ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Meeting Call to Order at 5:06 PM



Approval of Agenda

Public Comment:

Brady(NewU): Informs Council of presence as a paper in the audience and recording of the meeting that is currently taking place. If members, do not wish to be recorded than one shall say, “Off Record” and the recorder will be or may not be used.


Adam: Explains to the council of their position in regards to ASUCI in regards to setting up e-mail addresses, changes and updates to ASUCI website. And the acceptance and rejection of possible internal changes of the submission of legislations.


Mark: Acts as a Associate Director of ASUCI and will be in attendance of Legislative Council meeting on Tuesdays while co-worker Stephanie will be in attendance on Thursday meeting. Wants to be used as a resource for ASUCI Legislative Council Meetings.


Jack: Comes to ASUCI Legislative Council meetings for the numbers of students who uses student dining services on campus and learn more about situations to learn more about dining and issues effecting the student body. Is available to talk to about for the use of Dining for events held by legislative councils


Dan Doorus: A member of Student Affairs for Vice Chancellor Parham and wants to know more about the on going that affects students and their office on campus.


Stephanie: Talks about role in ASUCI and soon to be acting as the Payroll Coordinator of ASUCI after Kelly leaves after week two of Fall Quarter.


Judicial Board Interim Chair along with member Myron Lorenzo establishes Presence


New Business:


Lauren Kerner: Believes Legislation is important to maintaining peace on campus and sets a tone that implies students who are from different groups but are willing to work together shall abide by.

Negar: How did this piece of legislation come about?

Derrick (Member of the public): Wants to promote discussion and peace in regards to the state of palestine-israeli conflict

Tin (Engineering Rep) History of Israelis-Palestinians the  Israelis-Palestinians once worked well together. Israelis let Palestinians work in their establishments. Only until one group start to feel inferior is when the conflict arises.


Negar: What is the problem this legislation is trying to address? It ignores the big issue. Lets  ignore.


Lauren: This will be a way of maintaining peace on campus and building community and having productive discussions.


Derrick (Member of Public): It is about the economic growth of Palestine and recognizing the state of Palestine right now.


Alvin: Motion to call to question

seconded by Cyrus

Negin: Motion to table for next week.


Khaalidah: Is this piece a response to the Disment pasted a few years ago in any way?

Lauren: No, it has nothing to do with BDS but rather a support of investment in the state of palestine.


Alvin: Motion to call to question

Seconded by Lauren



Yea: 7

Nay: 0

Abs: 6


Alexander Fung: Will like to demonstrate a presentation on what is happening currently in Hong Kong in preparation for an resolution to be discussed on the table this upcoming Thursday.


Establishing Community Agreements:

Use Gender neutral language

Respectful of opinions of council members and members of the public

Don’t address a person, address the argument

Use inclusive language for differently abled communities.

No use of derogatory and hateful words and slurs


Committee Breakout and Formation

No Committee Reports


Executive Office Report:


John: Just finished welcome week and UC I Give back that outreached to over 37 high school and middle schools. Also hosted an open house for ASUCI.

Nikki: Held an event called peer academic advisor event and was successful.

Sanaa: USSA Conference was held at UCI in the summer. This year office will work on Leadership development and voter registration

John: If Josh was here he will advocate for buying tickets to Shocktoberfest and Reza would want people to submit pieces for Art Lab and performative pieces to be submitted soon



Submit Legislations

Provide Payroll Information for the next time Kelly attends Legislative Council.