ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:02 pm

  2. Attendance

    1. Matt Tsai (arrived late)

    2. Alex Fung (arrived late)

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. motion to approve minutes Grecia Cruz / Adrienne Credo

  4. Approval of agenda

    1. motion to add R49-90 to agenda Grecia Cruz / Lauren Hineman

    2. motion to approve Adrienne Credo/ Grecia Cruz

II. Public Comment

III. Old Business

  1. B49-19 Dining Provisions for Legislative Council Meeting Attendees (10 min)

    1. motion to pull to the floor Patrick Chen/ Adrienne Credo

    2. Patrick Chen reads item B49-19

    3. motion to open discussions for 10 min with 1 min speaking time Patrick Chen / Adrienne Credo

      1. Patrick Chen- there won’t be much to talk about on Thursday, so we should push it back again

      2. Lauren Hineman- I don’t think $50 will cover the incentives

        1. it will be closer to $100

    4. Patrick Chen- what amount do you recommend

      1. Lauren Hineman- $100

    5. Patrick Chen- friendly amend legislation to say $100 and I accept that amendment

    6. Lauren Hineman- this will be happening on May 6th

      1. and public info will take care of it

    7. motion to call to question Patrick Chen/ Adrienne Credo

      1. 8 yay

      2. 0 nay

      3. 1 abstain

  2. B49-20 Reallocation of Student General Advocate Budget to Fund Academic Affairs Speakers and Debate Program Cost (10 min)

    1. Motion to pull to the floor Skyla Zhang/ Grecia Cruz

    2. Motion to open discussion for 10 min with 1 min speaking time Skyla Zhang/ Grecia Credo

      1. Skyla Zhang- we want to enrich education through speakers

        1. Kal Penn made remarks that we had concerns about

        2. we carried out a great event regardless

      2. Dil (member of the public)- concerns about past speakers

        1. the comments were just accusations by intellectual opponents

        2. legal rather than mob justice

        3. there was no due process

      3. (member of the public) Farooq- I do not feel comfortable bringing a person who has been accused of sexual assault to our campus because I am from the CARE office

      4. Skyla Zhang- we didn’t really dig too much in controversy

        1. the facebook post talking about the speaker was not from a credible source

        2. hard to find a person that is inclusive on every single issue

        3. We have Miss Wheelchair America confirmed

        4. this was intended to cover every single event

      5. motion to close discussion Grecia Cruz/ Lauren Hineman

      6. motion to call to question Grecia Cruz / Lauren Hineman

        1. 6 yay

        2. 3 nay

        3. 0 abstain

        4. resolution passes

IV. New Business

  1. R49-89 Appointment of ASUCI Biological Sciences Representative (5 min)

    1. motion to close meeting Adrienne Credo/ Matt Tsai

    2. motion to pull to the floor Matt Tsai/ Alvin

  2. R49-90

    1. motion to pull to the floor Grecia Cruz/ Adrienne Credo

    2. motion to open session Adrienne Credo/ Grecia Credo

  3. motion to suspend by laws to add announcement Patrick Chen/ Lauren Hineman

    1. Irvine has 590,000 for financial aid for students

V. Executive Officer Reports (10 min)

  1. Skyla Zhang- international center is hosting involvement fair and they would like ASUCI to have a booth

    1. if any legislative council members are interested then you should let me know

    2. Next week will be humanities week

      1. First day is Hummus with Humanities

      2. at HIB 135

      3. everyone is welcome

    3. finalizing observatory night

    4. speaker series along with AMP going on mentor retreat

  2. Dom Doan- you can purchase soulstice tickets and shirts

  3. Lauren Hineman- last Tuesday I mentioned that council retreat is this weekend

    1. he wants to know who is returning in the fall and wanted someone to cover discussion on Roberts Rules

      1. Alex Fung and Patrick Chen

      2. Khaleedah will be doing legislation writing

VI. Committees (30 min)

  • motion to have committee breakouts for 10 mins Matt Tsai/ Alvin

  1. All

  2. Public Info

  3. Rules

  4. Advocacy

  5. Finance

VII. School Breakouts

  • motion to breakouts for 5 min Alex Fung/ Adrienne Credo

VIII. Announcements

IX. Next Meeting

X. Adjournment of Meeting  at 5:57pm Alex Fung/ Adrienne Credo