ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 13, 2014

 Call to order: 5:04pm

Approval of minutes: Edmunds

Seconds: Tsai

Approval of agenda: Edmunds

Seconds: Fatahi

New business:

a)      R50-24: motion to appoint: Edmunds

a.       Second: Hong

b.      Motion to open discussion: Phan

c.       Guevara: does anyone know why the tuition is being raised?

d.      Fatahi: the state has increased the budget for education. The state is trying to get us to fund ourselves in hopes for the states to do the same.

e.       Hong: the cost of infrastructure and pensions are also going up. The state of California is paying for them and that’s what students are paying for too.

f.       Fatahi: I want to mention that last year and the previous year organizations fought really hard to organize fees and they promised to raise it.

g.      Hong: motion to add a friendly amendment whereas to propose a 2 year freeze and has broken the promise.

h.      Guevara: this is saying that we are condoning the proposal right?

i.        Fatahi: her plan makes sense but the only problem is that they will propose the 4% increase they said they would. It would only work if the states fund the education. Not only the 5% but another 4%.

j.        Louie: what are we actually trying to do with this? Are we trying to rally or get the students to rally?

k.      Fatahi: Sanaa’s office is putting together a rally for this. This is just a support. This presents that as soon as the states decreases funding, it will cover it. We shouldn’t be quick to jump state cut funding.

l.        Sidney: I think we have a symbolic function. Students have been conversing this and find it worthy to pass. They are agreeing that students cannot afford this 5% increase.

m.    Fatahi: with the tuition increase, financial aid will not be cover it. We don’t want this to happen.

n.      Khan passes chair to Phan

o.      Khan: I think its important as UCI to make a stand for this. It’s important to come from the leg council.

p.      Phan: UC system asked for a $50,000 loan. Is brown really going to support this?

q.      Edmunds: motion to extend debate for 5 minutes.

Meeting Adjournment: 7:01pm