ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

 Call to order: 5:03pm

Approval of minutes: Edmunds

Seconds: Phan

Approval of agenda: Hong

Seconds: Edmunds

Public Comment:

Parshaan: I want to bring into conversation that is hard to have but I would really like to raise up a huge concern that there are zero legislations today on the agenda. There are less legislations presented in issues that are going around the school. There are a lot of issues going out there. Why are we sitting here when we have so many issues that are going on? We should take a stand on everything! We should write something and do something. Please be active.

Executive Officer Reports:

Officer of Student services: homecoming applications.

John: speaking for Nikki too: the drought series on the 25th: “Water you doing to save the community?” The last event will be art lab. There is a google form where you can sign up. This year, we are going for a relaxed feeling for the art lab. We are continuing tabling for the drought petition. From Reza, the town hall talk on the tuition: this will be after the plan is advocated. It’ll be a place to pose questions and such. Town hall on Friday will be directed to address problems and concerns about the petition.

Adjournment: 5:59pm