ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 04, 2014

 1)      Bureaucratic Procedure

a.       Call to Order: 5:00pm

b.      Attendance

c.       Approval of Minutes: Phan

                                                              i.      Seconds: Edmunds

d.      Approval of Agenda: Hong

                                                              i.      Seconds: Edmunds

2)      Public Comment:

a.       Tatiana. Chief Staff Representative here on behalf of Josh.

3)      Old Business:

a.       R50-15 By-Laws Amendment: Seat Allocation

                                                              i.      Edmunds: There are three schools who do not have representation so it gives us seat allocation for spring elections. The schools who do not have current representation will get the seats. We can evaluate data once a year whenever things are taken into account. This resolution was approved by Rules Committee.

                                                            ii.      PASSES

b.      R50-16 By-Laws Amendment: Changes for Clarity

                                                              i.      Edmunds: This was a resolution from last week. We amended this in Rules Committee and have updated it on the Facebook page.

                                                            ii.      Phan: I would suggest a motion for a friendly amendment.

                                                          iii.      PASSES

4)      New Business

a.       SOAR Food Pantry Initiative Presentation by Alexander Fung and Parshan Khosravi

5)      Executive Office Reports (10 mins)

a.       Kathuria: This week, our office is pretty quiet. Yesterday, we discussed issues in student events and services booking rooms and transportation. This committee also looks at course materials, graduate requirements, etc. If you have any interests in this, look at the website and email

b.      Tatiana (speaking on behalf of Josh): Dumb and Dumber 2 screening. You will need wristbands which will be given out at the ASUCI office. We have homecoming applications open and we are accepting applications for talent through alumni center.

c.       Delshadi: We will be having round table with CORE and Student life and Leadership for collaboration with service events. We are also speaking about Art lab. We started a campaign in our office called “Dear Parking.” With this campaign, we are reaching 130 signatures in our letter. Hopefully they will get back to us with questions and responses. We launched student government climate reports. Along with that, if you feel uncomfortable, we’ll have locations where you can talk to us about what happened and what you want to change on campus too.

d.      Office of President: Reza will be flying to Oakland tomorrow.

e.       Khan: Student of Color conference. About 80 students will be attending this conference. This week is week of higher education of action. Also, this week is the deadline for elections. A lot of you are sponsored up as elections. Speak to your constituents!

6)      Committees (20 mins)

a.       Rules:

                                                              i.      SPFB applications. We are opening bylaws to revisions we passed today

b.      Public Info

                                                              i.      Regarding sweaters, it will be $24 each as of right now for embroidery on front and position written on the side. Should we go for maybe front printed and side embroidery for cheaper? I will email for the quote.

                                                            ii.      We are still figuring out the business cards.

c.       Finance

                                                              i.      We are waiting for budget and expenses for October to come out.

d.      Advocacy

                                                              i.      Schedule appointment for Anna.

e.       Committee Reports

7)      School Breakouts (10 mins)

8)      Announcements

a.       Social Ecology Event next Tuesday:

                                                              i.      Free shirt and free food for Social Ecology majors.

b.      Kerner: We will be working with Josh to bring stronger ties between ASUCI and the Athletics departments.

c.       Guevara: There will be a conference here talking about diversity and human issues.

d.      Hong: I am working on a resolution on game brigade. 

9)      Next Meeting

a.       R50-21 Office of the Executive Vice President Commissioners.

b.      R50-22 UC Irvine Student Outreach and Retention Center Food Pantry Initiative

c.       R50-23 ASUCI Principles of Community

10)  Adjournment Meeting: 6:21pm