ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

 Legislative Council Meeting

October 21st, 2014

Meeting Call to order 5:03pm

Approval of minutes: Sidney and Lima

Public Comment:

-          Judicial board chair:

o   Be more proactive and better relationship with legislative council and explain everything we do.

o   R50-04: two management assignments.

§  Actually supposed to be done in spring. More of a procedural issue. Four runner ups are supposed to be there. Not necessary sure what happened. Resolution. Something a lot of people are concerned about. If you follow the process of reviewing runner ups. Please put that into the legislation. More concerned about the process.

-          Saana will pass on concerns to John.

-          New U: I am recording. If there is anything you don’t want on the public record, please say so.  

-          Dan.

o   Vice president of student affairs.

o   Presents book: Roberts rule

Old business:

New business:

-          Student Services VP fall budget:

-          Motion for 1 min recess. Kerner.

o   Phan seconds.

-          Saana/Sidney motion to expand recess to 5 minutes

o   Phan and Kerner seconds.

-          Josh: Student services VP presents his fall budget.

Office of the President:

-          Sidney motions to call deputy staff to talk on behalf of the president.

o   Kerner/Lima seconds. 

Parshann: There is money spent on different material for publicity because we wanted to engage students during midterms. Money was used in buying sticky notes, pens, etc. We worked with different branches and the huge section of organization branch is used by 60 by 16. This campaign is very well planned campaign and need more funding to continue. This branch has zero money for the rest of the year.

Parshaan: There will be a finalized number that is waiting to be approved in the orange country. For voting, they can only do this many people, in this area has registered to vote. Most expenses have been done for this year because of SPOP and spirit week. Most events will be planned for events and debates, etc.


-          Motions to call legislation: Edmunds.

o   Second: Saana, Kerner, Rico.

Jordan volunteers to read legislation.

-          Motion to debate 10 minute 1 min speaking time: Edmunds

-          Second: Phan

-          Motion to end discussion and call to question: Fatahi

-          Sidney motion to poll bio sci:

o   Second: Kerner

o   Motion to call to question: Fatahi

-          Passes. 13-0-0


-          Motion: Edmunds

o   Second Phan

-          Motion to call question: Fatahi

-          13-0-0 passes advocacy committee.


-          13-0-0 passes.

-          Financial committee passes.

-          Motion to call: Edmunds.

o   Second: Hong.


-          13-0-0. passes 

-          Welcomes Robert to legislative.

Executive Office Reports:

-          Service VP.

o   Free screening dumb and dumber 2. Edwards, pick up ticket here.

o   Soulstice apps have been extended.

o   Sports games.

Delshadi: Last night, Nikki had an event at school of the arts. Nikki night at the stars event at 7 tonight. No programs this week. Anteaters in action next week. Toys and treats for dogs. Partnering with other events. Helping poly sci.

All ASUCI conference. Nov. 1st. second week of November. Workshops of high education.

-          11am-4pm. Newkirk Alumni Center.


-          Hong motions to break out into committee.

o   Edmunds seconds.

-          Break out for 5 minutes: Saana.

Committee report:


-          - Executive cabinet: Health Science Rep.


-          - Post another question: we are getting maroon hoodies: Embroidery or print: white and gold. Options or suggestion? Poll on Facebook.

-         - Business card design should be up by our next meeting.


-         - Work with Mark and Stephanie to discuss budget.


-        -  Doing something about sustainability and work with EVP office.

School breakouts for (10 minutes) 6:11-6:21pm


Meeting adjourned: 6:24pm