ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, March 04, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. call to order

  2. attendance

    1. absence

      1. Maryam Farooqui

      2. Lauren Hineman

      3. Negar Fatahi

  3. approval of minutes

    1. motion to approve min Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

  4. approval of agenda

    1. motion to add soar presentation for 10 mins David Hollingsworth/ Alex Fung

    2. motion to r-49-64 before 4-49-63 Alex Fung/ David Hollingsworth

II. Public Comment

  1. Katie Lacari- we are here from new u and want to let you know that we are recording and if you want anything off the record say so

  2. Brandon Buckle- wants to present ballot initiative for club sports on Thursday

  3. Member of public form SOAR- wanted to say that if SOAR was not here she would have not felt as connected to the campus

  4. Parshaun (member of the public)- wanted to make friendly amendment to ballot language

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

  1. R49-63 appointment of humanities representative (5 min)

    1. motion to pull to the floor Matt Tsai / Alex Fung

    2. Skyla Zhang reads item R49-64

    3. motion to pull to the floor Skyla Zhang/ David Hollingsworth

    4. motion to have presentation David Hollingsworth/ Patrick Chen

    5. motion to pull to the floor Matt Tsai/ Alex Fung

    6. Adrienne Credo reads item R49-63

    7. motion to call to question

      1. 7

      2. 0

      3. 4

  2. SOAR Presentation

    1. Presentation from SOAR

    2. motion to have discussion for 15 min with 1 min speaking time David hollingsworth/ Oliver Dabalous

      1. David Hollingsworth- wanted to voice support for SOAR center. This si something that the students should have a voice about.

      2. PAtrick Chen- what is different about this compared to the submitted online legislation

        1. Parshaun- changing language and the year will be changed from 2015 to 2017

      3. Alex Fung- the business students support this referendum, we see a lot of potential and encourage everyones support

      4. Skyla Zhang- I support

        1. this has been a struggle but SOAR has made an outstanding impact

        2. encourage students to get involved and helps them thrive

      5. Oliver Dabalous- wants ballot to pass

        1. we want to retain students at UCI and its good that we are revisiting the referendum

        2. I hope that everyone agrees in keeping SOAR at this campus

      6. Naaila Mohammed- I wanted to voice my support for the new language and I would like to know the next steps from here

        1. Parshaun (member of the public)- we have a timeline set up and after this the student funding board will be in contact and they will decide by Friday night, after that it will be submitted to the chancellor's office for approval

      7. (member of public)- SOAR center has been a huge help for me

      8. Negin FAtahi- one question, where is the 6.50 coming from?

        1. Parshaun (member of the public)- right now we have $250 a quarter and we want to expand it to have $5,000 a year

      9. Patrick Chen- I am in support of passing this ballot language

        1. could you be more specific about what SOAR does?

        2. I would be more interested if I could see the specific things that SOAR does

          1. Parshaun (member of the public)- we were guided to be limited to facts and to be concise, but I would be open to suggestions from council  

      10. Grecia Cruz- I am in support

      11. Skyla Zhang- we should have expanded description as well as factual language

      12. Negin Fatahi- it is worth mentioning what SOAR does and where the money will go

        1. a lot of people were not for it because it was not specific about where the money was going

      13. Patrick Chen- motion to have ballot language on this paper friendly amended to the submitted legislation

        1. Skyla Zhang accepts

      14. motion to have presented amendments be applied to the legislation Patrick Chen

        1. Skyla Zhang accepts

  3. R49-64 SOAR Ballot Language (15 min)

    1. motion to call to question

      1. 11 yay

      2. 0 opposed

      3. 0 abstain

      4. passes unanimously

V. Executive Officer REport (10 min)

  1. Skyla Zhang- we are getting our plans together for next quarter

    1. the Kal Penn speaker event is going to be held tomorrow and is taking place at 6pm

    2. academic senate has addressed inappropriate commencement

      1. there was a proposal to have the graduation in Aldrich Park

      2. hopefully student feedback will be laid out for next class

      3. upsetting that students were not involved in new online registration system

        1. will not be able to launch until 2017

  2. Melissa Gamble- we have been doing lobby visits with congress members

    1. graduate students who are our TA’s are going on strike during week 1

    2. theres a 50th anniversary committee and we are trying to get students to be on that board  

VI. Committees(35 min)

  • motion to have committee breakouts for 10 mins Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

  1. ALL

  2. Public Info

  3. Rules

  4. Advocacy

  5. Finance

VII. School Breakouts (35 min)

  • motion to strike school breakouts Adrienne Credo/  Negin Fatahi

VIII. Announcements

  • make sure to put in your orders for the retreat

  • Go to the Trial of Dedan Kimathi

IX. Next Meeting

X. Adjournment of Meeting

  • motion to adjourn meeting at 6:11 pm Adrienne Credo/ Alex Fung