ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:27 pm

  2. Attendance

    1. absence

      1. Rame Bashir

      2. Adrienne Credo

      3. Negin Fatahi

      4. Negar Fatahi

      5. Lauren Kerner

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. motion to approve mins Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

  4. Approval of agenda

    1. motion to approve agenda Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

II. Public Comment

  1. tomorrow is denim day and the CARE office is supporting participation

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

  1. Discussion on Dining (15 min)

    1. motion to strike Matt Tsai/ Alex Fung

  2. Interview for Bio-Sci Rep (15 min)

    1. motion to move R49-88 before the interview Lauren Hineman/ Patrick Chen

    2. motion to close meeting for 15 min Matt Tsai/ Alex Fung

    3. motion to open discussion Lauren Hineman/ Alex Fung

    4. motion to open session Patrick Chen/ Lauren Hineman

  3. Winter Break Survey Discussion (15 min)

    1. motion to take recess from 6:00-630 Grecia Cruz/ Matt Tsai

    2. Matt Tsai- if there are any issues that you see with the legislation please let me know and we have a week to discuss

    3. motion to close discussion Matt Tsai/ Alex Fung

  4. R49-88 Ratification of Spring 2014 Elections (10 min)

    1. motion to pull to the floor Matt Tsai / Alex Fung

    2. Jordana- thank you for efforts on the elections and at 6:00 PM results will be announced

    3. Melissa Gamble reads item R49-88

    4. Motion to call to question Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

      1. 8 yay

      2. 0 nay

      3. 0 abstain

  5. R49-86 (revised) ASUCI endorsement of SOAR (5 min)

    1. motion to strike and withdrawal legislation Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

  6. R49-85 in support of California SB1017 (10 min)

    1. motion to pull to the floor Alvin/ Matt Tsai

    2. Alex Fung reads item R49-85

    3. motion to open discussion for 10 min with 1 min speaking time Matt Tsai/ Aaex Fung

      1. Patrick Chen- this is legislation supporting political legislation so we need a â…” majority to pass it

        1. we should wait to have more members

      2. Alex Fung- students take so many loans out and there is evidence that student cannot pay back their loans

        1. we are the only state that does not have an oil tax

        2. hopefully our voice will be heard

      3. Khaleedah Sidney- when it says that there are many organizations that support this, we should hear their input

      4. Motion to table until Thursday and end discussion Matt Tsai/ Lauren Hineman

V. Executive Officer Reports (10 min)

  1. Lauren Hineman- I need someone who is familiar with Robert’s Rules and writing Legislations who can attend retreat May 4th

VI. Committees (10 min)

  • motion to strike committee and school breakouts Alex Fung/ Matt Tsai

  1. All

  2. Public Info

  3. Rules

  4. Advocacy

  5. Finance

VII. school Breakouts (10 min)

VIII. Announcements

IX. Next Meeting

X. Adjournment of Meeting at 5:52 pm Alex Fung/ Lauren Hineman