ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, May 22, 2014


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

  1. Call to Order at 5:04 pm

  2. Attendance

    1. Absences

      1. Lauren Hineman

      2. Grecia Cruz

      3. Negin Fatahi

      4. Negar Fatahi

  3. Approval of Minutes

    1. motion to approve mins Matthew Tsai/ Alexander Fung

  4. Approval of Agenda

    1. motion to approve Alexander Fung/ Matthew Tsai

II. Public Comment

  1. Presentation by Save (president of UNITE)

  2. Summer Ko

    1. strongly urge business school representative to vote yes on the legislation

    2. ironic that this party was hosted during Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month (?)

    3. I feel that the fraternity was not taking concerns seriously

    4. Ensure a never-again because cultural appropriation isn’t new and should not continue

  3. Sanaa Kahn

    1. there are only 28 native pacific islander students at this university

    2. we need to stand up for them

    3. we as student leaders need to do the most for them

    4. I’ve seen a lot of conflict on this campus

  4. Maritza

    1. Apology - Phi Lambda Rho

    2. become more culturally competent and obtain support from faculty members

    3. Hosting workshops to value importance of cultural sensitivity

    4. failed to see how event disrespected Fijian community

  5. David Hollingsworth

    1. the entire time I was here at college there were multiple times where racist parties have occurred

    2. Willful ignorance instead of naivety

    3. we need to take a stand against things like this or it will continue

    4. We need to be proactive instead of reactive

  6. Gabriel Sanchez

    1. Sorry this is not on topic, but since I have you here...

    2. eTech committee

      1. we are looking into classrooms that have no technology

      2. all of emails will remain ours after graduation

      3. issuing surveys for where dead spots are on campus (wifi)

      4. if we have issues we should go to eTech website

    3. it is shameful that the council has not supported proposition 41 and as students we need to support it

      1. I have drafted a bill and will submit it to council

  7. Jessica Figueroa

    1. important that this get passed and I would hate for my families culture to be appropriate into props

    2. stress importance of the passage of this legislation

  8. Ria

    1. this is something that happens every year

    2. a lot of people are willfully ignorant

    3. we need to intervene at the individual level

    4. do your own research and please vote yes

  9. Chris

    1. im here in solidarity for Save

    2. I want this legislation to be passed because our communities are sick and tired of being appropriated

    3. lets make sure this is implemented and I want this fraternity to change their name

    4. set precedent for other fraternities so that other fraternities don’t commit the same cultural appropriation

  10. Lisa

    1. urge council members to say yes to legislation and for everyone in the audience to understand the issues being discussed

    2. why is this a national nickname

    3. this legislation is important because it asks the UCI chapter to change their name

  11. Melvin

    1. we host an event called Respeta Mi Cultura because of the issues with cultural appropriation

    2. it’s not fair that people we suffer while others are being disrespected

  12. Alyssa

    1. read a statement on behalf of Southeastern Student Association

    2. standing in solidarity with Save

    3. represents lack of understanding and awareness

  13. Andy Le

    1. Fiji is a country not a costume

  14. Kevin Lam

    1. Urge Legislative Council to pass this legislation because this stuff is racist shit

    2. as a member of the Greek community I do not condone this behavior

    3. opportunity for Legislative Council to make sure things happen

    4. Culture and people are priceless

  15. Evelyn L.

    1. Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA) Executive Board Member for 2014-2015

    2. We do not want to see these parties continue

    3. The asks are very reasonable

  16. Zachary Mitchner

    1. I would like to say that the FIJI name does not make sense

    2. The legislation should consider the renaming of the fraternity

    3. However, the theme of the party as an islander party is NOT racist

    4. Why is this one occurrence bad?

    5. Why are American parties not racist?

    6. If the problem is the racist parties, then the legislation should direct its attention to that, not just this one occurrence.

  17. Ayan

    1. I want to make you guys see that there are a lot of communities that are underrepresented on this campus

    2. We want you to hear our voices and vote yes on this legislation

    3. how can we defend these actions as okay

  18. Save

    1. you can’t use images that trivialize or degrade our culture

    2. this represents a history

    3. I’ve gotten 461 people behind me on this issue

    4. we’ve been exploited for far too long, I’m going to tell you our story and you must listen

      1. you cannot remain ignorant

    5. Cross Cultural Center has made an agreement to have event themes checked and I want this to continue and added to the legislation

  19. Jessie

    1. I felt that all greeks were racist and binge drink, but after joining I realized that this is not true

    2. We can’t judge others based on their ignorance

    3. Don’t judge all greek organizations as one

    4. we need to open minded

  20. Parshan

    1. I want to talk about theme parties

      1. the idea is problematic, inviting people to dress in a certain way to pretend to be something else

    2. any organization that does this deserves to be punished

    3. I urge all legislation council members to vote yes

  21. Kevin Lam

    1. I wanted to remind everyone what cultural appropriation is

      1. not the same as cultural exchange

      2. there are hierarchies in place

      3. the system works against minorities

      4. an American themed party is not the same; white people are systematically above everyone else

    2. just because there is a lot of something it does not mean its okay

  22. Jessica and Julia

    1. Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA) Advocacy Chairs

    2. the Asian Pacific Student Association letter

      1. condemns the continuation of this islander themed party

      2. urge you to read Save’s statement about the fraternity name

      3. we support Save’s demands to the Phi Gamma Delta president

      4. Demands

        1. stop calling it Fiji Islander

        2. No cultural appropriations

        3. Do research

        4. Stop wearing traditional/cultural attire because they don’t know “jackshit” about it

        5. issue public apology

  23. Sina

    1. thank you to fellow islanders that have invited us we are visiting from University of California, Riverside

    2. this hurts so bad because we are colored women who are fighting against the stereotypes

    3. Nothing wrong with Greeks, but there is a proper protocol to follow

    4. there are other people who aren’t islanders that are making us look so bad

      1. the Fijian culture is more than drinks, coconut bras, and grass skirts

    5. we have to stand up for our people

  24. Brooke

    1. I am also from UCR and I had to learn everything I know about my culture

    2. Our culture is more sacred to us than Greek letter could be

    3. I hope you can see the wrongness done and you can take action

  25. Fita

    1. I’m coming from UCR and the other day I saw the outreach for what has happened at this fraternity

    2. working in the community we see how small how are numbers are

    3. People who do not know what pacific islanders are will only associate us with the grass skirts and coconut bras

    4. We love Save for doing this

    5. we got international help to weigh in on what is happening here at UCI

  26. Alejandro Muro

    1. it is interesting in this era

    2. we are challenging these ideas; things being sold in mass misrepresenting this culture is commodification

      1. its not just the greek system, but here at UCI it is an issue in this community

    3. power dynamics, the greek system has a lot of power on this campus

    4. without justice there is no peace

  27. Caroline

    1. Addressing double standards

    2. a white person in america is not in the same situation as a person of color in America

  28. Phuc Pham

    1. one of the fraternity members threatened to sue me for reporting on the story

    2. this was a deliberate project on behalf of the fraternity

  29. Melvin