ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, March 06, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:09 pm

  2. Attendance

    1. absences

      1. David Hollingsworth

      2. Lauren Kerner

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. motion to approve Adrienne Credo/ Lauren Hineman

  4. Approval of Agenda

    1. motion to add club sports presentation before item b Patrick Chen/ Oliver Dabalous for 15 min

    2. motion to approve agenda Adrienne Credo/ Alexander Fung

II. Public Comment

  1. Katie Lacari- if there is anything you'd like off the record just say so

  2. Summer Ko- I brought your attention to the concerns about the Walk a Mile in her Shoes meeting

    1. I do not want this event to happen on this campus again and I want my voice validated

    2. ask that future coordinators of this event not post this again

  3. Elani Rotti- coordinator of the VIP program which has come under legislation to get Walk a Mile in her Shoes cancelled

    1. we have received concerns and we are surprised that this legislation is on the agenda

    2. there is emailed documentation that after alterations were made that there would not be further issues

    3. there is a lot of scrutiny about sexual violence within the Greek community

  4. Adam Gomez- I am publicity marketing coordinator and the VIP program works with the CARE office and focuses on sexual assault awareness and issues that students face

    1. this program is different because it consists many members from the Greek community

    2. we want to make the Greek community be the change and have training issues about language, and cultural competency issues

    3. since this event I have been negatively labeled, knowing this I think this event is positive and should be kept

  5. Vijee (member of the public)- I am a survivor of sexual assault and I have made huge impact through through the Greek community

    1. with this program I felt that this program helps people from all backgrounds stand by our side

    2. I want to give this passion to other people and spread awareness

  6. Raymond Delacruz- I am a former council member and looking at past legislation, I noticed that a lot of it is based on emotion rather than facts

    1. VIP coordinators are being attacked and they are trying to work to break Greek stereotypes

    2. there were no laughs at this event, this is an event of pain and tears

    3. why are white students not included? are they not human beings? (referring to item on legislation)

  7. Divvy(member of the public)- I support this legislation, there has been a claim that these organizers tried to fix issues

    1. I recognized that they changed the name, but I think the event needs to be changed and the national event has major issues as well

  8. Summer Ko- when writing this letter I did not bring up Greeks

    1. the six grievances are the grievances that were most important

    2. email documentation about denying original proposals by the organizers

    3. I hope that council will not tolerate this

    4. experiences that women of color have are remarkably different or worse

      1. there are statistics that prove that

      2. communities are different and we are not being exclusive

  9. Angeline (member of the public)

    1. the injustices of sexual violence are applicable to all individuals

    2. VIP does realize that sexual violence are campus wide issues and they do not only apply to women of color

    3. while there are many instances of sexual violence in the Greek community, this is more of a reason for their involvement

  10. (member of the public)- I respect the work that VIP does , but as a co-coordinator I do not support this event and I support this legislation

    1. in regards to sexual assault being color blind, there are statistics showing that women of color experience it more often

    2. this is an event where cis-hetero men to laugh at other cis-hetero men to laugh

    3. as a man and a person of color I chose to sign on to this legislation

    4. I question the effectiveness of this event in general and how it raises awareness

    5. Walk a Mile was created by a man, and men put on heels to experience what women felt

    6. moving forward I feel that this event should be stricken from the CARE office’s authority

  11. (Member of the public)

    1. I would never compare my experience as an Asian American to their issues because it’s not fair. We will never share the same level of experience

    2. The event name change was good and helped transform the event.

    3. walking to support someone, walk with empathy changed the event.


III. Old Business

IV. New Business

  1. R49-69 Student Concerns on Campus Event “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” (40 minutes)

    1. Pull to the floor Matthew Tsai/Lauren Hineman

    2. open discussion with 1 minute speaking time Matthew Tsai/Alexander Fung

    3. Naaila Mohammed reads item R49-69

    4. Negin Fatahi- as a victim of sexual assault, I don’t understand how walking a mile in heels represents the trauma felt

      1. changing the name of the event is not sufficient, and I find it extremely offensive

    5. Patrick Chen- this legislation is fair and calls for this event not happening again in this manner

      1. it calls for more direct addressing; a clear message without theatrics

      2. calls upon staff to promote more critical education

    6. Elena (member of the public)- the event has been changed

      1. it is an awareness march, like those that are held for diseases

      2. I would like to stress that the CARE office was not opposed to this event and we work with CARE office advisors

      3. I find it insulting that people thought we had thought our event through

    7. Alex Fung- How different is walk a mile for empathy than walk a mile in her shoes

      1. there are no longer any heels involved in this event

    8. Lauren Hineman- personally being a victim and part of the Greek event

      1. I saw so many different open dialogues about the subjects because it creates a space for survivors and for men and women to gain a sense of what people go through

      2. not many spaces for this

    9. Patrick Chen- I wanted to reiterate that this legislation is written about the prior event how it was set up to happen

      1. I think there should be an awareness March

      2. the heel part would have happened if concerns were not raised

    10. Maryam Farooqui

      1. I find this event entirely reductive, and I have questions about education at this event

        1. is there a form of education essential to the event

      2. Eleana- we have a speaker that provided statistics and insight to the issue

    11. Elena (member of the public)- we had transgendered individuals attend the event and they were disappointed to hear the heel aspect was removed because they felt it was powerful

    12. Summer Ko (member of the public)- education can be achieved without hurting individuals

      1. why do you need a march or walk if you want to bring about awareness? there are other ways to achieve this

    13. Patrick Chen - i think that the things being said about this legislation is important and i think that we should have these conversations more

      1. we should not conflate this legislation with different issues.

      2. note the language of the legislation, what it calls for, etc.

    14. Lauren Hineman- the CARE office works hard to educate the campus and the community and the walk is not the only event

    15. Patrick Chen- this legislation was about the march how it was

    16. Elena (member of the public)- I wanted to offer dialogue to emphasize how much the VIP does interact with our community

      1. opportunity was offered to speak at this event to voice concerns

    17. Adrienne Credo- have you talked to CARE office about it not supporting event?

      1. Summer Ko- I had a meeting with a adminstrator CARE office who voiced concerned, but was mistake about their direct link

    18. Grecia Cruz- in the legislation who would be part of this new program

    19. Elena(member of the public)- we have educators, champs, and the VIP program which is a year long educational program

      1. most chapters on campus come to these programs

    20. motion to extend discussion for 10 min with 1 min speaking time Adrienne Credo / Lauren Hineman

    21. Naaila Mohammed- we would never doubt the intentions of the things coming out of the CARE office

      1. we would never doubt student groups trying to bring awareness

      2. this type of event lowers the caliber, there is so much potential resources

    22. Elena (member of the public)- I agree that we have the power to create programs

      1. we spent a lot of time rewriting addressing all the concerns

      2. I feel like the program was effective just starting out

    23. Alex Fung- after discussing with my constituents, we are in support of this walk

      1. the people that participate in this event want to bring awareness

      2. if we continue this walk we should make some adjustment to make it better

    24. Naaila Mohammed-knowing that there is something on this campus painting the CARE office in a negative light we should reconsider

    25. Elena (member of the public)- we would never ignore the request to change an event to make everyone feel comfortable and safe

    26. Farooq (member of the public)- the CARE office needs to reschedule its event calendar and strike this event

      1. because VIP is a new program, there is room to get better and come up with a new flagship program

    27. Negin Fatahi- we are all on the same side and I do not like how two sides have been created

    28. Summer Ko (member of the public)- this is not about Walk for Empathy, this was about walk a mile in her shoes

      1. the changes were not the result of calmly asking for changes, I had to fight for it

    29. Patrick Chen- I think the modification to walk a mile for empathy was good and I had no concerns for that.

      1. we are trying to prevent another walk a mile in her shoes event

    30. Lauren Hineman- we want to collaborate and make sure this event remains

    31. Negar Fatahi- I am concerned that this event will stop people from approaching the CARE office and that is something that we do not want

    32. Farooq (member of the public)- I am skeptical of this event because I have shared concerns and nothing was changed until Summer brought it up

    33. motion to extend for 10 min with 1 min speaking time

    34. Beegee (member of the public)- when Farooq mentioned that he wanted the event to be more open we originally wanted all organization to be involved

      1. it is hard to get everyone involved, so we started with inviting Greeks

    35. Elizabeth (member of the public)- if this legislation passes does that mean that VIP cannot do walk for empathy or just the high heels

      1. Patrick Chen- this will just urge VIP not to hold walk a mile in her shoes

    36. Rame Bashir- it is important to put aside assumptions because it is an emotional topic

      1. it seems that we are just formalizing a complaint that was brought up

      2. I dont see anything problematic with the resolution

      3. it will bring awareness to complaints

      4. I wanted to make a friendly amendment to “where as CARE office have expressed….”

        1. Patrick Chen- accept

    37. Khaleedah Sidney- I want to remind everyone that we are paid elected representatives and we are representing our constituent

      1. I think there isn’t a problem with starting from scratch

      2. by saying that there was trans individuals present, it is tokenizing them

    38. Elena (member of the public)- I would like to say that we has concerns about the national event held last year and we tried to flip the meaning when we first started this

      1. the changes that we made between last year and this year were sent to other schools as well

    39. Ageline(member of the public)- it is important for us as an office to create an open space

      1. as a representative of the CARE office,  I can say that walk a mile in her shoes will not happen again next year and it will be reformed

    40. Summer Ko (member of the public)- this is what this legislation is asking

      1. knowing the concerns and making these changes

      2. now it is formalized and I hope walk a mile in her shoes will never happen again

    41. motion to close discussion Rame Bashir/Adrienne Credo

    42. call to question Adrienne Credo/ Grecia Cruz