ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 06, 2014

 1)      Bureaucratic Procedure

a.       Call to order: 5:01pm

b.      Attendance

c.       Approval of minutes: Edmunds

                                                              i.      Seconds: Phan

d.      Approval of agenda: Hong

                                                              i.      Seconds: Edmunds

2)      Public comment

3)      Old business

4)      New business

a.       R50-21: Office of the Executive Vice President Commissioners

                                                              i.      Khan: I appointed commissions already but I need a chief of staff. Last time, she didn’t do her duties well. I appointed Christine and she has been appointed and we get along well.

b.      R50-22: Irvine Student Outreach and Retention Center Food Pantry Initiative

                                                              i.      Motion to open discussion: Hong

                                                            ii.      Hong: I checked online and all the UC’s have some kind of food bank except for us.

                                                          iii.      Kathuria: Is the money coming from SOAR?

                                                          iv.      Parshann: Alex accepted a grant yesterday. There will be two types of food pantries: people who quality for food bucks program. Another one will be open to all students twice a week for four hours and receive one pound of food.

c.       R50-23: ASUCI Principles of Community

                                                              i.      Phan: It concerns the misunderstandings of all students. We thought that this would be good to be adopted at UCI. Everyone should have a mutual respect with each other before discussing issues such as campus climate

                                                            ii.      Khan: If you all decide to pass this, I would highly suggest we print this out, design a poster and post on our website.

5)      Execute Officer Reports

a.       Reza: 5% increase in tuition over 5 years. Yesterday, the council presidents met with UCOP and talked more about why it’s occurring. We also talked about how it will impact the campus. Most of it was taking account input of all UC presidents. I am confident that it will occur within a week. The position we have been putting from the President and the state governor puts us on the road that it will pass. The main thing about this is messaging toward our campus. UCSA do not support this. The reality of this being passed forward now has a responsibility to look at what is happening and decide if we are ready to pass this. Justin Chung met with the vice president of advising to discuss the communication factor. Right now, we are working to see where we can include this so that students get the information they need regarding tuition purposes.

b.      Khan: I’ve been working on election stuff. We have three candidates but have 9 spots open. I advise you all to post on your Facebooks regarding elections and to run.

c.       Delshadi: Anteaters in Action will continue their events Monday. We will be working on drought. Today, we had our round table meeting. I met with students with Jodaiko. It angered me to see such a great group be forced to practice late at night. We don’t give these students the publicity they deserve.

d.      Kathuria: Next week we have our social ecology town hall. I’ve been asked to help promote it. Please encourage your constituents to come to this event. They get free food and free shirt. We also have two events coming up: one with school of law: Suits. Lastly, we will have an ASUCI drought series beginning on the 18th and 19th to take pledge to limit water usage. On the 25th, academic affairs will be talking to three different committees regarding this petition.

6)      Committees

a.       Rules

                                                              i.      We are interviewing for appointee.

b.      Public info

                                                              i.      John got the new price for hoodies: front printed and side embroidered or all printed for cheaper. What would you like to do? Do you want to do half: half public budget and half leg council budget?

c.       Finance

                                                              i.      We started discussing the hoodies and how much it’s going to cost. We are just waiting for final cost.

d.      Advocacy

                                                              i.      I’m meeting with the Dreamers coordinator and talking to them about helping them out. We are still waiting for UCSB’s legislation on the gun divesting. We are going to get the regards for the free clinic.

e.       Committee reports

7)      School breakouts

a.       Motion to amend the agenda with the discussion of signing the law of parking with admin affairs.

b.      Phan: We would really like leg council to sign this letter.

c.       GUSH has also signed onto this letter.

d.      Motion to vote through acclamation.

                                                              i.      Khan: We will now sign the letter

8)      Announcements:

a.       Fatahi: School of Social Ecology will have a town hall. It will pertain to social ecology matters so anything regarding any academic programs will be discussed. This will be on Nov. 12: 12-1:30pm. Also on Nov. 13, there will be an event where they will talk about police and race matters. They will have an open dialogue about good interactions and bad interactions. It is important to show up to let them know how we feel. It is at 1-3pm and you will have reserve if you would like to go.

b.      I am Sheena, I am an intern with truth and transparency commission. I will present the issues and resolutions discussed in legislative council to the commission in order for the student body to understand what is going on behind the scenes with ASUCI. I will be taking notes in order to get a back story about the legislative council. The other interns are shadowing other ASUCI committees. We believe that to get a change and to get students with us, they have to know what exactly is going on. We want that transparency first.

9)      Next meeting

10)  Adjournment meeting: 6:08pm