ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, May 27, 2014


  1. Bureaucratic Procedure

    1. Call to Order 5:07 pm

    2. Attendance

    3. Approval of Minutes

      1. Mation to approve the minutes Matthew Tsai/Alexander Fung

    4. Approval of Agenda Alexander Fung/Alvin Phan

      1. Motion to add B49-22 and R49-33 Matthew Tsai/Alexander Fung

      2. Motion to remove R40-94 through R49-96 Lauren Hineman/Matthew Tsai

      3. Motion to approve the agenda Matthew Tsai/Alexander Fung

  2. Public Comment

    1. Summer Ko

      1. strongly urge council to follow through even though we only have two weeks left

      2. I don’t see administrators in this room (Mark Deppe walks in)

      3. I noticed Delta Gamma hosted a luau

    2. Lisa

      1. There is a lack of admin here except Mark Deppe

      2. If this legislation passes, how are you going to be held accountable and how do you keep admin accountable too?

      3. We need to have the fraternity and admin here

      4. I want to see an ad hoc committee to keep the fraternity and admin accountable

    3. Mark Deppe

      1. I wasn’t able to be here last week because I was out of town

      2. If you would like to see administrators here, invite Parham or Dean Talesh because they don’t know that they’re wanted here

      3. There’s a freedom of speech perspective to this issue despite the fact that it may go against our UCI values

      4. I would invite you all to contact these experts and contact the dean of the law school on freedom of speech

    4. Motion to close public comment Matthew Tsai/Alexander Fung

  3. Old Business

  4. New Business

    1. R49-99 Appointment of Engineering Representative Spring-Spring Term (5 min)

      1. Motion to pull to the floor Matthew Tsai/Cyrus Lin

      2. Matthew Tsai reads the legislation

      3. Motion to call to question

        1. Yay 13

        2. Nay 0

        3. Abstain 0

        4. passes unanimously

    2. R49-100 Appointment of At-Large Representative (5 min)

      1. Motion to pull to the floor Matthew Tsai/Cyrus Lin

      2. Lauren Hineman reads the legislation

      3. Motion to call to question Matthew Tsai/Alexander Fung

        1. Yes 11

        2. No 0

        3. Abstain 2

    3. R49-98 Student Concerns on Phi Gamma Delta’s “FIJI Islander Party” event (20 min)

      1. Motion to pull to the floor Patrick Chen/Matthew Tsai

      2. Motion to open discussion for 20 minutes with 2 minute speaking time Matthew Tsai/Patrick Chen

        1. Patrick Chen

          1. Friendly amendment to add these two statements:

            1. Let it further be resolved that ASUCI Legislative Council create an ad-hoc committee that will follow up with the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity and Interfraternity Council and campus staff and administrators before the end of the academic year to see to that these concerns and recommendations are heard and addressed and;

            2. Let it further be resolved that ASUCI Legislative Council recognizes that silence or inaction on the part of associated campus bodies including the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, Interfraternity Council, Greek President’s Council, Greek Life, Student Life and Leadership, and Student Affairs, would reinforce the racism against, dismissal of, and silencing of Fijian and Pacific Islander student voices.

        2. Matthew Tsai

          1. I am in support of this legislation

        3. Alexander Fung

          1. I agree with Summer

          2. I talked to my constituents and I will

        4. Lauren Kerner

          1. Constituents were concerned about the freedom of speech

          2. Delta Gamma went through the CCC to make sure it wasn’t offensive

          3. Advise any organization who wants to have any cultural parties to go through the CCC and make sure it is not offensive

          4. Reason for voting yes is because the fraternity has not issued a statement

        5. Lauren Hineman

        6. I agree with Lauren Kerner

        7. I feel like the Greek community is being targeted

        8. Robert Dunn

          1. I agree that it is not good that Phi Gamma Delta has not issued a response but a lot of Greek constituents have been bullied and there’s been an intimidating presence of the silent protesters

        9. Patrick Chen

          1. I am not trying to focus on one Greek organization. I would address any Greek organization

          2. Regardless of what people say, these groups have responsibility to address these issues

          3. We need to put our feelings aside and look at the issue at hand

        10. Save (Member of the public)

          1. Response to Greek community feeling targeted

          2. I wanted to create a sense of accountability from the Greek community

          3. At the least, I expected Phi Gamma Delta to take accountability for their actions

          4. I have tried to communicate the issues of the theme through emails with the fraternity

          5. I’ve been getting emails from administrators to talk about what is going on privately

          6. If this was any other group, they would have taken a public stance on this issue a long time ago

          7. I urge council to take a stance on this and urge the administration to take a public stance on this issue

        11. Lauren Kerner

          1. As a member of the Greek community, I don’t think this legislation isn’t targeting Greeks. I think this legislation is fair

          2. If this were any other organization, it would be fair regardless

          3. I hope we can move forward with a fresh perspective considering everyone’s diverse background

          4. I want to thank Save for making this known to everyone on campus

        12. Lisa

          1. To Robert: I heard rumors that they were told not to talk about it

          2. In our university, the Greek community has the power

          3. Having protestors at the event, it makes them think and challenges them

          4. It may be making them uncomfortable because they are questioning whether or not they are racist

          5. They are not feeling threatened

          6. The reason they are not here in this room is because they created a system to keep being FIJI

          7. My concern is how to keep administration and everyone accountable

          8. When will you contact Vice Chancellor Parham?

      3. Motion to call to question Patrick Chen/Matthew Tsai

        1. Yes 14

        2. No 1

        3. Abstain 0

    4. B49-23 Reimburse Academic Affairs for Humanities Week (10 min)

      1. Motion to pull to the floor Matthew Tsai/Lauren Hineman

      2. Khaalidah Sidney reads the legislation Matthew Tsai/Alexander Fung

      3. Motion to call to question

        1. Yes 14

        2. No 0

        3. Abstain 0

    5. B49-22 Reallocation of Funds from Payroll

      1. Motion to pull to the floor Matthew Tsai/Cyrus Lin

      2. Matthew Tsai reads the legislation

      3. Motion to table to Finance Committee Matthew Tsai/Cyrus Lin

    6. R49-93 In Support of California AB 2377 (Perez)

      1. Motion to table to Thursday Alexander Fung/Matthew Tsai

    7. B49-24 ASUCI End of the Year Banquet

      1. Motion to call to the floor Matthew Tsai/Adrienne Credo

      2. Motion to table to Finance Committee Grecia Cruz/Lauren Hineman

  5. Executive Officer Reports (10 min)

  6. Committees (10 min)

    1. Motion to break out into committees for five minutes Grecia Cruz/Alexander Fung

    2. ALL

      1. Public Info

      2. Rules

      3. Advocacy

      4. Finance

  7. School Breakouts (10 min) Motion to strike Adrienne Credo/Lauren Hineman

  8. Announcements

  9. Next Meeting

    1. Motion to adjourn Adrienne Credo/Lauren Hineman@ 5:58 pm