ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thursday October 9th, 5:09 PM


    Bureaucrautic Procedure

    R50-02 and R50-03 amended to 10 minutes


    Motion to Approve Agenda - Alvin Phan / Cyrus Lin


    Public Comment

    Shawn (5th year undergrad) - Here to speak for International Students. International student population is growing and they need a voice in the student government. AGS already has an international student committee. They did a bunch of different events and I helped them last year collaborate with ASUCI. So hopefully this year we can have something so we can hear international students and so they can hear and see their voice in student government and be informed about the ongoings of student government

    - introduces parshan

    Parshan (USSA International Students Chair) - International students are 8% of student body, International students are 30% of graduate students. Huge number at UC Irvine and increasing every year. We also see a lack of representation of international students on our campus and in administration as well. This is a nationwide issue as well. Create an ad-hoc committee on Legislative Council to address the problems of international students. It is important that the issues and concerns of international students are addressed and met.


    Shawn: We are looking forward to working with ASUCI and the international student community to plan events. The international center has also tried to make events with ASUCI.


    AGS International Committee Chair (Alia?) - Second year in AGS International Committee. Growth of international students at UC Irvine, 20% in the last year. We host both social and career-oriented events. A few of the events we do such as soccer tournaments and Thanksgiving potlucks where international students bring dishes from their home countries and eat it together. We also have the International Career Day where a lot of undergraduates attend, international alumni who are working outside are on a panel to answer questions. We worked with Shawn and Skyla and ASUCI and put on an amazing program with many international students last year and would hope to see that continue


    Parshan: For this year what we want to see is, workshops and campaigns hosted regarding what international students are facing and the problems they go through everyday on our campus.


    Braden Buckel (NEW U): I will be recording. If you want anything off the record, please state so


New Business

         R50-02 10 minutes 1 minute speaking time

         Parshan (USSA International Committee): USSA International Committee supports this legislation


    Motion Call to Question Sanaa Khan / John Delshadi

    Resolution Passes 12-0-1



         Cody Carlson: what exactly is this legislation? are these new positions or just hired?

         Reza Zomorrodian: for clarification, legislative council has to approve any hiring the executive officers do

         Tin Hong: so will we have the chance to talk to these commissioners?

         Sanaa Khan: 3 of my commissioners are here, anyone in legislative council feel free to consult and ask them questions

         Tin Hong: (directed question at Silas) so what do you do Silas

         Silas: talks about his commission

         Reza Zomorrodian: For clarification, council please refer to B. Council Provisions subsection 8

    Call to Question Alvin Phan / Lauren Kerner

    Resolution Passes 12-0-1


Executive Officer Reports


    Council Legislations for Tuesday Mtgs are due on Thursday by 5PM. Legislations for Thursday Mtgs are due on Monday by 5PM.

    Executive Officers need to give their budget reports as outlined in the By-Laws.

    Send your office hours to me so I can put it on the ASUCI website, remember to also let me know where you will be.



    International Ad-Hoc Committee: I’ve been working with Shawn and the idea we were talking about was having a committee that would not be housed under one office or branch. If an ad-hoc committee was created under council, this would alleviate some of our concerns and hopefully would work with the IC Liaison in the OP Liaison Council.


    Interns are hiring for OP right now, hopefully done by end of week 3. SPFB Commissioner Apps are out.

    Anything we want to push on the Spring Ballot needs to be done this Spring.



    We finished hiring all our staff and making decisions.

    Have two events coming up during Week 3.



    ArtLAB - had a successful artlab yesterday, another artless later this quarter stay tuned

    hiring for the freshmen year.


SS (John Delshadi):

    successful sprit day





    Legislative council applications are open!


Public Info:

    We are working on Legislative Council Apparel



    We read over bylaws to see what exactly we’re supposed to be doing



    We read over bylaws

    We are focusing on Cultural Appropriation for Halloween


meeting adjourned 6:15pm