ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:03 pm

  2. Attendance

    1. absence

      1. Negar Fatahi

      2. Negin Fatahi

      3. Oliver Dabalous

      4. Rame Bashir

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. motion to approve Matt Tsai / Alex Fung

  4. Approval of Agenda

    1. motion to approve Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

II. Public Comment

  1. Brandon Buckle- if you want anything off the record just say so

  2. Gabriel Sanchez- I was a part of the e-tech committee

    1. they are working on us keeping our email addresses after graduation

    2. trying to bring in new computers into the labs

      1. looking at gateway center

      2. 72 new PCs and 21 new macs

      3. $150,000

    3. there is a lot of integration with using google applications

    4. there is a lot of talk about money

    5. looking to create 80-100 person computer lab

      1. project things from personal laptops

      2. in an existing space

    6. last meeting will be May 22nd

    7. looking to replace a lot of the screens in the classrooms

      1. electronic screens rather than pull down screens

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

V. Executive Officer Reports (10 min)

  1. Melissa Gamble- we put in a bid to have a conference for UCSA here and we got it

    1. planning organizing conference during week 8

      1. looking for a mixture of different people

VI. Committees (30 min)

  • motion to breakout for 20 min Adrienne Credo/ Matt Tsai

  1. All

  2. Public Info

  3. Rules

  4. Advocacy

  5. Finance

VII. School Breakouts (30 min)

  • motion to breakout Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

  • motion to end school breakouts Adrienne Credo/ Lauren Hineman  

VIII. Announcements

IX. Next Meeting

X. Adjournment of Meeting at 5:35 pm Lauren Hineman/ Adrienne Credo