feel free to ask

                                             v.     Rame Bashir – friendly amendment “state-wide organizations and labor organizations” to “state-wide and labor organizations”

1.     “anti-black” do we have examples?

a.     Melissa – it’s on the google document with the footnotes

2.     If we pull out, it’s not going to change. If we stay in, we could work more on it

                                            vi.     Seena – draw attention to second “let it further be resolved,” seems like a by-law amendment. For the sake of making it pass faster, advise to move by-law amendment on its own

                                          vii.     Khaalidah Sidney – all of legislative council has been emailed by UCSA

                                         viii.     Naaila Mohammed – our voice should be representative of the EVP office. Our duty as legislative council is to better serve our constituents. Just remember that you’re here to represent your constituents

                                            ix.     Alexander Fung – business believe that the withdrawal is okay

                                              x.     Sanaa Khan (Patrick yields time)– creating a road map for what’s next

                                            xi.     Patrick Chen - not good putting our resources into something that isn’t helping

                                           xii.     Oliver Dabalos – no voting power, policy making

                                         xiii.     Sanaa Khan (Negin yields time) – programs are available for students to be involved in policy making

                                         xiv.     Robert Dunn – has there been any efforts to speak to other AS’s to get their opinions about UCSA’s action and how they can fix it and support us?

1.     Melissa Gamble – Spoken to UC Berkeley, UCSD President and council members, UCLA President; conversations haven’t been a key topic after the drafting of the legislation.

2.     Robert Dunn – if we had more support from other UC’s, UCSA could change

3.     Melissa Gamble – I encourage you to attend the UCSA meeting

a.     Newport Beach A Saturday and Doheny Beach A Sunday

                                           xv.     Negin Fatahi – nothing gets done. Frustration is all that occurs. Other UC’s that have dropped have not returned.

                                         xvi.     Rame Bashir – UCSA could benefit UCI and our constituents. UCSA doesn’t help with the minorities of our campus. How is UCSA supposed to change or get better if we don’t have our voices in it?

                                        xvii.     Patrick Chen – UCI EVP is capable of doing work on its own. UCSA is holding back UCI with its use of our funds.

                                      xviii.     Negin Fatahi – we only get an hour to speak in the two days we meet.

                                          xix.     Tony Tizcareno – how much money do we pay per year?

1.     Melissa Gamble – About $28,000

                                           xx.     Melissa Gamble – point of information: the board meeting is Newport Beach A on Saturday and Doheny Beach A on Sunday

                                          xxi.     Oliver Dabalos – can we just go to one meeting?

1.     Melissa Gamble – you can go as you please

                                        xxii.     Negin Fatahi – should we all go to the meeting?

                                       xxiii.     Naaila Mohammed – motion to straw poll for B49-14 second by Matthew Tsai

1.     8 yay

2.     1 nay

3.     3 abstain

                                       xxiv.     Matthew Tsai – I don’t think we should feel any guilt on our part on leaving since we’ve been trying to change it for the past two years. Just because we withdraw, we shouldn’t sever connections with them. Personally, I feel, for the sake of our constituents, we should still go to the meeting so we can have a real idea of what the board meeting is like.

                                        xxv.     Patrick Chen – I have heard that in the 1990s, UC Berkeley withdrew and they are current members now. It doesn’t have to be indefinitely

                                       xxvi.     Oliver Dabalos – how are we ever going to know if it is changing? How are we going to know when we should go back in?

1.     Point of information from Melissa Gamble – demands will be drafted

                                     xxvii.     Naaila Mohammed – UCSA is not a secret organization. EVPs will speak to each other to find out if they are changing. We are able to reapply at any time

                                    xxviii.     Patrick Chen – Melissa has mentioned that she has been in contact with other UCs. We will not lose contact with everyone in the UC system.

                                       xxix.     Rame Bashir – in terms of the list of demands, if we pull out of UCSA, will that not allow us to talk about the demands?

1.     Melissa Gamble – UC Davis is not in it right now. There is constant communication from UC Davis and UCSA to get UCD to reapply.

                                         xxx.     Motion to close discussion (Patrick Chen/Lauren Hineman)

c.     Yearbook Photo for Legislative Council (10 minutes)

d.     Motion to move R49-59 before R49-58, Alexander Fung/Matthew Tsai

e.     Legislative Council Humanities Rep interview (15 minutes)

                                               i.     Motion to close meeting Patrick Chen/Matthew Tsai

                                             ii.     Motion to open meeting Adrienne Credo/Oliver Dabalos

f.      R49-59 In Support of Alleviating the Financial Burden of Education on Undergraduate Student Body (15 minutes) (Patrick Chen/Matthew Tsai)

                                               i.     Motion to open discussion for 10 minutes with 1 minute speaking time (Patrick Chen/Matthew Tsai)

1.     Matthew Tsai – encourage cheaper alternatives to books

2.     Khaalidah Sidney – where are the sources?

3.     Patrick Chen – I like this resolution. I don’t think it’s going to do very much

4.     Adrienne Credo– support resolution

5.     David Hollingsworth– I feel that this resolution doesn’t have much strength behind it, but it has potential and it can get people talking.

                                             ii.     Motion to close discussion (Matthew Tsai/Negin Fatahi)