ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, October 30, 2014

 1)      Bureaucratic Procedure:

a.       Call to Order: 5:05pm

b.      Attendance

c.       Approval of Minutes: Edmunds

                                                              i.      Seconds: Salazar

d.      Approval of Agenda: Edmunds

                                                              i.      Seconds: Hong

2)      Public Comment

a.       New U: I will be recording. Does anyone have any objections??

3)      Old Business

4)      New Business:

a.       Wei: we gave you the link to the presentations. We will briefly explain what we do and who we are. The Obama care doesn’t care everyone. Free clinic will be providing mainly primary care. Student run free clinic is a big thing in UC clinics. At UC Davis, there are AIDS free clinic. Everything comes out of UC Davis. A lot of people go to UC Davis for the free clinic. For our organizations, we have different committees, right now 7 Committees: public relations, finance, research, community outreach, and more. We want UCI to be known for to reach out to the public so that Orange County knows that we are there for them. Similar to AMP, We want to expand the program to everyone. As for now, we are trying our first recruitment program which will last one quarter. We will accept about 30 people. We accomplished: we talked to Dr. Oh and Dr. Green. Everything will be set Nov. 15. The doctors right now will only be free after December. We want to open up the program for everyone. Health related such as medical. Our goal is to make UCI a prominent communal health committee. Medical school took up the same offer. We hope to open up a free clinic.

                                                              i.      Fatahi: Do you guys have any mental health center? You want us to advocate for you guys? We will be helping. It will be good to expand the program to Undergraduates.

                                                            ii.      Phan: How will people go to your clinic in Garden Grove?

                                                          iii.      Wei: We will work on the rides.

                                                          iv.      Harris: What type of research is provided?

                                                            v.      Wei: We want the research to be best and brightest. We can ask professors and doctors for research credit. There will be different research opportunities.

b.       R50-18: Appointment of ASUCI Representative to the e-Tech Committee

                                                              i.      Phan motions to the floor.

                                                            ii.      Phan: We spoke about this at the end of last meeting. We talked to Sherman. Hong and Louie were the only ones who volunteered so I sent their names to the committee.

                                                          iii.      Passes: 10-0-2

c.       R50-19: Appointment of ASUCI Legislative Council Secretary

                                                              i.      Phan motions to the floor.

                                                            ii.      Phan: This is just a legislation. We interviewed every candidate and we chose Serin to be the new Legislative Council Secretary.

                                                          iii.      Passes: 11-0-1

d.      R50-20: Office of Student Services Chief of Staff and Commissioner Appointment

                                                              i.      Phan motions to discussion.

                                                            ii.      Khan: Should we postpone the voting?

                                                          iii.      Reza: I would consult the bylaws. Week 3 would be the last day to bring someone in. We have a representative in the office right now.

                                                          iv.      Edmunds: motion to question

                                                            v.      Passes: 12-0-0

5)      Executive Office Reports:

a.       Today, we met with the student residents. We met from 10-11, we discussed what visions was as the resident. We discussed tuition and health. He has visited UC Davis. Everyone has to visit two campuses so he visited UC Davis and UC Irvine. OP is putting out more info about 60 by 16. We filmed our weekly wrap up tonight. I will be traveling to Oakland to meet with UCOP regarding tuition. Exactly what is the increase of tuition? 5% increase of tuition within 4 years: pension development and infrastructure cost. We are in the process of interviewing SBSF commissioners.

b.      Khan: I’ve been sick so I have a lot of things to catch up on.

c.       Two events in Nov.: Nov. 18, law school talk to us about suits whether or not it’s accurate. Nov. 25th: Professors talking about jobs in California.

d.      Reza: Right now we are screening Dumb and Dumber 2. It’s free and you can get tickets with ID starting next week Monday.

e.       Reza: Admin Affairs launched today: Dear parking. We are having students sign a letter asking transportation services such as enforcement regulations, how much tickets are, why are prices going up? Why are the budgets currently and consistently in the green? Where are the infrastructure going? What is the main institutional cost? Art lab: Dec. 3rd. UCSB regarding Halloween. No one around Isla Vista. SB will arrest you and suspend your license if you are in the area. It has been reported that there will be 335 deputies regulating the area this weekend.

6)      Committees

a.       Rules:

                                                              i.      We passed R50-15 and R50-16

b.      Public Info:

                                                              i.      We are waiting for quotes from the embroidery from Nancy. When I get it, I’ll post the price on Facebook.

c.       Finance:

                                                              i.      We met up with Stephanie yesterday and got the copies of the budget.

d.      Advocacy: We are still waiting for council members from UCSB to send us the legislation of the gun violence. We are waiting for the okay “go” to have UC smoke free designated areas on campus. We are also waiting on permission to work with the Dreamers coordinators.

7)      School Breakouts

8)      Announcements:

a.       I talked to Eric and talked to him about email accounts. Let me know so I can add you.

b.      Khan: Please remember you are legislative council so you have to write at least one legislations every quarter. You have until Monday at 5 if you want something

c.       A lot of our council seat are up for elections. If you want to do advocacy, you can reapply. Elections are now week 9.

d.      Town hall meeting social ecology majors. Free shit. Nov. 12.

9)      Next Meeting

10)  Adjournment Meeting: 6:21